I wave my wand and read the spell of the wind blade technique quickly. I immediately gather the surrounding air and form dozens of wind blades, and I make them fly towards Satsuki. I guess that she’ll pass out if she gets stabbed.

With a loud noise, there’s red light everywhere and the smoke disappears. There’re also flames burning fiercely, could that be a fire wall?

The fire wall that ranks the fifth in terms of its defensive power manages to block the attack of the wind blade. It’s so incredible.

“Satsuki, you are really something. You can even manage to block the sharp wind blade.”

“I’m not, it’s you, Yorikawa who’s more powerful.” With the light emitted from the fire wall, I can’t see the facial expression of Satsuki behind it. However, judging from her voice, she seems to be laughing. Wait, how come the fire wall of Satsuki disintegrates itself like glass? It even turns into a butterfly and it looks so beautiful…I remember that it’s a fire butterfly, right? That’s a middle-level trick.

The fire butterflies fly around Satsuki and they fly towards different directions. This is such a beautiful scene. Suddenly, the fire butterflies fly to me like sharp arrows…shit, I have forgotten how powerful this magic is…am I going to get hit?

“Feng~~~feng~~~” Little Ball stands in front of me and flaps its wings. There’s suddenly a wind wall next to us… “Huhuhu” (sound of fire being put off by the wind) The red light outside the wind wall disappears little by little. It seems that those beautiful fire butterflies have been put off by the wind wall…

“Little Ball, dispel the magic.”

As soon as I speak, I hear Satsuki immediately, “Milan, retreat.”

When the wind wall disappears, I see many fireballs immediately and they’re rushing toward me…damn it, it’s not yet the time to dispel the magic…

“Ah~~~” Wind blows out from Little Ball and it puts off the fire…

“Little Ball, thank you.” I’d certainly be hit if Little Ball didn’t help out.

Nagisa, you have to pay more attention even though she’s the classmate of Lin Xiang. You have to beat her and be the champion. You have to let the others know how powerful you are. Lin Xiang has helped you so much and no matter what the others say about him, don’t care about these words. If he’s really useless, then you’d be the one to protect him…

Wait, it’s not going well, I’m still in the competition and I must catch Satsuki, I can’t be distracted…)

Yorikawa was thinking for a while before she started chasing Satsuki. At this moment, Satsuki was leaning against a corner. From the screen, I could see her taking a deep breath and it looked like that she’s ready to attack Yorikawa.

As Yorikawa was getting near, the facial expression of Satsuki got more complicated. It’s lava beside her, and I could see a large drop of swear dripping down from her hair. Then, I saw Yorikawa on the screen again. She was in a narrow passage and she was surrounded by the burning lava, making her face look extremely red.

However, there’s one thing that I didn’t understand – how come she didn’t look cautious at all? It almost looked as if she was distracted. If that’s the case, then Satsuki would attack her successfully.

At this intensive moment, the screen was suddenly split into two. The first half showed Satsuki and the other half showed Yorikawa…

When Yorikawa was still ten meters away from Satsuki, the corner of Satsuki ’s mouth slightly raised, and she said, “Break!” Yorikawa, who’s not vigiliant enough, was blown up by the rune of the wind system and flew towards the side of the lava. When Satsuki continued reading the spell, the divine wind bird seemed to have sensed the breath of Satsuki and shouted at the wall. Then, a tornado appeared and broke open the wall of the lava. As Satsuki’s back was facing the wall, she was hit and flew toward the lava…

After seeing this scene, everyone went silent…both Satsuki and Yorikawa fell into the lava…on the screen, everyone saw them flowing on the lava. Since they couldn’t bear the high temperature, and with very serious mental damages, they both passed out…

“Bi! The competition is over. It’s a draw. Since both contestants have lost their consciousness, they’ve lost their eligibility to participate in the next competition.”

How could this happen…and what were they doing…were they coming here to provide some entertainment?

Satsuki and Yorikawa were wakened up by the staff, and they both didn’t know what had happened. They both asked if they’d won, making us all speechless…

Since no one won in the fourth semi-final, the players in the first three competitions would have to fight with each other and there had to be the first, second and third places. There were in total three competitions.

In the first and second competitions, the two boys who won in the semi-finals fought with Kitashima respectively. In both competitions, it was Kitashima who won. Naturally, he got the first place. They still had to fight for one more time before they knew who the runner-up and the second runner-up would be.

“Students, the competition in the first zone has ended. The top ten students can voluntarily participate in the mixed competition in the fourth zone this afternoon. Now, there is a message. The competition in the first zone is not completely over. There is still another one. Some students may know that it will be a competition between Kitashima Daigo who’d got the first place, also the first in the whole grade and Lin Xiang who didn’t have a spirit!”

Hey…that one making the announcement…was he teasing me?

After hearing the announcement, students who were about to leave stayed again. Some even laughed and asked who Lin Xiang was. A girl sitting in front of me turned around, looked at me and laughed loudly.

Kamiki looked angry after hearing the girls laugh. If I didn’t stop her, she might even hit those few girls. I smiled at her and patted her shoulder. She snorted and sat down.

“The first one of the whole grade, Lin Xiang, please hurry to the contestants’ lounge. Don’t let our champion, Kitashima wait for you. Of course, we’ll understand it if you don’t want to come. I repeat…”

Hearing such an announcement, I laughed with the other students.

Although everyone was laughing, their laughter meant teasing me and my laughter meant that I was looking down on them.

I stood up at ease and stretched myself. While people were laughing at me, I walked to the lounge.

I’ve understood something. The more you appreciate one person, the more that person would get hurt after failing. However, if you despise one person, he will never be looked down on again once he succeeds.

Kitashima was that person who’s highly appreciated and would get seriously hurt after failing.


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