Well, I shouldn’t have expected to see anything new.


After visiting Valarie’s place, I realized that it’s getting late and I had to go back, as I didn’t want Satsuki and the headmaster to worry.

“You. Are. Leaving?”

“Yeah,” I smiled, “don’t worry, I will come again next time. I’ll bring you seasonings or something else.”

“Okay.” Valarie took out a red stone from somewhere, “Here. For you.”

“This is?”

“Dragon’s Crystal. If you have. Trouble. Inject. The dragon’s power. And I will. Help you.”

“How powerful this is.” I took the Dragon’s Crystal and started checking it out.

The crystal was exceptionally smooth, is brownish red, and the core looked like burning flames.

“Yes, keep it. Well.”

“Absolutely. Thank you, Valarie, goodbye.” When I walked out of the cave, I waved to Valarie.

Valarie apparently did not know the meaning of this waving gesture, as she just stood there silently.


“Why did you follow me?” After a while, I found that Valarie was following me.

“Because, I think. You may. Need my help.”

“No need. The demons are dead. I don’t need help for now.”

“Are you. Sure?”

“Of course.”

“Really.” Then, Valarie walked back to the cave.

“It’s so weird,” I muttered while looking at Valarie’s back.

—-In the forest.

“I understand what Valarie was trying to say. This forest is simply a maze!!

After walking through the creek, I found that I was in a maze. When I first came, I used the volcano as my guide, and easily arrived at its feet. I didn’t even notice how complicated the terrain actually was.

However, now that I want to get out of the woods, there’s nothing for me to use as a reference object. What should I do?

Oh yeah, the Dragon’s Crystal.

I took out the Dragon’s Crystal and I could feel the flow of the dragon’s energy. I tried to infuse the dragon’s energy in it.

When I felt that something in my body was flowing towards the Dragon’s Crystal, it glowed a dazzling red light. The next second, Valarie was right in front of me. But…why was she naked?

I quickly covered my eyes with my hand.

“Wow! Isn’t this great?!” Yalide exclaimed in my head.

“Shut up.” I scolded Yalide and asked Valarie, “Why aren’t you wearing anything?”

“I’m. Taking a shower. Why. Use. Your hands. To cover.”

“You’re asking me why, it’s me who wants to know why you’re standing here so calmly.” I quickly took off my shirt and handed it to Valarie.

Valarie took it and asked, “Do you. Want me. To wear it.”

“Yes. Please put it on quickly!” I turned around and adjusted my breathing. Although it was only for a second, I did see it, Valarie ’s …

How guilty.


I turned around. The shirt that was a little bit small for me seemed to be relatively wide on Valarie, it could almost be worn as a dress for her. And it’s very cute.

“So, you summoned. Me over. What’s the matter.”

“I was lost, so …” I scratched my head with embarrassment.

“I just said, you need help.”

“Sorry!” I folded my hands and apologized to Valarie.

“I think you’re the first one to summon a Dragon for this kind of thing.” Freed sighed, “If it was another dragon, I’m sure you’d be dead by now.”

“That’s why I said sorry.”

“Follow it. It will take you. To walk out. Of the forest.” Valarie snapped her fingers and a small flame appeared.

I looked at the small flame and was confused, “Follow it? Can it lead my way?”

Does the flame have a consciousness? I was confused.

“Yes. Go.” Valarie said to the little flame, and the little flame started to move, floating to the side road.

“Thank you so much! Valarie! And I’m really sorry!” After that, I ran away with the little flame. I really didn’t know how to face Valarie from then on. As Freed said just now, fortunately, Valarie was not angry. Otherwise, I think she could burn me completely with a dragon roar.

Speaking of burning. I suddenly recalled Valarie’s Dragon Flame Dance. Why was I alright at that time?

“This is actually a breath of flame in your body. And that breath of fire in your body was obtained from Valarie, so it is regarded as the same kind and it didn’t attack you. “

“I see.” No wonder nothing happened at the time, and I am still alive and well.

“Also, you are now basically immune to fire attacks.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you remember being pushed into the fire running water by the fire dragon just now?”

“I remember. At first, I thought that I would die. Is this also related to that breath of flame?”

“Of course. Except for some advanced, conscious flames, regular flames can’t hurt you. That’s because you have more advanced flames in your body, you can in turn control them.”

“Oh, is it that great?”

“Of course it’s great, if you learn the inner breath of other dragons, then you can be immune to many elemental attacks. “

“Does it mean that I can become invincible?”

“You didn’t understand what I said. Generally, the elements of the spiritualists can’t hurt you, but the powerful spiritualist, or the elements of the dragon family can hurt you, because they are also high-level elements, and they have also been injected with consciousness.”


When I walked out of the woods, the small flame decomposed and disappeared. With Freed’s explanation just now, I also understood that the flames were infused with consciousness by Valarie, so they could lead my way.

“Yalide, can I use the space gate here?” The reason why Yalide didn’t open the rift of the dimensional space in the Valley of Fire is because the space there was relatively stable, and it would take a lot of dragon’s energy to open it. However, I don’t have much dragon’s energy, and I could only open it outside the Valley of Fire.

“Go up that hillside. “

I looked around and saw the hillside not far away, so I walked toward it.

“Is it okay now?”

“Ok, then…”

“Wait, wait, please tell me the mechanics of going to the human’s world.”

Since the space here was triple, and the human world was in the middle, that’s why I’d be descending when I came to the demon’s world, so how did one travel from the demon’s world to the human’s world? Could that be by ascending?

“Think about it yourself, I don’t know either…haha! Just kidding. From the demon’s world to the human’s world, it’s like being in an elevator. The human’s world has a kind of suction and it will suck you upward.”

“That’s not bad.” I breathed a sigh of relief, “So, what is the upward correlation?”

“I can guide the ramp, and you can get to anywhere you want. Apparently, the farther you would like to go, the more dragon’s energy you require.”

“I spent more than four hours in the demon’s world, and about 2 hours in the human world, right? Let me think, when I came, it was about 10am, so now it must be around noon time?”

“How about going to the school playground now?”

“Remember I have no shirt right now.”

“What are you afraid of? Don’t you have a set of gym clothes at school? You can change there. If we open the gate indoors, it will scare the students.”

“You’re right, open the gate.”

After the darkness was pressed down, the rift of the dimensional space also opened successfully. I leaned over and I was instantly sucked in with a strong force.

“Wow! It feels like flying!” I ’m going up inside the space membrane at a rapid rate.

“Real flying is much more fun than this,” Yalide said.

“I know what real flying is, I just know that it feels good now. Oh? Seeing the light shining, it goes up faster than it goes down.” A small light spot above me is growing rapidly.


When I opened my eyes again, a breeze blew through, and I very much hoped that the gust of wind would take me away…

Students in years one and two gathered for some reason on the playground.

And I was standing in front of them.

Beside me, the headmaster and a group of unknown people were all holding weapons pointed at me. The old man named Qian Libing was also there.

Seeing that it’s me coming out of the rift of the dimensional space and not a demon, they all looked bemused.

Puzzled, confused and happy…


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