Chapter 5/10

Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C12

Massage method, memory, semi-finals


“There is no more food, do you still want to eat?” Reidy put the last bite of rice in my mouth.

I chewed the rice in my mouth and couldn’t help but feel that Reidy was actually a good girl.

“If you don’t mind, I still want more.”

“Well, okay. Just wait for a moment.” Reidy stood up.

“Thanks, Reidy.” I smiled at her gratefully.

Although Reidy’s action was pretty rough at the beginning, I still found a sense of delicacy in her actions gradually. No wonder Freed told me that girls are usually more caring.

“I…I don’t want you to thank me. You pervert.” Reidy took away the bowl angrily…did I  do something wrong again?

I didn’t think so…I thought again and again, and I was quite sure that I’d really done nothing wrong. Could it be that there’s something I didn’t understand as an ordinary person?

I closed my eyes and sat there quietly. At this time, the news on TV had caught my attention.

“…At 10:19 this morning, a demon attack occurred at Pillar Nofu Academy. According to people familiar with the incident, in the first district of the high school competition, there were 4 superior demons, which are the fire-type, the Earth-type, and two skeleton-type demons. Fortunately, there were no casualties nor injuries.”

Oh? Was that the incident that occurred in the morning?

I looked at the TV. At this time, it was playing the video of the demon appearing…wait, a demon appearing?

I quickly got up and stared at the TV…a skeleton demon climbed out of the rift of the dimensional space…then there were two, there’s even me carrying the boy and running appeared on the screen…

Are they kidding? Didn’t they tell me that it was already deleted? How come it’s still there? If it went on like this, everyone would know about the Dragon Roar.

When the 3rd and 4th demons climbed out from the rift, that’s when I was about to get out of the isolation gate. Then, there’s a news reporter holding on a paper on the TV.

“Okay, that was the video provided by the academy. Recently, our lives have been quite stable and the demons haven’t appeared frequently. Up to now, at least we haven’t encountered any incidents with more than four demons. After the demons appeared, the school staff organized a group of people with high spiritual power to stop the demon’s attack in time. Two of them were killed, namely the human skeleton demon and the earth demon, and the other two demons escaped into the rift of the dimensional space. Relevant personnel are investigating the reason for the appearance of the demons. This incident warned us that even if our life has gradually stabilized, we cannot become totally relaxed. The demons will reappear at any time, causing harm to you or your families. If you encounter a demon with a high level that you cannot defeat, please escape as soon as possible, and do not confront with it directly…”

After watching the news report, I leaned on the sofa and I was a little worried about the human’s world…about the demons, if we had to wait until Freed lifted the seal, then what would happen to the human’s world?

“Are you worried?” Freed whispered in my head.

“Of course, you once told me that even the lowest-level demons in Demon Abyss are king-level demons. Special demons only appeared twice, and without the angels’ help, there’s no way humans could defeat them. So, if they were king-level demons…I couldn’t imagine what would happen.”

“In fact, those two special demons were king-level ones.”

“Oh? Why did you say that?”

“After repairing the rift of the dimensional space, Yalide casted a spell to the rift. And since then, whenever demons had to go to the human’s world, they had to pass through the rift. And once they did that, their demon power would be weakened. That’s why those two king-level demons became special demons after passing through the rift. Do you understand?”

“I see…no wonder that earth demon that was on the arena seemed like it’s only at upper level, but his attack speed was still slightly higher than that of a special level. It turns out that its demon power was weakened…Fortunately, Yalide did that. Otherwise, a few upper-level demons can already turn the human’s world upside down.”

“Ha! That’s for sure. You should check again what kind of a dragon Yalide is.” Yalide wasn’t humble at all and he was laughing proudly.

“By the way, Yalide. I don’t know what magic you have. Freed knows how to use saint fire, what about you?”

“Me? I’m much more powerful than that douchebag called Freed.”

“Why don’t you say it one more time?”

“Ok! Let’s ignore Yalide for now and I’ll explain you my magic! I use dark magic.”

“You know how to use the massage spell?”

“Sure, I excel at it.”

“Turns out you use this to make money…” I started imagining Yalide massaging beautiful girls after he’s turned into human form…

“Hey, how could you think of something like that? It’s not a massage spell, just dark magic. Dude, did you start having illusions as you haven’t heard your mother tongue for some time?”

“That’s because you speak in Japanese with me sometimes, and sometimes in Mandarin…okay, back to your dark magic.”

“Huh~~~actually, I can control the demon power inside a demon and make them self-explode.”

“Wow! So powerful…”

“Of course? Who am I? I am the God of dragon, Yalide.”

“Hey, only you would listen to him giving compliments to himself. The so-called power to make demons explode can only be used on some weaker demons, like middle-level demons. It won’t work on upper-level demons. Also, such a trick takes a lot of dragon’s power. You still can’t use it now. By the way, if you still don’t return to the real world, you will receive an electrical shock from spirits again.”


After listening to Freed, I quickly realized that Reidy was standing in front me of me and her face was blushed. She was using her hands to cover her chest and she was holding a bowl full of rice and vegetables…

“Hey, Reidy…” I knew what I was doing while I was distracted – I had been staring at Reidy’s chest…

“You…I have no doubt that you’re a pervert. You have been staring at me for so long. Don’t you feel shameful? Since you can sit up now, perhaps you can eat on your own!”

When Reidy finished talking, she threw the bowl at me and walked away.

I quickly grabbed the bowl and looked at the back of Reidy, I wasn’t sure whether to cry or to laugh, it looks like she’s going to hate me more…

In the bedroom.

After taking a shower, I returned to my bedroom. I was staring at the ceiling blankly while lying on my bed. After a while, I took my phone on the cabinet.

After I pressed the power button, I saw three messages, all from Satsuki…

  • “Xiang, have you returned home? If you have, please send me a message.” 17:23
  • “Xiang, my mom said she saw you in the supermarket. Did she say anything strange to you?” 17:58
  • “Xiang, can you call me? I want to hear your voice, even for one second.” 21:35

Why would Satsuki miss me that much? Is it because of her weird dream? It felt like I’d dreamt of or saw something similar…

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