I opened the door and saw Kitashima already standing in front of the referee. At this time, he was smiling at the entrance. His smile got even wider after seeing me out.

The students watching the competition started screaming, “Lin Xiang! Courage!” Of course, I didn’t feel happy nor touched. They cheered for me and that’s because they wanted me to lose faster so that they could earn more money…

I walked slowly to the referee, Kitashima reached out his hand to me like a gentleman, “nice to see you here, Lin Xiang.”

Sigh~~~I really didn’t want to greet him. However, I recalled that the flat-headed guy didn’t greet Kitashima and he ended up being treated rudely, so I shook hands with him.

When I shook Kitashima’s hand, I could feel that he was shaking mine so tightly that he almost wanted to crush it. Unfortunately, I was no longer the same. I smiled at him, “nice to see you here as well, Kitashima.” Then, I tightened my hand and I could see his facial expression change. He let go of my hand, “same.”

“Please choose your arena.”

After the announcement, the referee showed us his cards and asked us without any facial expression, “how are you going to choose the arena?”

Kitashima shook his head and pretended to be handsome, “I give the authority to Lin Xiang.”

“Wow~~~” The girls on the auditorium started making noise.

Giving the authority to me?

“Then, Lin Xiang, please choose the arena.”

I looked at the card of the referee and I found it hard to choose…which one should I choose?

After looking at it for ten minutes, I chose the wasteland that Kitashima once competed in.

“Lin Xiang, are you sure this is what you want?” Kitashima looked shocked about my choice.

“Yes.” I don’t like arenas that look like a maze. This barren land is simple and easy to understand, and it is suitable for fighting. Although this would be more beneficial to Kitashima, but which arena didn’t have soil? Even if I chose the ocean, there’s still soil underneath…when I thought of this point, I answered Kitashima without thinking twice.

“Lin Xiang, are you sure to choose the wasteland?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

I found this referee quite professional. He’s neutral and he didn’t favor any side. He didn’t look down on me because I was weak either. Although I’d already answered Kitashima that I was sure to choose this arena, he still asked me again out of routine. I could see that everything he did was according to the rules, and he didn’t favor any side.

After I answered, the referee nodded. He took out an equipment, clicked a few times and left the arena…

Aside from stones, there were nothing on the wasteland. It only took one second to generate the map…there were two white indicators in the air, pointing us where to go to get prepared.

“So, the competition is going to start.”

After the announcement, Kitashima walked toward me, looking relaxed. I did the same. At this moment, I tried to remind myself what Freed had said – don’t ever touch him.

As Kitashima was walking, he asked me leisurely, “Lin Xiang, you really took care of me yesterday. Your kick yesterday left me painful for a long time.”

“Is that so? Well, last time you knocked me and I almost vomited the dinner of the previous night. Oh, by the way, what I wanted to say is that it’s not because you’d hit me too hard, but because it felt disgusting after you hit me.” I also answered casually.

“Oh? Then I’m so sorry.” Kitashima laughed.

“It’s nothing, we’d already become equal yesterday.” At this time, we were just like friends that had known each other for a long time. It didn’t feel like we were in a competition.

Kitashima was relaxed, since he was sure that he’d win. However, I acted the same because I wanted him to continue looking down on me.

Just now, I got a telescopic titanium sword in the lounge. As long as we were close enough, I would give him a fatal blow. There was a barrier and I could use all my strength to cut down…

“Oh? Why are you closing your eyes? Is there sand getting into them?” Kitashima saw me close my eyes and asked.

After feeling myself getting lighter, I opened my eyes and smiled, “nothing. It’s just that I’m wondering what to eat at night.”

At this time, Kitashima was only 10 meters away from me. Right now, I was in a state of wind speed. However, I was still much faster than that of a person possessed by a spirit. In order not to exaggerate, I was going to launch an attack when he’s about 5 meters away from me. I could then make sure that the others didn’t notice my speed…

10 meters…9 meters…8 meters…7 meters…6 meters…oh?

“Dong!” I rolled over and avoided the pillars protruding from the ground.

When I stabilized myself, that bastard Kitashima rushed over with a sword…it’s true when people say that your plans go always more slowly than changes. I was going to attack him first and now he’d become the first one…

“Dong!” (Metals hitting each other) I took my titanium sword in my pocket and blocked his attack. There were flames as they collided.

We looked at each other and pushed the swords in each other’s hands forward. Then, we both jumped back.

“Wow~~~Lin Xiang, I didn’t expect you to know how to use a sword. I feel so excited now.” Kitashima licked the body of his sword and smiled. Such a sick bastard. You are incredibly slow.

Seeing how slow he was, I launched an attack rapidly without any hesitation. I used the skills of “Face attacking”, “Continuous attack of the face” and “Belly Scratching” on him.


“Dong~~~” Kitashima’s sword fell to the ground. He leaned forward and quickly backed away several steps.

Kitashima kept panting. I smiled helplessly. It’d been a long time since I held a sword. Once I did, I couldn’t stop myself at all…

“You…you…it’s impossible…there’s no way that you’re Lin Xiang.” Kitashima looked at me in fear. Should he get so scared?

When I came to think about it, the skills of sword are similar to Kendo, yet they aren’t as complicated. This stupid guy expected to merely use his skills of sword to defeat me, the champion of Kendo. Could he be kidding?

“Um…actually, I’m quite good at it. I just never had the chance to tell you.” I scratched my head and rushed toward him. I used my sword to point at him. And although I felt like I was rushing forward, it must have looked like I appeared right in front of him in a second.

Seeing my speed, I could see Kitashima’s pupils contracting. I knew he was scared.


“That’s impossible…you were just a useless crap without spirits…”

“Yeah right, that’s who I am.” I waved my sword toward Kitashima…

“Ka cha!” Kitashima had turned into pieces and they fell onto the ground…wait…had he?

Wasn’t there a barrier? How could I hurt him…wait, these were stones…an earth avatar?

Kitashima emerged from the soil, about 30 to 40m deep. He looked at me furiously and the corner of his mouth twitched, “Lin Xiang…you’re too scary…fortunately I reserved something for myself…”

After Kitashima said so, I felt that I couldn’t control my legs anymore. I lowered my head and saw my legs getting petrified…and it was spreading upward…

Was I being petrified? How could it be possible? Obviously, I didn’t touch Kitashima…or touching his sword counted as well?

Damn! I shook his hands at the beginning…


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