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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C9

Famous saying, Kamiki went crazy, Kitashima


Now, I really didn’t know how to describe this situation…

Satsuki and I were walking in the corridor.

It’s a very normal and ordinary thing to walk in the corridor. However, it wouldn’t be as normal if the prettiest girl in a school and the most useless person do this together. It’s also not possible for that useless person to not catch any attention.

And I was that useless person. I still hadn’t wakened up from the kiss with Satsuki. She took my arm and we started heading off to the corridor. And the way those guys were looking at me…if someone’s way of look could murder a person, I am sure that I was already killed a thousand times.

“Hello, Satsuki, many people are watching, can you please…” I moved my arm slightly, but once I did, my arm that was already numb had felt the softness of Satsuki’s breasts…

“No way!” Satsuki held me even more tightly, and that’s even worse for me. My arm was totally in between her…it was a good feeling, but since I was too excited, I felt a bit dizzy…

“Satsuki! What a great job! No, it’s you who’ve done too well! Fortunately, you had the courage to jump into the rift of the dimensional space. Otherwise, Satsuki would never feel the pain of losing you, and she’d never want to cherish you like this!”

“What are you talking about, Yalide? Although it feels really great…but my life is more important…”

“Let me tell you a famous saying, ‘I’d rather die in a girl’s arms than living alone on a deserted island.”

“Hey~~~are you trying to tell me that you’ve created it yourself?”

“Haha! Of course!”

“What kind of famous saying is this? Just some pervert’s speech!”

“Boy, don’t bother with him, he’s just an idiot. It’s a great thing that you don’t think with your bottom half like the other guys…and you’re really amazing.”

“Oh? If she happens to be an older and really pretty spirit, you must be all over her now.”

“Never will I. Am I a pervert like you?”

“Oh my god! The spirit freak is talking to me! It’s the end of the world!”

“I will flick my tail and kill you. Believe it or not.”

“Hey, you two. Don’t quarrel in my head. It’s damn noisy.”

In the classroom —

“Hey! Have a look! Satsuki is…” When we returned to the classroom, Satsuki was still holding my arms and I instantly became everyone’s focus…

“Beast! What has he done to Satsuki?”

“Could it be? Or was it…?”

“No way?!”

“Are you thinking of the same thing?”

“It might be!”

The two boys looked at each other for a while and nodded. Then, they yelled in unison, “he must have taken an embarrassing photo of Satsuki and is using this to threaten her!”

Heyhey…you two, although I didn’t know you, but could you please not say whatever you wanted in front of her? Although I wouldn’t be affected, but she might believe it to be true…

“Really? Damn it! Such a bastard!”

“Is it that useless Lin Xiang?”

Apparently…some guys believed it…

“What a bastard! How dare her take a photo of Satsuki without her knowing, damn it! There’s only one thing I want to say to this bastard, ‘I want those photos too!’”

“What are you talking about!? After hearing your previous sentence, I thought that you would beat that bastard up, and I thought you’re a righteous partner! But for your last sentence…I didn’t think…that you’re such a bastard! I really despise you now. And I only have one sentence for you – please count me in!”

“Ah Gan, you’re such a beast! You both are! Satsuki is such a pure girl and you all know it! Today, I’ve witnessed that you’re such beasts. And I have to condemn such a behavior. Also, can I ask if we’re still friends?”

“Hey! You three bastards! What are you talking about? I had never expected myself to be friends with you. What a failure I have been! I would have saved Satsuki from this! Also, before doing so, I would like to tell you not to forget me when you get the photos!”

“What kind of era are we living in? Look at your four, how shameless you all are! You’re such a combination of scumbags, beasts and bastards! I really despise your behavior and what I can say is – friends, please count me in!”

These guys were having a heated discussion…

What was actually happening…how come these guys have all got crazy…?

Also, their way of looks became strange, well…were they really expecting “embarrassing photos” of Satsuki from me? Why would I have any?

I looked at Satsuki next to me and she buried her head in my arms…

See, I told you not to do it. And you’re still not letting go?

Kamiki suddenly stood up, her facial expression was a bit weird. Then, she walked towards us…

“Satsuki, please don’t make a fuss in the class, you will disturb the others. Although it’s lunchtime now, according to medical science, we need to keep quiet when we eat and make sure that our stomach can digest well.”

I don’t think this theory exists, does it?

“You…it’s not your business.” Satsuki gave such a response.

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