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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C13

Two personalities, the guy with a flat head, being petrified

After leaving Satsuki, Kamiki took me to sit near to the wall in the arena.

I didn’t understand why Kamiki chose such a remote location, so I asked, “why are we sitting here?”

“I don’t like to sit with the others. Isn’t it nice here? It’s very quiet.” Kamiki sat down, her two long pale legs crossing each other. Then, she pointed to the seat next to her and asked me to sit down.

“Really? Okay then.” As soon as I sat down at the seat pointed by her, she immediately grabbed my hand.

“Hey, what are you doing?” There was an armrest’s space among the seats in the arena. It was lifted up by Kamiki, it made me have to lean my body and it felt very uncomfortable…

“Nothing, I just feel a little cold so I want to grab your hand to keep warm.”

“It’s quite warm today, you still feel cold?” I was a little speechless. It’s already June and even summer holidays were approaching. How could she still feel cold? Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

“I’m cold-blooded, that’s why I feel cold. Okay?”

That didn’t convince me.

Just when I wanted to tell Kamiki to let go of my hand, there was an announcement.

“Now, the list of contestants will be announced. Class A’s Kitashima Daigo vs. Class B’s Yuki Arouchi. Class E’s Ryuto Aidavs. Class D’s Torataro Kamikawa. Class F’s Mayumi Mishiro vs. Class G’s Shoko Nozawa. Class A’s Yorikawa Nagisa vs. Satuski Risa of class C. The above students, please come up to the arena in the above order. Get prepared and the competition will start in ten minutes.

So, it turns out that Satsuki and Yorikawa were going to compete? What a coincidence! I remember that Yorikawa was at the first level of middle-level mage, and Satsuki was at the fifth level of the beginner level of mage. Could Satsuki win in this case?

“Oh? Satsuki is going to compete with Yorikawa. That’s the destiny.” Kamiki suddenly said so, seemingly jokingly.

“Ugh…how come you sound so happy?”

“I’m happy because two of my enemies are going to fight with each other.”

“Wait…no, no, when have Satsuki and Yorikawa become your enemies? Have they done anything to you?” No wonder the relationship of Satsuki and Kamiki have become so bad lately, they’d become enemies out of some unknown reason…

Kamiki looked at me as if she’s saying “none of your business”, then she used her finger to curl her hair and said slowly, “you don’t have to know. Also, even if I tell you, you won’t know what to do. That’s why we should deal with this on our own.”

“Uh…I’m sorry, I don’t understand at all it…” What was Kamiki talking about? What sort of matter did they need to solve?

“Nothing, just remember that you are my fiancé.”

“Didn’t you say you hate me before? Why suddenly…”

“Well, I just said that I hated you, I didn’t say that you aren’t my fiancé.” Kamiki looked sad suddenly.

“Ugh…” Indeed, she never denied our marriage deal…but, if she hated me, then why would she get married with me? I didn’t get it.

“Ok, Kamiki, if you hate me, then…” Before I finished, Kamiki suddenly got near me and I felt a soft mouth pressing against my lips. There was a hot, wet thing slipping into my mouth…

“What now? Are you still immersed in this good feeling?” When my brain was functioning normally again, I saw Kamiki’s face blushed, she lightly wiped her mouth and looked at me coyly.

“Why…why did you do that…” I didn’t understand, it’s something that you’re supposed to do with someone you love…why…

“Do you really want to know? There is a price to pay after knowing a girl’s secret.” Kamiki winked at me…

To pay the price … it felt horrifying, I really didn’t want to know.

“Then…forget it. Kamiki, could you let go of your hand…I feel uncomfortable…”

“If you don’t let me hold your hand, then I’ll feel uncomfortable, so just bear with it.”

“…” Okay then, it’s not like I was going to die anyway.

I didn’t know what to say anymore, so I just kept silent. Kamiki wasn’t a talkative person, and we were sitting at the corner, so the atmosphere got very dull.

Not sure how long had passed, then Kamiki broke off the silence, “hey, let’s talk about you.”

“Me? What is there to talk about?” I looked at Kamiki, she seemed to be looking forward and thinking about something.

“Let’s talk about what made you change. You know what, you used to be really useless before. Do not mind, but I’m saying the truth.”

“No matter what you do, you’re always like a chicken shit. Even if you’re talking to another person, you’re just looking at the ground. Don’t you know what courtesy means? When you talk with somebody, you have to look him in the eyes. Also, you don’t even complain a bit after being insulted by Yamada. If Takahashi wasn’t there, you’d be dead by now. Also, you’ve become such a different person after Takahashi left. Or, he left because you’ve changed. You started sleeping in class, talking back to your teachers and accepting Kitashima’s challenges. Also, you took the courage to stand for yourself, and you even said that you were willing to be a hostage for me…” Afterwards, Kamiki looked at me very gently.

I felt embarrassed about the way Kamiki was looking at me. I quickly withdrew my hand and turned my gaze away.

“I am not sure either, people change, don’t they?” I looked at the big clock of the arena and said.

“Yes, but even if they do, they don’t change as much as you did in such a short time. I thought you were just pretending to be weak to confuse other people. But the way you deal with things is so different than before. It’s just like you have two personalities…”

“Ugh…” Indeed, these are two personalities. The useless “Lin Xiang” and the proud me. However, under the influence of Lin Xiang, my previous personality gradually changed. Now, there seems to be a combination of two characters.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you tell me?” Kamiki leaned over and put her hands on my shoulders.

“This is actually nothing to say. Actually, it is just like the principle of water pressure. A wooden barrel can hold a lot of water, but if there is too much water, the pressure will increase, and then the wooden barrel will burst. Do you understand what I mean? ”

“Do you mean that, in the past, you chose to tolerate because you didn’t want to have a dispute with your classmates. But now, you feel that some of them have done too much, so you choose to defend yourself, do you mean this?

“Uh…yes, you’re right.” I nodded.

It seems that Kamiki found the reason for my change very cleverly …

“Then can you tell me…” There was an announcement before I heard what Kamiki was trying to say, “Beep ~~~ The competition is about to start, please get prepared.”

Along with the announcement, a group of students appeared out of nowhere and the auditorium was soon filled with people. A few girls sat in front of me and screamed Kitashima’s name. There was a loud applause and people were whistling, it was an exciting atmosphere.

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