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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C16

Betting, Sword Skills, Pieces


“Hey, Freed. Is there any way that can make me immune to that bastard’s petrification skills?” I walked in the corridor of the auditorium and I was fully determined to defeat Kitashima. However, I felt pretty powerless with his skills of petrification.

“Just don’t touch him.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Don’t touch him?

“I know how he petrifies a person. Listen, I’m not going to tell you too much. In the future, I can’t always let you know in advance what enemy you’ll face. I will not give you any hints, as I don’t want to distract you while you fight. I will only remind you when there are emergencies. Therefore, you need to grab this opportunity to increase your combat experience. You need to learn an enemy’s ways of attacking by yourself.”

“Um…thank you?” Haven’t I known already his ways of attacking? What harm would I cause you to remind me? How old-fashioned.

“Hey, didn’t I tell you not to touch him?”

“What kind of reminder is that? Won’t I be petrified if I don’t touch him?”

“Hey, don’t always rely on me. Just remember what I said and don’t touch him.”

“Even if you say so…” How could I not touch him at all? I had no idea how to remotely use magic, I only knew how to fight in a short distance…

“Try to figure it out yourself.”

“Freed, you’ve changed…you aren’t talking to me that much anymore.”

“It’s not that. In the beginning, I needed to give you hints. Now, you haven’t got in touch with anything that you aren’t sure of, and there’s naturally no meaning in me talking to you. Also, you get distracted when you talk to me, so feel free to chat if you don’t mind being perceived as a moron.”

“…” Well, let it be. There must be a purpose if Freed said so. However, he mentioned about not touching Kitashima. How was I supposed to do that? He’s going to use his sword, could I use the sword to defeat him then?

So, it’s Kendo, right? I felt like I hadn’t touched a sword for a long time and I wasn’t sure if I still had my skills…

When I was thinking deeply, a pair of female shoes appeared in my view and stayed right in front of me.

I raised my head and saw a cute girl. She lowered her head and said somewhat shyly, “please…please try your best…”

It kind of caught me off-guard.

I didn’t know this girl in front of me. And I was also sure that I’d never met her before. How could she be encouraging me? This really made me…or was I just dreaming?

“Yeah, thanks. I’ll try my best.” I smiled widely.

“Yes…you have to. You just have to hold on for five minutes.”

“Oh, five minutes? What does that mean?”

“Hold on for five minutes, then my boyfriend and their friends won’t have to lose money…”

Boyfriend? Lose money? What does that mean?

“Uh…excuse me…what do you mean by that?”

“It’s betting…Someone suggested to bet on how many minutes you can hold on the arena. My boyfriend and two of his friends have bet that you will be able to hold for 5 minutes. The betting ratio is 1:5.”

“…” When I looked at this girl in front of me, I really didn’t know what to say. I turned around and saw three guys sitting on two rows away from me were looking at me. They must be her boyfriend and his friends then…

“You also think that you can’t hold for that long, right?” Seeing that I didn’t answer, the girl raised her head and looked at me. Initially, she had a shy tone, and now it’d become rough, “sigh…no wonder you’re useless. My boyfriend is so stupid. I had asked them to bet on you losing in 2 minutes, yet they still had to go for 5 minutes. They told me things like you broke open the wall in a classroom and 5 minutes would be the correct choice. Don’t you think that it sounds so ridiculous? That you broke open the wall of a classroom? It’s fake right? Also, although the ratio is 1:5 and it’s pretty high, I’m sure they can’t win. And although I know that you can’t stand for 5 minutes, I really hope that you can still try your best, since I really don’t want to lose money.”

“…” I was dumbfounded after listening to her explanation.

I had finally understood the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

“I…I’ll try my best…haha.” I touched my head and smiled bitterly.

“Hum~~” The girl snorted and returned to her seat. When the three guys saw the girl back to her seat, they quickly asked about our conversation…

I shook my head, then continued walking forward. Along the way, people who knew me told me to toughen up and to hold for as long as I could. There were also people who threatened me, saying that they’d look for someone to beat me up if I fell after a certain amount of time.

Just when I had become the betting target of these people, I heard someone asking me and his voice was kind of like a shemale’s, “Lin Xiang, how come you’re still not here? Have you already given up? If you haven’t, then I’ll give you three more minutes, and if you are still not in the lounge in three minutes, we’ll assume that you’ve given up.”

After hearing the announcement, my path had become much smoother. Obviously, they didn’t want to lose their money just because I didn’t participate…

When I got to the lounge, I saw a teacher standing there. Once he saw me, he pointed at me and yelled, “Lin Xiang! If it’s not Kitashima who’d fight with you, there’s no way I’d come over and watch this competition. I’d suggest that you give up and not waste people’s time. Otherwise, you’ll just make yourself a joke.”

I recalled the voice just sounded like a shemale, and I finally knew that it’s the goddamn teacher who made the announcement.

I answered plainly, “Oh! I’m sorry, I came late because of some incident. I need to be in it. Please get prepared.”

“Are you sure that you’ll participate? Fine, I’ll just let you be. All in all, it’s a good idea to provide some entertainment to the others after the game. Just wait here, Kitashima is in another lounge. When you hear the announcement again, you just need to go out from here.” The shemale teacher pointed at one door not far away and used his high-pitch voice to tell me.

His voice was in such a high pitch that it made me feel really bad. I hurriedly nodded as I didn’t want to hear his voice anymore.

“Ok, now just wait here.” The shemale teacher looked at me disdainfully before leaving.

“Okay, I’m sorry to let you all wait. The first one in the whole grade, Lin Xiang, had finally summoned up his courage and arrived at the contestants’ lounge. The competition is about to start, please don’t miss it.” We heard his ugly voice again. Afterwards, it was the robotic female sound, “Bi~~~the competition is about to start. Please get yourselves prepared.”

Getting prepared? I remember that when they finished saying this sentence, the contestants were still not out. It looks like we needed to wait…oh? The thing under the chair was…

“The contestants are Kitashima Daigo from class A and Lin Xiang from class C.”

When they finished making this announcement, I started walking toward the entrance. Just before I reached it, I already heard a few girls screaming and boys cheering.

After that, I heard the shemale’s voice again, “Lin Xiang, come out quickly. Don’t tell me that you dare not to.”

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