“That’s all? Nothing else happened?”

“Nothing else…”

How annoying…that stupid Lin Xiang, why did he tell me another incomplete story last time? Was that because he didn’t want to piss me off? If that’s the case…well…then it means I’m still quite important to him.

Just when I got happy secretly, I heard that annoying voice again, “Lin Xiang, how come you’re still not here? Have you already given up? If not, we’ll still give you three minutes. If you still aren’t in the lounge in three minutes, we’ll take that you’ve given up.”

I looked at the horn of the corridor in confusion and murmured, “which bastard wants to harm Lin Xiang…?”

“Judging from the voice, he sounds like our class teacher, Mr. Katou…”

“Your class teacher? That’s really not nice, isn’t it a malicious attack?”

“He…he’s always treated Kitashima like a new super star, so…”

“I don’t care how he perceives Kitashima. All in all, both he and Kitashima are bastards. Go, let’s go to the auditorium, we might see Lin Xiang there.”


We hurried up and walked toward the arena.

“Bi~~~the competition is about to start, please get yourselves prepared.”

The next second after we heard the announcement, we’d already arrived the auditorium. There were many students and they all looked pretty excited.

Yorikawa and I randomly selected two seats and sat down. Then, we heard the announcement again.

“Contestants of both sides, Kitashima Daigo from class A of first grade and Lin Xiang from class C.”

The douchebag Kitashima walked out from the entrance proudly. Um…where’s Lin Xiang? Shouldn’t he already get prepared at the entrance when they were told to?

On the screen, I could see that it’s empty on the other entrance of the arena. No one’s there.

“Lin Xiang, please come out quickly, or simply tell us that you dare not to.”

Again that disgusting voice! Students around us started laughing loudly…

Xiang…what are you doing? Come out quickly…oh, there he is…

On the screen, I saw Xiang pushing open the door and he was looking far away…I supposed he’s looking at Kitashima.

At this moment, everyone started yelling, “Lin Xiang! Courage!”

What…what happened to them? They were cheerleading for Lin Xiang. I thought they’d be teasing him. But…how come Xiang was smiling bitterly after hearing them yell? Shouldn’t he feel happy instead?

Xiang slowly walked to the center of the arena. I could see Kitashima’s ugly smile and he reached out his hand, “nice to see you here, Lin Xiang.”

Xiang hesitated for a while before grabbing his hand. He also smiled handsomely, “nice to see you here as well, Kitashima.”

That’s exactly how Xiang is…he’s always being himself. Unlike Kitashima, whenever I saw him, I’d feel disgusted. I had no idea why girls around him admire him so much. They all smiled at him when they saw him on the big screen.

“Contestants, you may choose your arena now.”

“The disgusting Kitashima shook his head and pretended as if he didn’t care, “I give the authority to Lin Xiang.”


“Kitashima is so handsome~~~”

“Kitashima is so polite.”

“Kitashima is so amazing~~~”

The girls were all shouting. I really didn’t get it – why would they think that way?

“Then, Lin Xiang, please choose the arena.”

Lin Xiang stared at the card in the referee’s hand for a while and chose the wasteland. Why is that? Why would he choose the wasteland without any bunkers? If he chose the geocentric lava, he might win…

“Lin Xiang, are you sure that you want to choose this one?”

Ugh…I really couldn’t stand looking at that disgusting man. Yorikawa next to me also frowned. It seems that that she really hated Kitashima as well.

“Yes.” There’s no facial expression on Xiang’s face. Obviously, it’s his first competition and yet he still looked so calm.

The referee asked his opinion again. After nodding his head without any hesitation, Xiang left.

“Then, the competition will start now.”

It started, Xiang and Kitashima both ran toward each other. They were slow and even chatting. It didn’t look like they were here for the game, more like for a walk.

Xiang and Kitashima were nearer to each other now. Xiang rolled to the side, a tall stone pillar emerged from the place where he was standing Kitashima pulled out his titanium sword and started attacking Xiang…that’s very evil of him! How dared he ambush…

It would certainly be bad this time…Xiang was hit, and after a “dong” sound, Xiang took out a titanium sword and blocked Kitashima successfully. There were flashes where the two swords hit each other.

After seeing this scene, the boys and girls that had been chatting all became quiet.

Xiang pushed forward and jumped back a distance. He looked at Kitashima cautiously.

“Wow~~~Lin Xiang, I didn’t expect you to know any sword skills…now I feel excited.” Kitashima licked the body of his sword and rushed to Lin Xiang again…

After a “dang” noise, he blocked Kitashima’s attack successfully. Then, with a quick action that one couldn’t spot by his naked eye, he rapidly used his sword to attack Kitashima.

When Kitashima used his sword to defend himself, Xiang had already cut open his abdomen. When Kitashima started protecting his bottom half, Xiang had already cut his body for many times. After the last “dang”, he’d hit Kitashima’s sword to the ground…

“Pa-da.” The girl sitting in front of me dropped her snacks to the ground. It was a very clear sound in this quiet environment, but I was sure that no one had noticed it, since they were all staring at the screen.

“You…you…that’s impossible, there’s no way that you’re Lin Xiang.” After escaping the attack of Xiang that’s like wind, Kitashima looked quite like a mess. Wait, that’s exactly how’s supposed to look like.

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