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The Simple Life of Killing Demons_V4C17

Injury, the disgusting Kitashima, I used too much force


“Lin Xiang, the first one of the whole grade, please hurry to the lounge. Don’t let our champion, Kitashima wait for you. Of course, we will understand if you don’t want to. I repeat…”

When I was lying on the bed in the lounge, I heard a disgusting voice yelling Lin Xiang’s name.

Is Xiang going to compete? I have to get up and watch it.

While I was thinking like that, I shook my head heavily. Yorikawa, who’s lying next to me, got up as well. The beds were placed opposite to each other and we were now facing each other.

Well, it’s quite shameful actually…I could’ve won…

“Yorikawa, does your head hurt anymore?” I smiled at Yorikawa in front of me.

As we both felt into the lava and our bodies couldn’t stand the heat, we’d both suffered from a huge mental damage, and we still felt pretty dizzy…this so-called simulation system is just too scary…

“My head…still a bit dizzy. Satsuki, where are you going?” Yorikawa smiled at me.

Yorikawa’s smile had a healing effect. Sigh…Yorikawa is such a cute girl and her breasts are so big, I feel really jealous…

“Me? I am going to look for Xiang, what about Yorikawa?”

“I…” Yorikawa’s face suddenly became red. She lowered her head and whispered, “…me too…”

How could there be such a cute girl? Wouldn’t God be too cunning?

“Oh right…if you don’t mind, let’s go together.”

“Ok…” Yorikawa nodded and walked out of the medical room with me.

In the corridor.

“How…how did you and Xiang know each other?”

Although I knew about Xiang and her, and I was sure of Xiang’s personality, when facing this cute girl, I had to confirm whether Xiang was lying.

“I…I…” Yorikawa lowered her head and she blushed…could anything have happened between her and Xiang? Once I thought of that, I continued asking.

“Tell me what it’s about. How did you know Xiang?”

“Actually, my dad was ill. And after he was admitted to the hospital, we didn’t have enough money to pay for his surgery. After listening to the advice of my classmates, I…I…sold…my first time…Satsuki…feel free to laugh at me, I’m such an impure girl…” Yorikawa seemed to have summoned a lot of courage to tell me this. I suddenly felt guilty seeing Yorikawa like this. Obviously, I had already known the truth, and I still made her say it…

“No no, I won’t laugh at you. You worried for your dad’s illness, that’s a normal thing, it’s just that you used the wrong method. Whoever persuaded you to do that was the impure one. Right…then what happened next?”

“Then…then I was standing on the street and waiting for someone…who could buy me for 3 million…they both thought that I was too expensive…and they were right. It’s 3 million, who would pay for that? At that time, a drunken man came, and after chatting with him, he wanted to hit me…fortunately, Lin Xiang appeared. After he drove that man away, he asked me what I was selling. I always find it funny when I thought of how we’d misunderstood each other at that time…” When she mentioned that, Yorikawa sounded smoother and there was a big smile on her face. She must have fallen in love with Lin Xiang.


“Then what? Lin Xiang brought me to the bank and transferred 4 million to me…”

“Wait, didn’t you say that it’s 3 million? Why did he transfer 4 million to you?”

“This is what’s good about Lin Xiang…when he thought about the medical fees for my father, he also thought of the fees needed after the treatment…” When I saw how happy Yorikawa looked, I couldn’t help but feel a little sour and uncomfortable.

“Oh…then what happened after that? I assume that the misunderstanding between you still wasn’t solved? What happened after he gave you the money?”

After I said so, Yorikawa’s face became red again, even her ears were red. However, she didn’t answer for a long while, before she weakly asked, “Sat…Satsuki…what’s your relationship with Lin Xiang?”

“Me? Aren’t we talking about what happened later? Don’t change the subject…”

“I want to know…the relationship between Satsuki and Lin Xiang…you seem to have such a good relationship with him. And when you call him, you don’t call his surname anymore.” Yorikawa looked at me in a serious manner.

I was a bit embarrassed when Yorikawa looked at me like that. All in all, it was only me calling him like that. He seldom did the same. He always called me by my surname, but he did it differently to Yorikawa…as he called her Nagisa…

“Me and him…we’re like sisters. Now, please tell me your relationship with him.”

“Me…we’re good friends.”

“Ok, since he’s your friend and my sister, then I suppose we’re also friends, right? Now, please tell me what happened after Xiang gave you money.”

“Do…do you really want me to tell you?”


“After he gave me the money…I said…that I’d give him my first time. He told me that he didn’t want it. He said that you can only do this with someone you love. Then, he said that he just wanted to kiss…my face…to pay off for that 4 million. Also, as he’s taller than me, he decided to kiss my forehead…at that time, I closed my eyes and since he hadn’t kissed me for quite some time…so…”

“Did…did you want to tell me that you raised your head and let him kiss your mouth?”

“Yes…” Yorikawa nodded shyly.

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