“Are you kidding me? It occurred before you died, how could you forget that?” Freed reminded me somewhat helplessly.

At this moment, I thought of what’d happened three weeks ago…

“The sunset is really beautiful today.” Satsuki was in front me of me and she looked very energetic.

“Yes, if you can carry your own schoolbag, the sunset will be even prettier.”

“Hey, even if someone wants to carry it for me, I won’t even let him. You should be happy about it.” Satsuki looked proud.

“Yes yes, the very popular Satsuki Risa.” I sighed secretly, “doesn’t this person love herself too much?”

“Pa~” Satsuki hit my shoulder heavily, “go to hell!” Under the sunset, Satsuki’s face looked dim red and she’s especially pretty.

“You are so evil. You always rely on me and now you want me to die?”

“Well, it’d be better if you go to hell.” Satsuki stuck out her tongue to me.

“If I die, who’d be so silly to listen to your command?”


“Lin Xiang!!!”

When I was sinking into the sea, I heard how hysterically Satsuki cried…

Right! Now I remember! That’s exactly what I’d encountered when I died. But…how could Satsuki know about it?

“In fact, when we bump into your body, your spirit gave me power and brought it to this world. When our spirits ascended to the sky and when they were about to break through the limits of time and space, we had also brought the human girl, Satsuki’s memory over here…”

“What are you talking about? Brought her memory over here? Then, about her dream, that’s…”

“Yes, I think so. Haven’t you found that that she’s now different than what she’s used to be? That’s because she’s spent some time with you now and she’s under the influence of that memory. Gradually, she has the memory of that world, just like you.”

“Is…isn’t this too ridiculous? That’s not possible…”

“Believe it or not. However, only a small part of her memory was brought over, so she won’t be as forgetful as you.”


That dream occurred because we’d brought Satsuki’s memory over here, no wonder I’ve always felt that Satsuki of this world becoming more similar of Satsuki of that world, it turned out to be this reason…

It’s already 11pm, I wasn’t sure if she’s asleep…

I was thinking whether to make a call. After being scolded by Freed, I dialed her number.

In just two seconds, I heard Satsuki’s voice immediately.

“Hello. Xiang?”

“Yes, it’s so late now. How come you’re still awake?”

“I dare not sleep yet, I’m afraid to have that dream again…”

“Uh…Satsuki, go to bed now. Don’t worry, I promise that won’t happen.”

“Promise me that you won’t leave me ever again.”

After chatting with her for about half an hour, she finally fell asleep.

Satsuki had such big reactions in this world, I suppose she’s the same in that world…not sure how she was doing now…

“well, let me answer you how she’s doing now. She’s having a good time now, and she’s been with someone she loves already.”

“Oh? Is Satsuki already in love with someone?”

“Yes, and that’s a person that she’s in love with for a long time.”

“How come I never knew before…”

“If she doesn’t tell, I think you will never know.”

“Right…sorry, I think I’m such an idiot.”

“You really are. Anyway, didn’t you say that you’re tired? Aren’t you going to bed now?”

“Yes, I am. Then, goodnight, Freed.”

“Okay, actually, like you, you both have come to this world, but her situation is a little different.”

“What did you just say?” Freed’s voice became very soft, I just heard him saying something about me and her.

“…” Freed didn’t answer me. Well, okay then, it shouldn’t be anything important anyway.

I stroked Xiao Hui next to me, closed my eyes and was ready to dream.

At school.

“Everyone, today is the last day of the competition. When it ends, we will have a special combat, and that’s the fight between Lin Xiang from our class and Kitashima from class A. No matter what will happen, you must cheer for Lin Xiang! Do you understand?” Sekisawa encouraged everyone loudly and was cheering for me.

Sekisawa was completely different, he’s almost like a different person. In his eyes, I’ve almost become the most important person. When something is related to me, he’ll ask for my consent first…and this is what I’m still not so used to. He was originally quite a serious person, and now he’s always smiling at me…I am at a loss of words to describe him now. If I must use a word to describe him, I’d use ‘ugly’…

“That Lin Xiang? I didn’t expect him to agree to this competition! Who do you think will win?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t really know Lin Xiang now. Think about it, he can destroy the wall of the school, so do you think he’d be weak?”

“Indeed…that’s really strange, he used to be so timid and shy, and now he’s completely changed.”

“Could it be…”

“Are you thinking about the same thing as I am?”

“I think so…then…” The two boys sitting at the front row looked at each other and said in unison, “could he have done that to Satsuki and Kamiki…”

Hey…you two, could you please be more civilized? Even if you wanted to say that, could you keep your voices down? I was sitting at the last row and I still could hear what you guys were saying, so you must know what that means?

“Natsume, Yutaka, if you continue to act like this, I will invite your parents over.” Sekisawa threatened them.

The two boys quickly apologized.

At this time, I found Sekisawa quite a nice guy…

Inside the arena.

“Everyone, today is the semi-finals, players who’ll be in this competition are Kitashima Daigo from class A, Yorikawa Nagisa from class A, Satsuki Risa from class C, Yuki Arouchi from class B, Ryuto Aida from class E, Torataro Kamikawa from class D, Mayumi Mishiro from class F and Shoko Nozawa from class G. The above 8 classmates, please wait inside the waiting room of competitors. The system will arrange you to enter the competition.”

Satsuki, who’s on my right side, stood up reluctantly. She stared angrily at Kamiki at my left side. She said furiously, “don’t try to escape!” Then, she turned around and walked toward the waiting room.

Kamiki made a grimace at Satsuki’s back and whispered, “who’d listen to you.”

Satsuki turned her head, “what did you just say?”

“You heard me, why want me to repeat?”

“Huh~~~” Satsuki snorted and continued walking forward.

Their relationship was so bad…but now, Satsuki and Yorikawa have both entered the finals, not sure with whom they’d compete with…


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