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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C15

The Divine Wind Bird, Fire Butterfly Flying, The Game is Over


“Oh, so that’s the divine wind bird? It looks like Yorikawa has a nice spirit.” After Kamiki saw the spirit of Yorikawa, her facial expression became more serious and she kept looking at her spirit.

“What is a divine wind bird?” I looked at the bird with white feathers and about 1.5m tall. It looked kind of like a white crane.

“As the name suggests, it’s a bird that uses the wind to release magic. Its ancestors originally used wind and they were excellent in the wind system. They are much more superior than our spirits which use the ordinary wind system.”

“What do you mean? Your spirits are all at middle level, how can they not compete with these ones?”

“Take my spirit, Haqi as an example. Although it belongs to the wind type, it evolved in the later period…that is, its ancestor is not a wind spirit, but evolved into a wind-type spirit because of environmental changes. However, the divine wind bird has always been a wind-type spirit, and its ability to control the wind has been inherited from its ancestors. They are quite different from ordinary spirits as they aren’t on the same level. You know what I mean?” Kamiki attempted to explain to me patiently.

“Ugh…yes I do.” I nodded.

The divine wind bird? Now this is something. Since it’s powerful, I’m guessing it became Yorikawa’s spirit as there was a certain power inside her as a Goddess. By the way, Goddesses should mean some almighty angels, right? Then what made Yorikawa possess such almighty power? What’s the relationship between her and the angel…?

“Bang!” I quickly realized that Satsuki and Yorikawa were fighting furiously and there’s dust everywhere.

In the obscurity, I saw a burst of explosive fire in Satsuki…a huge compressed flame flew towards Yorikawa quickly. Then, Yorikawa used an intermediate-level magic – the gust wind. She used the strong, gusty wind and successfully slowed down the speed of the bomb. Then, the divine wind bird of Yorikawa built a small wind wall to block off the bomb of Satsuki. At this time, dust flew toward Satsuki along with the wind.

Faced with such an opportunity, Yorikawa immediately launched an attack. She quickly waved her magic wand which immediately gathered the surrounding air, forming dozens of wind blades. Then, these blades flew towards the place with smoke…damn it, was Satsuki going to lose?

After a loud noise, the smoke quickly disappeared. A wall of fire was burning fiercely, it looks like the fire lion of Satsuki built the wall just in time.

Any attribute has its own defensive wall. The defensive power of the earth-type spirit is the highest, while that of the water-type spirit ranks the second. Although the defensive wall of the water-type system ranks the second, its role in actual combat ranks the first. As the water wall is formed by the high-speed movement of water molecules, there is a resistant power of water and it flows at high speed, it can greatly reduce the enemy’s attacking power and achieve the effect of softening the rigidity. What ranks the third is the wind wall, which can cut off and disrupt any magical attacks. The fourth is the thunder wall, and the fifth is the fire wall, which has a slightly lower defense power.

The fire wall built by the fire lion became more vigorous after being shattered by the wind blade and scattered by the wind energy.

“Satsuki, your fire lion is very powerful, since it can resist so many sharp wind blades.” After Yorikawa saw that the fire wall was blocked by her attack, she smiled at Satsuki behind the wall.

“Not really, I find Yorikawa more powerful.” Satsuki smiled back, and the fire wall in front of her shattered like glass. The fragments of the flames then turned into butterflies, surrounding Satsuki, it was such a beautiful scene. Suddenly, the flames that looked like butterflies turned into sharp arrows and flew from all directions towards Yorikawa.

The divine wind bird took a step back and flapped its wings twice, and a 360° wind wall appeared. The wind wall was like a bag, tightly surrounding Yorikawa and the divine wind bird. The fire butterflies disappeared before they even hit the wind wall.

After seeing this scene, Kamiki couldn’t help but sigh, “no wonder it’s the divine wind bird, its power to control the wind is just like the upper-level wind spirits.” She looked at the divine wind bird full of appreciation.

Indeed, Yorikawa’s divine wind bird was so powerful that it could block the mid-level magic and the fire butterflies. However, I was quite surprised that Satsuki, as a fifth-level mage, managed to control the third-level magic of a mid-level mage. It turns out that she’s quite powerful.

Seeing that her attacks didn’t work well, Satsuki tightly frowned. Then, she yelled at the fire lion in front of her, “Milan, retreat.” After hearing Satsuki’s command, the fire lion spit several fireballs and ran back with Satsuki.

As soon as the wind bag dissipated, a few fireballs flew quickly in front of her. It became too late for Yorikawa to use any magic and she was pretty slow in dodging, so she could only see them flying toward herself. After the divine wind bird screamed once, a horizontal tornado flew out of its mouth and blew out the fireball.

“Little ball, thank you.” Yorikawa smiled at her divine wind bird. Then, she seemed to go blank for a while, before running toward Satsuki with her face blushed…



I’m almost getting to the center of the arena, right?

I look at the stone wall that’s getting wider around me, and I know that I’m getting nearer to the center of the arena.

I have to call Little Ball now, since I haven’t met Satsuki yet.

I close my eyes and try to sense Little Ball. In a while, it appears right in front of me and runs with me.

Oh, is that Satsuki?

Seeing her coming out of a cave, I stop immediately, “Little Ball, hide yourself.”

I let Little Ball hide behind of me as I plan to give Satsuki an attack with surprise.

I stare at Satsuki closely and so she is. This is the moment when we have to see who can focus more and who gets distracted first. Once she gets distracted, I’ll attack her immediately…and just when I think so, there’s suddenly fire coming out behind Satsuki, no! That’s actually a burning lion…it roars and a fireball suddenly burst out of its mouth. When the lion jumps out, Satsuki also releases her magic, and a few wind bombs are flying towards me…what shall I do? I’m not fast enough and I can’t dodge. Also, I can’t counterattack either…if I hit the wind ball, then the flames of the fireball will only get fiercer…

“Feng~~~Feng~~~” Little Ball jumps out and flaps its wings. A wall formed by the wind appears and Satsuki’s attacks have failed – it’s time for me to fight back.

With a loud bang, our magic collides with each other and there’s now smoke everywhere.

In a haze, I see a red sphere near Satsuki, it’s getting larger and flying toward me…

Although my wind can’t blow off Satsuki’s flames, it manages to make her slower.

“Little Ball, it’s your turn now.” I launch the crazy wind trick and it decreases the speed of the fireball. Little Ball puts it off pretty easily. Also, because of the crazy wind, dust all blows towards it…it’s a good chance for me.

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