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I don’t understand why I would want to return to school. For that schoolbag that wasn’t valuable at all? Or just for those sports clothes? Why didn’t I return home directly? If I did, I would never end up in such an embarrassing situation.

Shirtless, I appeared in front of all students of the first and second grades.

“Great! It seems that our magic has succeeded! If this lasts, our school will never be attacked again!” At this time, the headmaster put away his weapons and suddenly announced something loudly, “Everyone, we want to thank the selfless dedication of Lin Xiang, as he volunteered to test our space defense magic. It is not convenient for us to disclose the specific details, and I will terminate our meeting now.”

“Haven’t we just got here? Why is the meeting over already?”

“Who is that guy without clothes?”

“Must be from the first grade? Didn’t the headmaster say that he’d contributed or something?”

“Space defense magic? Never heard of it. It should be the masterpiece of the headmaster and those big people.”

“So, is the demon attack true or false? If it is true, I am really resentful of the fact that I wasn’t there. I didn’t get to kill the demons and show the girls my handsome face.”

They were talking about all sorts of things and it was pretty confusing. Although I didn’t quite understand the situation, it was quite clear the headmaster used an interesting reason to explain why I came out of the rift of the dimensional space.

“Xiang, it’s great that you’re fine.” Ijima Michita whispered, “It’s really awesome that you’re fine.”

I noticed that his eyes were a bit red, I also saw that his hands were shaking slightly, obviously he was in an agitated state.

Headmaster Ijima Michita was indeed worried about me.

—-Inside the office of the headmaster

I followed Ijima Michita to his office. He sat on a chair, rubbed his eyes tiredly, and said, “You really scared me, as you suddenly jumped into the rift of the dimensional space. Why not wait for the teachers to go there and solve the problem? Didn’t you know that it’s very dangerous?”

“I’m sorry.” I bowed to Ijima Michita. “I’m so sorry to make you worry so much, but I didn’t have enough time and I only did what I thought was right.”

“You’re the only son of Lin Fan. If something happens to you, how can I face him later?” Ijima Michita quickly sipped some tea and tried to calm down.

“It’s okay, it’s just four superior demons weakened by the rift of the dimensional space, and they aren’t so powerful. However, it still surprised me that you came back unharmed, since you don’t have any combat experience.”

Inside the headmaster’s office, there were just me, Ijima Michita and Qian Libing.

Qian Libing smiled and patted me on the shoulder, “It’s true when they say ‘like father, like son’. All in all, you have the same genes as Lin Fan, but it really shocked me that you’d learnt the Dragon Roar. Who taught you?”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” I was pretending to be stupid. After all, I couldn’t tell him that it’s the Dragon’s God who taught me that, right?

“Huh? Pretending that you don’t get me?” Qian Libing looked at the headmaster, “Ijima Michita.”

“Yes, Master Qian Libing.” The headmaster pressed a button of the remote control, and the LCD TV hanging on the wall lit up. There, I saw a valley with snow…

This scene looked quite familiar.

A black rift of the dimensional space suddenly appeared on the hill, and a skeleton-shaped demon came out, the second one coming out was a stone man.

When they came out, their eyes were fixed on a point. A boy was carrying another boy and he was running toward a slowly descending door. Finally, the boy used the Dragon Roar and he avoided the attack of the four demons at an explosive speed. He also jumped into the rift of the dimensional space.

“Isn’t this…” I was speechless. Obviously, everything that happened in the arena was recorded.

When I thought about it, I kind of understood it too. How could there be no camera in the arena? After all, the game was projected on the big screen through the camera, so that the audience could see more clearly.

“That’s you, correct?” Qian Libing smiled and shook his head. He sat on the sofa, picked up his teacup and started drinking, “Actually, we are not trying to force you to say everything about yourself, we just want to know what happened.”

So, I told them briefly about what happened after I arrived the demon’s world.

Of course, they were all lies. I didn’t mention Valarie or the demons. I just told them that after I got rid of the demons, I started walking around. And when I saw the rift of the dimensional space appear again, I jumped right in and went back to the human’s world.

“Then you are really lucky.” Qian Libing sighed. I think he believed me. After all, there’s no reason to doubt what I said.

“Thanks to the blessing of Dragon’s God.” Ijima Michita also breathed a sigh of relief, and he said, “The ability of the dragon descendants is rather special, and the power of the Dragon Roar is even more terrifying. Xiang, don’t abuse it.”

“Yes.” I lowered my head and listened to the headmaster’s instructions quietly.

However, Ijima Michita did not ask me how I had learned the Dragon Roar and what the wind speed was all about. He just reminded me not to use Dragon Roar in public places like the arena, because it goes beyond magic and combat skills, and could make people seriously injured.

“You need a guide who can teach you the Dragon Roar.” Qian Libing put down the teacup, “I have shown the video to my friend who’s of the dragon race himself. He said that you are using the most basic Dragon Roar, and since you could still emit such a great power, you have great potential. He said that after some time, he’ll pick you up from Olipolia and learn the Dragon Roar.”

“Olipolia?” I was puzzled, as I had never heard of this place.

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