“Hell…ok, I’ll stop. I’m almost driven nuts…your personality is both good and bad…”

“And isn’t this good? Son, you have to enjoy the feeling now…ah~~~~(very slutty voice) this girl called Kamiki. Her breasts are nice and they’re bigger than those of Satsuki, but Satsuki’s are bouncier…it’s just too amazing as you’ve got the advantages of both sides.”

“You’re such a pervert…” Before I said so, Satsuki and Kamiki started arguing.

“See, Xiang doesn’t want to eat your vegetables! Don’t you give him your chopsticks!”

“What are you talking about? He obviously doesn’t want to eat your beans.”

“What a joke? I’m sure Xiang will eat it. Nie~~~” Satsuki smiled brightly, but the next second became more terrifying…as there might be turbulences inside even the calmest lake. She seems that she’d change at any second. And if I didn’t eat it, there might be very serious consequences…

Damn it! Why would it suddenly become like this…

Inside the headmaster’s office

“Grandpa Ljima Michita, here I am…” After listening to that “Lin Xiang theory” from Freed, I looked for an excuse to escape. I hoped that they wouldn’t argue after I left…

“Oh? Xiao Xiang, here you are. Chisato just headed out. We were still talking about you until he did.” The headmaster seemed to be more enthusiastic than usual…it seems that he’s really happy after I got the ability…

“Um…I’m just here to sit around for a while…”

“Right…come and sit, it looks like that you’re tired.”

Of course I was tired…it’s just one day and so much has happened already. Also, I was tired of the change of attitude of Satsuki and Kamiki….sigh.

“Grandpa Ljima Michita, it’s lunch time now. After we have lunch and rest for half an hour, the game will start.”


“Xiao Xiang, speaking of the game, it seems that the boy called Kitashima wants to compete with you.”

“Kitashima? Which Kitashima?”

“Kitashima from class A of the first grade…Oh…do you mean Kitashima Daigo? That’s him. Don’t you know him?”

Class A of the first grade? That arrogant bastard?

“I don’t really know him well. Headmaster, how should we reply him?”

“In fact, it’s Yonechi who was taking care of this, she told me as she saw your name in the list of opponents…”


“So, do you want to fight or not? I’m looking forward to seeing your melee strength …” Speaking of which, the headmaster seemed a little excited …

“It’s okay…I’ve been wanting to beat that bastard since long time ago, I just never had a chance to do so…”

“Oh? The game will only terminate tomorrow, so are you two fighting tomorrow? By the way, do you have any plans regarding the team?”

“The team? Actually no…”

“What if I recommend a few people to you?”

“There’s no need, I will decide later.” Was he kidding? A team recommended by the headmaster? Then it would surely be the most famous team, and I’d surely be despised if I joined such a team.

“Really…well, ok. You can make the call. Come on, let’s play chess?”

“Oh? But we’re going to have class now.”

“It doesn’t matter, as we’re having a competition today. There will be no lessons and there will also be half on hour of free activities.”


Inside the corridor.

“Lin…Xiang…” At this time, I heard someone call my name with a soft and nice voice.

Following the voice, I saw Yorikawa sticking out her head from class A.

“Hey…Yorikawa, what’s up?” I walked towards her.

“In fact…there’s nothing!” At this moment, Yorikawa looked as if she’d been pushed by someone, and she bumped into my chest.

“Hey, are you Lin Xiang?” A girl with her hair all tired up walked out.

“Yes…may I ask…”

“Xiao Ye, what are you doing? Don’t disturb Lin Xiang, he’s really busy.”

“If he’s busy, then why did you call him?”

“That’s because…”

“Because you care what happened between him and the two girls from class C, right?”

“No…no…yes.” Yorikawa covered her face and used her finger to curl her hair…

“Don’t try to lie to us. After getting along with you for such a long time, I’ve already noticed that you never look people in the eyes when you lie. Also, you always end up playing with your hair.” At this time, the girl called Xiao Ye touched her chin and looked at me carefully, “Um…his looks are okay, but like the rumor says, his spiritual power is incredibly weak…”

“Xiao Ye! How impolite you are!”

“Impolite? How is it possible? If you would like to get near Yorikawa, then don’t get yourself involved in affairs, bastard.”

How come this accusation sounded so weird? Also…this girl…could she be a lesbian?

“Lin Xiang, I’m sorry, I don’t think Xiao Ye meant it with bad intentions. Please don’t be bothered by what she said. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called you. Please go…” Yorikawa pushed me.

“Don’t leave yet, you have to explain to me first. About those girls…”

“Oh? Isn’t this the useless guy? How come we’ve met again? By the way, it looks like you’ve got closer with the two beautiful girls in class?” A handsome boy walked out from class A.

He had such an ugly smile…it looks like he’s Kitashima…it’s only been a few days and he’s got even uglier…


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