Finally…I could breathe a sigh of relief…no! The worst still had to come!

These pairs of eyes with a sense of murder…when I looked around, I saw that all the boys were staring at me. They were like looking at a dead object. I was already sentenced to death in their mind, and only a date of execution was missing.

After I sat down, I massaged my temples. I didn’t understand why it’d become like this…and for that kick, although I used my strength, it wasn’t all my power yet. How come he’d be kicked that far away?

“That’s because your physical condition has improved.”

“Why would you say that?”

‘You were injured several times by the demon, and the dragon could transform the healing power to help you treat the damaged cells and wounds. Your cells were mutated by this healing power. Don’t worry, you won’t become a monster. With the mutation, you’re only a few times stronger than ordinary people…your current physique is at least 10 times that of ordinary people. “Are you…are you kidding me? 10 times?”

“Why would I be kidding? It’s just your physique, your strength is 15 times stronger than before. Your speed might have also increased slightly as you’re more accustomed to the wind speed…”

“Wow…then am I very powerful now?”

“You might be very powerful if it’s in the previous world, but in this world of magic, this is really nothing. Although the physique of ordinary people is not as good as yours, as long as they can do magic, they can release a spell, defense power or something else, and their power can still be higher than yours.”

“It’s roughly the same…”

“So, for the battle tomorrow…”

“If nothing else happens, I think there’s a high chance for you to win. First, your speed is a great advantage, and the barrier of your arena is your second advantage.”

“Barrier of the arena?”

“Hasn’t the arena of your school used a barrier? During the competition, none of the parties will get injured physically, they will only suffer from mental damages. Since you’ve been injured seriously for so many times but you’re still very conscious, this is your second advantage.”

“That’s right. Fortunately, the barrier disappeared when the four demons came. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to hurt them.”

After school, outside the school gate.

It was time to be released. Just when I thought about it, Satsuki and Kamiki started arguing again.

“What are you doing? Xiang has to send me home every day, don’t’ follow us.”

“What are you talking about? Xiang is my fiancé, he should be sending me home.”

“Don’t you have a car? You should get on your car.”

“Well, lately, I’ve been thinking that being driven home make me look too spoilt. And my physical condition will get worse as well. That’s why I’ve decided to go on foot.”

“Hey, is it alright? Kamiki?” I hoped that Kamiki could realize that she belongs to a large family group, there’re many criminals who’re interested in her.

“It’s alright.” After Kamiki said so, her housekeeper came, “madam, please get onto the car.”

“Kuanli, I can’t today, I have to go on foot.”

“No, madam, ever since the last incident, Sir has given us an order that we’ll have to follow you everywhere except going to school.”

“So you have to follow me if I go to the toilet as well?”

“For this…” The old housekeeper was speechless for a moment, then thought about it and nodded, “if madam doesn’t mind, then it’s ok.”

“Stop thinking. Now, just return. I’ll ask Lin Xiang to send me home today.”

“But…the Kamiki manor is 3 or 4km away from school…”

“I don’t care. In the case, I…”

“Kamiki, just get onto the car. For your safety.” I looked at Kamiki is a serious manner. I don’t want her to be kidnapped because of her abnormal action.

“Since you said that, then…I’ll return…” For some reason, Kamiki started flushing. Then, she pointed at Satsuki and warned her, “you! You can’t escape! Or I’ll…”

“What will you do?”

“Well, you will know by then.” Kamiki said weakly. Then, she got onto the car and left.

“Well, Satsuki…what had happened between you two?” After seeing Kamiki’s car going farther away, I expressed my doubt.

“Nothing ~~” Satsuki handed me the schoolbag and then held my hand, “as long as you don’t leave me, everything will be fine. Xiang, recently, I’ve had a very weird dream. I dreamt that you were hit by a car…”

“Oh? That’s indeed strange.” Well? It kind of sounded familiar.

“Yes, that’s strange. But the dream feels very real. You know what? In the dream, we were very good friends. Every time when we headed home, I’d ask you to hold my schoolbag. Then, in the dream, I said something like it’d be better for you to die. Wu…” Afterwards, Satsuki started crying.

“Are you alright? Hey~” I patted on Satsuki’s back…It felt weird, how come the dream that she described sounded so familiar?

“Nothing…nothing~I am sorry to have told you this weird dream. Let’s go, let’s go home.”

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