Chapter 4/10

Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C11

Encounter in the supermarket, the guy with mask, feeding


“See you tomorrow, Satsuki.” I said goodbye to Satsuki when I stood in front of her doorstep.

“Don’t you want to come in and sit for a while?”

“There’s no need.”

“Really…see you tomorrow then.” Satsuki looked at me sadly and I felt a bit strange. What’d happened to Satsuki? Was it because of that dream?

After watching Satsuki opening her door and walking in, I turned away and went to the supermarket.

Inside the supermarket.

“Oh~~~isn’t this the friend of Risa, Xiao Xiang?” I was picking up some food and I suddenly heard someone calling me. When I turned around, I saw a beautiful woman standing in front me with a basket in her hand. That woman looked a bit like Satsuki. I remember that she’s her mother.

“Hi, Auntie.”

“You still remember me, that makes me so happy. Do you do grocery shopping all the time alone?”

“Yeah, there is no one else at home, I’m the only one, so…”

“That’s really something, since you can manage yourself all alone. Risa’s dad and I always have to go on business trips and we aren’t always at home…” Satsuki’s mother winked at me as if she had something else to say.

“Really…but I want to ask, why don’t have you have a housekeeper or a guard? It’s because you have such a big house. Aren’t you afraid of a burglar or thief?” Satsuki’s house is so big, I think she must be from a big family. It’d be strange if she didn’t have a guard…

“Well, actually, I am not really a fan of guards. They’re quite a trouble and they also cost money. Also, although our house is big, our parents left it for us and we have also been working for other people all along. Although we have a decent income, we aren’t that rich. Usually, burglars and thieves would look for richer families. Our home is actually quite safe.” Afterwards, Satsuki’s mother walked near me and picked up food with me.

“I see.”

“By the way, Xiao Xiang, how come you don’t look for Risa during weekends? It seems that there’s something wrong with her, as she looks sad without you…”

“Really? Well…I’m quite busy during weekends.” Is it because of that dream?

“Well…you need to spend some time with Risa when you’re not as busy. Otherwise, she’ll get too lonely. When high school just started, she still had some friends who’d hang out with her. Then, she started having less friends, and it was just the same situation during middle school.” When her mom mentioned that, I recalled about it. When school just started, there were a few girls accompanying Satsuki to go shopping, but they had all disappeared afterwards. What is this all about?

“This is a human being’s negative emotion, and that’s jealousy.” Freed suddenly interrupted.

“What, what does that mean?”

“The human girl, Satsuki is quite pretty, right? So, if ordinary-looking girls hang out with her, they would feel belittled, right?”

“Weird. Why would they feel like that? Isn’t Takahashi quite awesome as well? Aren’t I also hanging out with him?”

“You’re a guy, it’s different. Women are a different species. They’re even more complicated than spirits who can appear in different forms. A guy might fight with a guy, but they might become best friends the next moment. However, if girls fight, they might still argue when they see each other again 30 years later…this is the difference between men and women.”

“Then, the girls left Satsuki because she’s too pretty. Is that what you mean?”


“Girls are too scary…”

“In fact, they aren’t. There are also many advantages in girls, they’re more caring and kinder, they have all the features that guys don’t have.”

“Yes, yes, like big tits!”

“Don’t you interrupt! You pervert. Ok, let’s stop here. I’ll let you talk with your Auntie, you might get to know more about women.”

“Wait, I still have some questions…”

“Xiao Xiang, what’s happened to you? Why do you look so thoughtful?” Satsuki’s mother got close to me, she looked really like Satsuki. I suddenly thought of the kiss of Satsuki that afternoon…

“No…nothing. I will spend more time with her.”

“Oh? Why are you blushing? Have you just thought of anything that made you embarrassed? Anyway, treat Risa better, she’s a kind and beautiful kid.”

“I will. Oh, by the way, what’s your job, Auntie?”

“Me? I and Risa’s dad work for TCQ.”

“Oh? Is that the company making very outstanding magical equipment?”

“Yeah. Satsuki’s dad and I often have to go on business trips…that’s why we don’t have much time for her.”

“You’re all working hard to earn a living. So, there’s no other way.”

“Yeah, we do it for our living. However, we’ve been returning home more often lately. Although work is important, our daughter is still more important. No matter how hard you work, if you lose your kids, all will be worth nothing. Right?”

“Actually…” Satsuki’s parents really loved her…it’s so nice to have parents…

“Hey, this is such a nice potato.” Satsuki’s mom picked up a potato and told me.

“It looks okay…it seems to be sprouting, so we’d better not pick this one.”

“Oh? It seems that you know quite a lot. That’s great, as it looks like Satsuki has found a handy friend.”

After stepping out of the supermarket and saying goodbye to Satsuki’s mother, I started heading home.

There were so many people on the streets and everyone was either selling or buying. It’s such a lively atmosphere…at this moment, a man who’s wearing a mask and wearing black clothes passed by me. I looked at him and found him strange, how would a person wear a mask when it’s summer…

I shook my head. This strange guy had nothing for me to look at. Then, I started moving forward…

After about 10 seconds, there was a voice behind me, “there’s a thief! Who can help me?!”

I turned around and saw a woman about 100 meters away from me trying to get up on the ground, she was chasing behind the man with mask who’s running toward me…

Oh~~~No wonder this guy looked so suspicious…so he’s a thief then?

That guy over there, are you just going to watch him run? He just passed by and all you need to do is to pull him…is anyone else willing to help?

I was ready to attack and I looked at the man with mask who’s getting nearer…

30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters…

“Pa (sound of wooden sword hitting on the body)”

“Ah~~~” The man with mask screamed in pain. And he started rolling on the ground.

The one hitting was a girl from the Pillar Nofu Academy. Judging from her tie, she seemed to be from the second grade…

“How dare you do such a thing in broad daylight? Aren’t you afraid to hurt your parents?” The girl said loudly and she was tightly gripping her wooden sword.

“Who told you to interfere?” The man in mask stood up. He took out a telescopic titanium sword…could that be a combat technician? He’s not to be underestimated…he could be a fifth-level warrior. What about that girl? Could she be a warrior as well? She looked just one level lower than him…


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