Damn it…did he really think he’s so rich? And he’s being so arrogant. If I couldn’t beat him down the next day, then I’d use the Dragon Roar to finish him. And we shall see whether he could still be that arrogant.

“Nagisa…he…is that really that useless Lin Xiang that people are talking about? Apparently, Kitashima beat him down last time, and he was knocked onto the wall thickened by magic. There was even a little hole on it. Now, he was the one that beat Kitashima down and he even broke that wall again. What is happening…?” The girl called Xiao Ye widened her eyes and she was looking at me in a serious manner.

“I…I don’t know, it’s my second time watching him fight. Perhaps I was too close to him last time and I dragged him down.” Nagisa was shocked as well and she was looking at me with her bright eyes.

Not only them, my classmates who had been watching all looked at me unbelievably, and I became the focus again…

“Well…actually I just kicked Kitashima lightly. I’m guessing he’s possessed by the earth spirit, and after my kick, it had activated the bouncing skill. However, it was activated too late and he was then hit on the wall…” I said so jokingly, but from their eyes, I got that their message was “the hell we believe you”.

In the classroom.

Sigh…I was so tired, I didn’t expect that this would happen after going out just once…

After entering the classroom, it got immediately quiet again. Everyone in the class was looking at me, it looks like rumors spread quite quickly in the school.

After going back to my seat, Satsuki got near me at once. She was half leaning on my chest and asked, “Xiang, so is it true about what they said? Did you beat Kitashima so hard that he got hospitalized?”

“Wait, what? What do you mean by hospitalized?”

“They were just saying that, when you were passing by class A, Kitashima was provoking you, and you kicked him since you were too angry. He even broke the wall of his classroom. And after he stood up, he was so severely injured that he could barely walk. That’s why he had to use the teleportation reel to go to the hospital.”

“Wait…which bastard had told you things like that? The first part is correct, but the second part…” “Ah~~~ah…” At this time, Kamiki pulled Satsuki away, she replaced Satsuki and started leaning on me. She kept stroking my face and said coyly, “my dear, you’ve done too great. Let me tell you, that Kitashima isn’t a good person, he had been pursuing me for quite some time…”

“No way, Kitashima has been pursuing me as well, and he even wrote me several love letters.” Satsuki sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck. Her face got very close to mine, it’s not looking good…

“Oh? So it looks like that Kitashima is a douchebag.” Kamiki grabbed Satsuki’s hand tightly but she didn’t shove it away. Instead, like Satsuki, she put her arms around my neck as well.

“Oh~~~yes~~~” At this time, the black dragon Yalide made such a noise, as if he could now die without regrets…

“…you two…can’t you stop…”

“No!” At this time, the girls replied in unison.

“If you continue, I will…” I looked at the boys around me, they had a strong sense of killing…it terrified me…

“Haven’t you heard what my dear just told you? He told you to leave, as he feels bothered.”

“What I’ve heard is that Xiang doesn’t like you, and he wants you to let him go.”

You both, just let me go…that’s what I wanted to say, but I had this feeling that if I did, I would have more serious consequences.

At this time.

“Bi~~~classmates, break time is over, players please come to the arena. I repeat, break time is over, players please come to the arena.”

When they heard the announcement, Kamiki and Satsuki snorted to each other. Then, they let me go and grabbed their belongings on their seats.

Ah~~~how beautiful this announcement was, I felt like I was falling in love with it.

Well, I actually hated it to death.

Now, I was completely clamped by these two girls. Yes, completely clamped. Satsuki and Kamiki both became very strange. They were now holding my arms and walking toward the first arena.

The situation had become much worse than that in the classroom.

In the classroom, there were 29 boys aside me, and I had only 29 pairs of eyes with resentment, but now I could definitely feel more than 500 pairs of them.

No matter if they were walking in front of me, behind me, on my left or on my right, as long as it’s a guy, he’d stare at me bitterly. They looked like that they wished there’s a watermelon skin right under my feet, so that I could step on it and slip.


“Well, I’m the player of the next competition. Dear, I need to leave now, you have to cheer for me as the audience.” Kamiki let go of me unwillingly and walked toward the players’ restroom.

“Xiang~~~I have to leave now too. When I’m in the arena, you have to watch me. And I’ll win.” Satsuki smiled at me before leaving…

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