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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C14

Girls at the front row, Satsuki and Yorikawa, wind and fire


“Honey, are you really going to compete with that Kitashima?” Kamiki, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly looked at me in a serious manner. She seemed to want to know how determined I was.

“That’s for sure. I must defeat that Kitashima.” That’s right, I had to defeat that bastard who was so arrogant just because he’s rich.

“However, he can petrify his opponent and turn him into a statue. I know how powerful you are, but in the face of such an abnormal kind of magic, I don’t think you have a high chance to win.” Kamiki looked at the flat-headed, petrified guy that people were carrying away, and looked at me again, as she wanted me to re-consider.

“Really…well, maybe. However, doing something which you might not win is kind of exciting too, don’t you think?” I smiled at Kamiki.

Kamiki got stunned for a while and smiled, “yes, it surely is. I’m sure you can defeat him.”

“Who sounds so sure that he can defeat Kitashima?” The girl at the front row heard our conversation and looked at me in a sarcastic way.

“Right, why don’t you look into the mirror and see yourself? Which class are you from? Judging from your spiritual power…wow, so powerful indeed. Hey, are you from a rich family? How could you get into this school?” A girl with short hair laughed and asked me.

“His spiritual power is so weak…oh, he’s the useless garbage that people mentioned…don’t talk to him too much or you’ll be infected by his virus of uselessness as well.” There was a girl with her hair middle-parted next to the girl with short hair and she shook her head at me. She convinced her classmate not to talk to me.

“You…” Kamiki couldn’t stand it anymore. She felt so furious that her face almost got dark.

“Yo~~~aren’t you the so-called most beautiful girl in class, Kamiki Kuji? I didn’t expect you to become an admirer of the useless rubbish.” The girl who spoke first seemed to have just discovered Kamiki and she sounded very sarcastic.

“Kamiki, I find you quite pretty, why do you choose him? My brother Kawakan Fukuchi is from the second grade and he’s super handsome. He’s also an upper-level mage. I’ve heard from him that he really likes a girl from the first grade and wants me to introduce her to him. You know who that girl is? That’s you! You know how lucky you are? My brother likes you and he’s extremely popular among the girls.”

“Your brother is none of my business! You’d better not disturb us anymore, or there’ll be consequences.” Kamiki had a sense of coldness all over her body and people couldn’t help but shiver when looking at her. Could this be a unique style of someone from a big family…?

“Well, it’s you who’ll lose the benefits anyway.” The girl at the front row was scared and she quickly turned around. She continued chatting with her peers and there were sometimes laughters.

Kamiki hit me hard and asked angrily, “are you still a guy? You didn’t even say anything after being teased like that. Don’t you feel angry a bit?”

“Ah~~~they are girls anyway, I have to control my temper in front of them.” I’d just let them say whatever they wanted. The more they said so, the more I was determined to beat Kitashima down. It had been too long that I was called a useless garbage and it’s time for me to eliminate this name and change their impression of me.

After hearing my answer, Kamiki’s eyes squinted, “so, why did you get angry with me last time on the balcony?”

Um…looks like it did happen…

“Oh, did I? Haha, I’ve forgotten. Haha…” I laughed with embarrassment, but when I saw Kamiki’s determined eyes, I couldn’t laugh anymore.

After staring at me for a while, Kamiki said to herself, “it’s obviously because I had said something bad to Satsuki…”

“Ugh…” Indeed, I got furious because Kamiki told Satsuki that she had bad taste.

When we were running out of topics again, there was an announcement.

“Bi~~~the competition will soon begin. Please get yourselves ready.”

“Chiko, it seems that Torataro Kamikawa from class D is going to compete. I remember that he’s quite cute.” The girl with her middle-parted hair asked the girl with short hair.

The girl in short hair nodded, “indeed, he’s quite good-looking, but he doesn’t have a very nice personality, that’s why we don’t like him much.”

Then, was Kitashima a nice guy then? He said that he liked Kamiki, Satsuki and Yorikawa…

“Really…that’s such a pity. There’s nothing to watch for this competition since there’re no handsome guys…”

“The contestants in this competition are Ryuto Aida from class E and Torataro Kamikawa from class D.”

Through the screen, I could see the two boys coming from the entrance and they were walking toward the referee.

“Please choose your arena.”

The two boys shook their head and they indicated that they would choose a map randomly.

“Then, please look at the screen.”

There were many flashes of natural environment on the screen, then it got slower and all we saw was an icy grassland.

…After ten minutes.

The competition ended and the winner was Ryuto Aida from class E.

It wasn’t certain whether Torataro Kamikawa was unlucky or Ryuto Aida was lucky, both were possible.

Torataro Kamikawa was a fire-type mage and Ryuto Aida was a water-type mage…

Torataro Kamikawa’s flame melted ice and snow into water, while Ryuto Aida used the water to attack Torataro Kamikawa…

In the third game, there were two combat players, one male and one female. The two combat players had their own strength. Their fight was the coolest game I have ever seen.

The female combat player had a particularly good understanding of the structure of the human body. Every attack of hers was aimed at the most vulnerable part of the human body. The guy was not weak either. Although he did not know much about the human body like the girl did, he was extremely proficient in sword skills. He had blocked the girl’s attacks and gave a fatal blow when the girl was not paying attention – he cut the girl’s head with a knife and the girl fainted on the spot. Although it was a competition and it’d be best to win, the guy’s approach caused the contempt of the majority of students, they all commented that he’d done too much and he wasn’t gentle on girls at all. Fortunately, there was a special barrier, or the girl’s brain must have been exploded…it’s terrifying just to imagine the scene…

During the fourth competition, Satsuki was going to fight against Yorikawa. In this competition, the boys cheered for them very loudly. Some yelled that Satsuki would win, some cheered for Yorikawa. If there were no teachers patrolling, the two sides might even start a fight…

Satsuki and Yorikawa bowed to each other. Then, they chose the map.

After three rounds, Satsuki won. Satsuki selected a place called ‘Earth Core Cavern’.

After they chose the map, the system glowed with red light, and slowly, a cave-like place appeared…There were bubbles around the cave, exactly what I saw in Valarie’s home last time.

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