“No, you haven’t heard of such a famous country?” Qian Libing waved his hand, “Anyway, I heard that you have worked hard to study cultural courses before, and it’s not surprising that you don’t understand things from the outside. Olipolia is on the other side of the earth, a famous country of the dragon’s descendant. Dragons born around the world will go there to learn and master their own strength.”

“If I had to go there to study, how long would it take?” I was more concerned about whether I could bring Silent Water along. If not, then I wouldn’t go there for a long time, as I didn’t want them to worry.

“I am not sure about the specific details, since I’m not a dragon’s descendant myself. Also, he won’t come here immediately, you’ll get a notice in advance.”

“Thank you very much for your care.” I solemnly bowed to Qianlibing, “By the way, what happened to Satsuki?”

“Satsuki? Oh~is it the girl who cried so badly, as she thought you were dead? As she was crying too much, the headmaster asked the school doctor to take her to the medical room and applied the hypnosis magic on her. She was able to sleep then. Crying like that is not good for her health.” Qian Libing squinted and smiled, “It’s clear that you’re the son of Lin Fan. Although you’re so young, you already have a girl caring about you.”

“We’re just best friends.”

“A good friend, I see~” Seeing how Qian Libing looked, I think he must have misunderstood.

But I didn’t explain it any further, “I’m going to look for her.”

“You don’t have any clothes on, and you’re running out like that?” Qian Libing jokingly said, “No wonder you guys are best friends, you both care about each other so much. Being young is just great.”

I scratched my head with a wry smile.

“The headmaster has asked someone to bring you a new school uniform. Wait a moment.”

So, I sat on the sofa, chatted with the headmaster and Qianlibing, and asked them about my parents.

But neither of them wanted to tell me the details of my parents’ death nor where they were buried. They just told me something about how they knew each other.

Not long afterwards, someone knocked on the door. It was Mizhou who handed me the clothes, “Here.”

I thanked her and Mizhou left.

“Okay, go to that corner to change your clothes, and do your own thing after you’re dressed up. Me and Ijima Michita need to investigate and see why there were demons in our school. The rift of the dimensional space was clearly not caused by spatial instability, but by a demon’s force.”

The video was not recorded just now, so they didn’t know that the demon was coming for me.

And those demons have been turned into a ray of smoke by Valarie’s flame, so I wasn’t afraid of the results of their investigation.

After getting myself behind the barrier, I changed my clothes, thanked them and left the headmaster’s office.

———— In the medical room of the school

The school’s medical room had quite advanced medical equipment, students could get their wounds treated here, and they could get their physical and spiritual values checked as well.

When I first started school, I was tested here and it was found out that my spiritual value was even lower than that of a junior high school student. It became a joke for other students and I became “famous” because of this incident. However, two months has passed and most of the students just remember that there’s a grade one student having very low spiritual values. Unless people deliberately brought up my name, no one would remember it.

When I came to the medical room, a faint smell of saline greeted me.

I didn’t see the school doctor, I thought he’s away. Could Satsuki have left as well?

Anyway, it’d be better to look for her first.

It was very easy to lift the white curtain, and I saw Satsuki sound asleep on the bed.

She looked really cute when she’s asleep, but she still had marks of tears around her eyes.

Before I went to kill the four demons, I didn’t leave a word for her;  she must have been worried sick.

At this time, I suddenly thought of Satsuki of that world.

She saw me hit by the car, and she must have been terrified. Also, she even had to accept the news of my death.

“I’m so sorry to make you worry about me.” I sighed and stroked Satsuki’s face gently with my hand.

Her skin was very smooth and soft to the touch, I kind of wanted to pinch it.

Just when I gently squeezed it, Satsuki suddenly grabbed my hand with fear, “Xiang! Xiang! You can’t! You can’t go!”

Well, if anyone saw what we were doing, they’d think that I was taking advantage of Satsuki when she’s asleep. Although it was exactly what I was doing, I was just pinching her face.

I was going to take my hand back, but Satsuki suddenly opened her eyes.

“Yo … yo! Good morning!” I smiled awkwardly.

“Xiang?” Satsuki immediately sat up. She looked happy at first, and then she looked scared, “Are you a ghost? Are you alive?”

“What do you think?” Since Satsuki didn’t grab my hand tightly after waking up, I approached to her face and pinched her face.  (PN: Precision would be appreciated, is he tweaking her nose, pinching her cheek, grabbing a lip…)

“You bastard!” Satsuki burst into tears and cried in my arms, “Why were you so stupid? Why did you have to go? Are you a moron? You really wanted to die?”

“Hey, what are you talking about? I’m not dead.” I smiled and patted her head gently, “What if I didn’t leave at that time, and the demons broke the safety barricade? I didn’t want to see you hurt or see anything worse happen. Someone had to catch their attention.” Also, I was their target.

“So, you wanted to protect me?” Satsuki raised her head and looked at me.

I didn’t want to see her shed tears, but I had to admit that Satsuki’s eyes looked very beautiful when the tears kept flashing in her eyes, they’re just like stars.

“Yes, I had to protect you.” I responded plainly.

It wasn’t only the wish of the nerdy Lin Xiang, but I wanted to protect Satsuki as well. Also, in that world, I sometimes thought that she’s quite annoying, but I knew that I would become depressed without her.

I once did a very wrong thing and made my “good friend” leave. From then on, I lost all my confidence and I was afraid to be in touch with girls.

My heart had fallen into darkness, but Satsuki acted like a ray of sunshine and it came back into the light. She made me regain my confidence and I wasn’t unhappy over that incident anymore.

Although I’d never said it, I was pretty grateful to have Satsuki.

“Am I important to you?” Satsuki’s face got closer and closer to mine, just like gravity.

“Of course you are…” Before I finished, Satsuki started kissing me.

When our lips touched, a burst of electric current spread throughout my body.

I was completely stunned, my brain went blank, and I had no idea what to say.

“Hee hee~” In a short while, Satsuki released me. She touched her lips and her cheeks were all pink, and she smiled at me, “You’re also important to me.”

At that moment, my heart seemed to have stopped beating.


Proof reader note:  I took some liberties with a passage, more than I usually would, because some decent imagery got utterly wasted.  The original was:After knowing Satsuki, she acted like a ray of sunshine my heart. She made me regain my confidence and I wasn’t unhappy for that incident anymore.”


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