“You…did you just say that it’s not my business?” Kamiki seemed to have flipped off, “I’m the monitor of the class! And I’m also the fiancée of Lin Xiang!”

“Hey!!!” Not only me, but the whole class started yelling as well.

What was Kamiki talking about? Didn’t she say that she objected this marriage? Also, I don’t agree with it either.

“What a bastard! Has…has Kamiki hooked up with him too?”

“Don’ joke around! Kamiki is my dream girl, and there’s no way she would have a marriage deal with that shitbag!”

“Hey! The boy over there, please don’t just say whatever you want. I have had a marriage deal with Lin Xiang since we were little! And we love each other.” Kamiki seemed to talking to the guys, but it’s more to Satsuki.

Satsuki seemed to be a bit shocked. She raised her head and looked at me with her lips pouted, “Xiang! What is this about?”

“I don’t know about it either! I only realized it last week, and Kamiki told me, that she’s not willing to be my…”

“What are you talking about, dear? I’m very willing to be your fiancée…and you know what? Since the last time you pushed me to the ground, I haven’t been able to forget your figure…your wide chest has given me a sense of security that I’d never had before. Also, if no one else was there, we would have…” Kamiki slightly tilted and stood next to me. She also tightly grabbed my arm…

Kamiki must have gone crazy…she definitely has gone crazy…she used to say that she hated me, then how come…

“Being pushed to the ground? Hey guys! We have identified a beast here! Let us destroy him and eliminate the risk from our people!”

The guy who was asking me for the photos was like being encouraged, and he’s determined to eliminate me…provoking the others as well.

Shan Liao! If anything happens to my fiancé, you’ll surely suffer to death.” Kamiki had a horrifying facial expression at this moment.

“Hey! Kamiki, let go of Lin Xiang’s hand…he doesn’t want to be with you.”

“Are you kidding me? Of course my dear wants to be with me…otherwise, he wouldn’t have pushed me to the ground…”

“Actually…that’s only because…” Only because that’s my plan.

“Did you guys kiss…” At this moment, Satsuki suddenly asked, and she looked at Kamiki in a serious manner…

Kamiki felt embarrassed after being looked at by Satsuki like this. She started stuttering, “of…of course! All in all…we’re a couple…”

“Really? It looks like you haven’t…”

“Why are you smiling so confidently? Could it be…” Kamiki’s facial expression was like “oh, something has gone wrong.”

“Of course!” Satsuki smiled, and that smile was just like a blossoming flower…it’s so beautiful…

“Bastard! Don’t you look at her! You have to look at me only!” Kamiki grabbed my face and turned it to her side…

“No, didn’t you tell me that…you would never accept this marriage deal…” Before I said the word “deal”, I could feel a soft thing pressing my lips, and a little smooth thing slipped into my mouth…

“Ah??? Let go…let go of your mouth…you shameless woman…”

“Oh?” At this time, Kamiki’s flushed face was gradually away from me…she licked the transparent liquid next to her mouth. She looked as if she’s smiling and told Satsuki, “are you talking about me? I’m his fiancée, why would I feel shameful doing these things? But about you…”

“Don’t…don’t assume that I know nothing! Xiang doesn’t agree to this marriage! As he’s mine!”

“Lin Xiang is not yours!”

“He’s mine!”


At the seat.

I want to die…in this situation…it’s not slightly better than me lying on the grass half-naked…

Satsuki and Kamiki were sitting on my two sides, their two bodies were slightly pressed against me and they both wanted to feed me…

Why…why is this happening? How come I was suddenly kissed by Satsuki and Kamiki? And they didn’t seem to have a great relationship…

“That’s because someone has destroyed the balance and now we’re all out of balance…”

“I…I don’t understand…”

“Satsuki, as a human girl, felt incredibly sad when you walked out of the gate and fought the four demons alone, since she thought that you’d died. Then you suddenly returned without any damages on your body…do you get what I’m trying to say? Well…let me give you an example, imagine if you lose something that you love dearly and it suddenly reappears in front of you, would you treat it one hundred times better and would you not want it to disappear again?”


“Don’t you understand it?”

“I did understand you, but I just didn’t understand the reason why you’d compare this example to my current situation.”

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