Chapter 3/10

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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C10

Through the wall, death without regrets, strange dreams


“What’s the matter? First grade?”

“Nothing, it’s just that I’ve heard rumors about you having affairs with two girls in class…”

“Oh? Really? I didn’t know about that, where did you hear it from?” I always felt like Kitashima’s eyes showed an intention to kill…could it be an illusion?

“Are you pretending to be stupid? Satsuki Risa and Kamiki Kuji rank the first place among all the girls. Yorikawa Nagisa ranks the third. I don’t get it, why a rubbish like you gets admired by three beautiful girls? Can you tell me what your secret is?”

“You only need to smile nicely, be more low profile and not to be arrogant. By the way, there’s really nothing going on between me and them.”

“What nothing? I’ve heard that Kamiki is your fiancée and that she kissed you in front of everyone…”

Well, was this guy saying this to Yorikawa? So that there would be distance between us? It really fits his personality…I looked at Yorikawa and she had lowered her head…

“Indeed, Kamiki is my fiancée, but…”

“There’s no ‘but’, Yorikawa, have you heard it? This useless scumbag has a fiancée. And since he’s already engaged, he still got near you, have you ever doubted his intention? That he wanted to enjoy both girls? No…actually three…it looks like he’d already taken the pictures of Satsuki and used them as a threat, what a bastard.” Kitashima was exaggerating it when he whispered next to Yorikawa.

“No! Don’t say it anymore. I…I only believe what Lin Xiang said. Since he said that there’s nothing, then there’s nothing.” Yorikawa raised her head, and I’d found trust again from her clear, watery eyes.

I smiled at her, she blushed as if she’s panicking, and lowered her head again.

“Damn… Damn it. Lin Xiang, fight with me now. If I want to destroy you, it’ll be very easy for me.” Kitashima said, and he was ready to hit with his fist.

I jumped back and hid his fist, completely clueless to his reaction, “hey! You’ll break the school rules soon.”

“I don’t care. As long as I can knock you down, then nothing else matters. Rest assured, my family is rich, I will give you 100 million after I beat you up.” Kitashima was showing off his fists and was acting quite desperate.

“100 million. Is that a lot?” Kitashima’s words irritated me. So, he’s better than me since he’s rich? I was even richer! Although it belongs to my boss, there’re still tens of billions in my bank account.

After evading a straight punch from Kitashima, I looked for an opportunity and kicked his belly very hard… “Uh!” Kitashima made a low sound and flew out. With a loud bang, he hit the wall of the classroom…

Did I hit him too hard? Damn, I really hoped that the earth spirit had possessed him. Otherwise, he might become crippled. Also, I hope that there’s no one behind the wall, or…I was secretly praying.

However, why would my strength become so strong all of a sudden?

“Hey…have you guys seen it? That useless scumbag…what did he do…”

“I…I have just seen him kick Kitashima far away, and he even broke the wall of the classroom…”

“Hit me once and see if I’m dreaming…pa! Hey, it hurts! Why did you use so much strength?”

“You’d feel painful also? In this case, it looks like we aren’t dreaming, and everything happened today was true?”


“Oh, great…haha… you are so powerful, Lin Xiang.” At this time, Kitashima climbed up from the pile of stones and panted. His clothes were ragged, and there were not many injuries on his body. It looks like the earth spirit has already possessed his body.

“I…haha, I’ve always thought that you’re a useless material. Well, since you have such great power, then I can be at ease when fighting with you. And no one will say that I’m abusing you.” Kitashima smiled again, it was a very ugly smile.

“Whatever, use all that you have. No matter what, I’ll be able to beat you down. Are you conscious now, by the way? I told you not to break any school rules, see what you can do with this wall, and I don’t care about the rest.”

Although the headmaster would forgive me, I still felt a bit embarrassed to face him…I remember when I was small, I dared not face my old uncle whenever I did something wrong…

“I was just too angry, and I can think more clearly now. Although you were powerful, even more powerful than before, there’s no way you can beat me without spirits. Just wait, I’ll ask assistant Yonechi to set a date for our competition.”

“There’s no need! We can do this tomorrow.”

“Oh? Really? Then, please enjoy your free movement now…” Afterwards, Kitashima threw a teleportation reel. A teleportation array appeared on the ground instantly.

“Hey, about the wall.”

Kitashima walked into the teleportation array, and a burst of light came out from it. “I will ask my dad to fix it. Just wait.” Then, he disappeared…

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