“Oh? Then can I assume that you’re challenging me?”

“You’re too noisy. Seeing that you’re pretty, I’ll forgive you once. Now, please make way for me if you can.” The man in mask was swaying the sword in his hand. Seeing that the thief was holding a weapon, the girl stopped. She dared not step forward nor continue to yell.

“I will not be afraid of a scumbag like you.” Afterwards, the girl started swaying the wooden sword in her hand and was ready to hit the man in mask. Was she kidding? A wooden sword against a titanium one?

“Then, don’t blame me afterwards. You’ll surely end up crying at home!”

The flames on the sword of the man in mask were ignited. He rushed forward and pushed the wooden sword away. Then, he cut it horizontally towards the girl. The girl took a step back and escaped from the attack. She was hitting him back quickly.

The girl acted extremely fast. She continued hitting the man’s face, and the man was using the sword to defend himself. Since I’d learnt kendo before, I shook my head silently when I was watching this…

This couldn’t work. It’s just purely attack and such a method couldn’t bring your opponent down. Here, she should use the “hands to hit the belly” trick and cut his stomach. Then, she should take the opportunity to use the “striker” trick and take away the sword in his hand.

Just when I thought the girl had no chance to win. I heard a slapping sound…and I saw that the man’s titanium sword was smashed…

How could it be possible? The hardness of the wooden sword was never comparable to that of a titanium sword…

After smashing the sword of the man in mask, the girl quickly attacked and hit the man’s wrist, elbow, and shoulder bone…


“Ding ling ding ling”

These were the sound of the man screaming and the pieces of the sword dropping on the ground. This girl really acted quickly, and her wooden sword didn’t get burnt after hitting a sword with fire, it looks like I’d underestimated her.

“Pa, pa, pa.” At this time, people watching at a side started clapping. The woman who’d lost her bag quickly picked up her belongings and cursed a few words to the thief rolling on the floor. Then, she smiled and praised that girl who’d helped out.

What kind of people were these…if it was the girl who got hurt by the thief, the result would be totally different.

At home.

“Wo~~~” Xiao Hui, as usual, waited for me to return home. After seeing me, it wagged its tail and ran towards me.

I yelled, “I’m back.” Then, I changed my shoes at the doorstep.

“Master, welcome back.” Today, Silent Water was wearing a yellowish top and white skirt. She looked amazing; I’m assuming that she bought it the day before?

“Yes, I’m back.” After handing the stuff to Silent Water, I grabbed my clothes to change and went to the bathroom.

Sigh, what a tiring day, after having gone to the demon’s world, I also fought with Kitashima…

Opening the bathroom door, I saw Reidy standing right in front of me. There’s something white on her body, and she…she was taking off her pink underwear…

After Reidy saw me, she looked a bit shocked, we were both dumbfounded for a second or two…and I immediately reacted.

“Sor…” before I finished apologizing, my vision got darkened and there’s suddenly a nice fragrance…then, Reidy screamed.

I took off the thing that blocked my vision, wait…wasn’t this her underwear?

Reidy was screaming in front of me…she was using her hands to cover her eyes…what was she doing? Was she going to grab something to throw at me? And why would she use that to do so? By the way, wasn’t she just messing things up even more?

“I’m sorry, I’ll…” Just when I was about to leave, Reidy’s facial expression darkened. Then she looked at me furiously, “pervert! That’s my underwear! You cannot take it away!”

When Reidy said it, I felt dizzy…my vision got darkened again and I passed out…

Something wet was moving on my face, I opened my eyes…Xiao Hui was licking my face…

At this moment, I was lying on my couch and it was night news that’s being broadcasted right now…Silent Water and Reidy were sitting on the single sofa.

“Master, you finally woke up.” Silent Water saw me opening my eyes and stood up. She crouched in front of me and looked at me worriedly.

“Um…what…what time is it now?”

“It’s 10pm now.”

“Oh…really? 10? At night? Have you all had dinner yet?” I looked at the clock on the wall and it said 10:12pm, exactly 4 hours since I returned…

“No, we were waiting for master to wake up.”

“Really…” I looked at Reidy sitting beside me. At this moment, she was looking at me as well. Her face was a bit blushed and she snorted before turning her face away.

I tried sitting up but I felt numb all over my body.

This feeling…did I just have an electric shock?

“Master, can you not sit up yet?” Silent Water saw me getting up with much difficulty and gently asked.

“I feel a bit numb, looks like it’s going to take a while before I can.”

“I see…then, do you feel hungry? It’s okay if you can’t move, Silent Water will feed you.”

“Hey! Water Spirit, you can’t do that. This perverted human just watched me change clothes.”

“You…have you seen anyone running to a bathroom openly to watch anyone change clothes?” I sighed helplessly.

“I don’t care.  You’re a pervert, a big pervert! Just because you passed out, I’m still starving now. And since you’ve already waken up, I’m going to have dinner now.” Reidy stood up and walked into the kitchen.

“So, master, Silent Water will take some rice for you…”

“No, no, what if you eat well first before coming back to feed me?”

It turned out that I had to let Silent Water feed me…this is really too much, I really hoped to recover soon…

“Okay, then I’ll eat well quickly. Master, please just wait for a moment.”

“There’s no need to hurry…just eat slowly. You have to chew everything well before you swallow it.”


“Hey! Time to eat.”

When I opened my eyes again, Reidy was holding a bowl and standing in front of me…

What was she going to do…?

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“I’m going to feed you.”

“It’s me…who gave you an electric shock. Don’t think that you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re a pervert and you watched me take a shower! It’s a normal thing that I gave you some punishment, right?”

What had happened to her? She sounded apologetic before and now she started blaming me again.

“Sorry, I was wrong.”

“It’s good that you apologized. Hurry up, open your mouth.” Reidy kneeled down and used a spoon to feed me…

“Can I have some vegetables?”

“Can’t you wait for a moment? Don’t criticize or I won’t feed you.” Reidy then stuffed some rice into my mouth…



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