Speaking of Valarie, I was wondering how she’s doing. I had returned for one day, that’s about two days in demon’s world, I guess. She should be bored at the Fire’s Valley alone.

“So, the competition is going to start now.” When I realized it, the competition was about to start.

The Earth-core cave was a dangerous map, and there are bubbling melts everywhere. If a contestant accidentally fell down into the lava, would they be burnt to death?

Could Satsuki have chosen this map with high attack power since she wasn’t a high-level mage like Yorikawa?

The magic that Satsuki was using was fire-type and wind-type, as this map was more beneficial to her. As for Yorikawa…what kind of magic was she using then? By the way, I haven’t ever seen Yorikawa use magic before. Although she looked weak, she was a mid-level mage.

Looking from the auditorium, I could see Satsuki and Yorikawa clearly, but the contestants on the stage didn’t know where they were because of the existence of the barrier. What they were seeing was a real cave with lava, a ceiling with a certain height and a cave with a certain width. We were not influenced by these elements at all and we could see clearly what was happening inside.

(From the view of Satsuki:

“Bi~~~the competition is about to start. Please get yourselves prepared.”)

I got up from the chair and walked towards the entrance of the arena…at this moment, I was staring at the other entrance, and a pretty girl appeared in front of me.

It’s Yorikawa…she’s the one who made me fight with Kitashima Daigo, right? I had to beat her down…however, I wonder what she’d eaten to make her breasts look so big, they didn’t match her cute appearance at all…if we weren’t enemies, I really wanted to ask her about her diet…well, I’d better concentrate and try to defeat her.

“Contestants are Yorikawa Nagisa from class A and Satsuki Risa from class C.”

When I heard the announcement, we walked toward the center of the arena. The boys cheered loudly and I was wondering if Xiang is looking at me…when I raised my head to look at the auditorium, I couldn’t find Xiang, I wish Kamiki won’t sneak away…

“Please get to the arena.”

Arena? Yes, that’s very important, I have to get the right to lead first.

“How would you like to choose the arena?” The referee asked.

“Um…Yorikawa, let’s do this through a finger-guessing game?”

“Oh? Oh, okay.”

Then, at least I got half the chance to choose the map actively.

“Okay, then let’s choose the arena through the finger-guessing game. Three rounds and two wins. Let’s start.” The referee nodded and told us to start.

I took a deep breath, and…

Awesome, I won!

“Then, Satsuki, please choose the arena.”

I looked at the card in the referee’s hand and I couldn’t help but fall into deep thoughts…although she looked cute and not offensive at all, I knew that she could be very powerful if she wanted to, otherwise she wouldn’t be in the third grade….also, she seemed to be using the wind-type magic, and if she chose us to compete in the valley, I’d lose for sure.

Oh, this place is…”

At this time, I saw the referee holding a card that looked like a cave, yet there was lava flowing out of it…it’s called the earth-core cave…it seemed very dangerous, if one fell into it, you could already tell who has won or lost. Well, even though it’s dangerous, I still stood a chance to win. Let’s pick this one then.

“Satsuki, are you sure to choose this?” The referee asked me as a routine.


“Okay.” The referee clicked on the machine twice before she left.

As the referee left, the floor began to vibrate, the stone walls and the like sprang out of the ground and slowly turned into a cave, forming a lava…

After the ground stopped shaking, two arrows appeared out of thin air. We had to follow the arrows to reach the designated location of the game.

By following the arrow, I came to an empty place. Then, the arrow disappeared. Should I just wait for the command to start the competition then?

“So, the game will begin now.”

When I heard the game was going to start, I immediately started moving. Now the most important thing for me is to adapt to the terrain, then release the trap and let Yorikawa fall into it. Then, I’d take the opportunity to push her into the lava, and it’d become clear who wins…following this plan, I ran toward the center of the arena and I was observing the terrain all along.

There was some sharp lava at the ceiling of the cave, looks like I can make use of it…

End of the perception of Satsuki.)

I saw Satsuki running on the screen and checking her surrounding environment. It looks like that she was really making use of the lava to beat her enemy…

And when the screen showed Yorikawa, I saw her running and checking her surrounding environment as well. The only thing I didn’t understand was, how come all the boys were frantically screaming? It’s as if they’d all taken some medicine.

“Dude, you’re really not smart enough. You know why they’re so excited?”

“I don’t.” Wait, since Yalide suddenly interrupted, it means that it’s not a good thing!

“See how Yorikawa is running and her chest…”

“Stop! Don’t say it anymore! I know what you mean, Yalide. I want to watch the game seriously…”

After Yalide reminded me, I knew why the boys were screaming. Yorikawa had big breasts and they were shaking when she was running too…no! I shouldn’t insult her. I have to watch the game!

I shook my head and looked at Kamiki beside me. At this time, she was using her hand to support her chin and staring at the arena with her mouth twitched.

She really took Satsuki as her enemy. I really wanted to know why, but there’s a price to pay if I found out…

Very soon, Satsuki met her enemy. She stopped running and looked at the other party cautiously.

The two mages saw each other and they had to watch carefully what the other party was doing. Otherwise, they’d be hit by each other’s magic…they were surely going to watch each other for a long time then…

Just when I had this thought, a lion with hair burning in flames jumped behind Satsuki. As soon as it appeared, it threw a fireball toward Yorikawa. And when the lion was attacking, Satsuki also released her magic – the ball with serial attributes.

The so-called ball with serial attributes is an aggressive sphere commonly used by mages. This kind of ball can change its own attributes along with the attributes that the mages are specialized in.

The wind-type ball with serial attributes and the fire ball threw by the lion flew toward Yorikawa rapidly.

Wind-type plus fire-type…when the wind-type ball was hit by Yorikawa, would it release wind energy and increase the damaging power of the fire ball? And how come Yorikawa wasn’t avoiding it? I saw some white stuff running out of her from behind and when she moved her wings, a wind wall appeared…when the wind-type ball and fire ball bumped into the wall, everything disappeared…

The wind controlling the surrounding environment made them gather for a high-speed movement and form a wall, and this wall is called the wind wall. As the wind forming it was making movement in extremely high speed, everything would be dispersed by the wind except if there’s an even stronger magic attacking it.

There was a big bird with white feathers standing in front of Yorikawa. I wasn’t sure which species it was, but I was sure that it wasn’t an ordinary bird since it could release such a highly defense magic.

Wind and fire are complementary attributes to each other. Right now, the spirit of Satsuki was a fire lion and that of Yorikawa was a wind bird. It was a war between wind and fire. Who would win in the end?

No matter what, I truly wished them lots of luck.


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