Xiang looked a bit embarrassed and he scratched his head, “ugh…in fact, I’m quite good at using my sword, I just never had the chance to prove it.” The next second, he appeared right in front of Kitashima who’s 7 to 8 meters away…

What had happened? I wasn’t sure…I didn’t see it clearly…I had no idea how Xiang appeared in front of him.

After they talked for a bit, Xiang raised his sword and cut Kitashima…“ka-cha!” Kitashima had been cut into pieces?

What…what’s it all about…? There should be a barrier in the arena.

At this moment, something protruded from the ground, about 30 to 40 meters away from Xiang…was that Kitashima?

I saw the corner of his mouth twitched, “Lin Xiang…you’re so scary…fortunately I had something in reserve.”

Something in reserve? What did he mean? Xiang, ignore him! Wait…why did Xiang look so scared? His…legs were petrified…when was he attacked by Kitashima’s petrification?

“Kitashima! You bastard!!!” Xiang yelled at Kitashima furiously.


“Haha~~~I’m sorry…I was born to be quite cautious. When we shook hands, I had planted the seeds of petrification inside your body, and it seems that they’re fully sprouting now. What a perfect timing.” Kitashima’s embarrassed facial expression had totally disappeared, and he now looked as if he’d totally won.

“Damn it!!!” Xiang had to see himself turning into a stone!

Kitashima was laughing and Xiang had now completely turned into a stone.

No! No! Xiang! You’ve obviously won. No!

Main character:

“Kitashima! You bastard!” I felt that my legs have become numb and I couldn’t move at all. It’s like my body has been connected to the ground…damn it!

“Haha~~~ Haha~~~I’m sorry…I was born to be quite cautious. When we shook hands, I had planted the seeds of petrification inside your body, and it seems that they’re fully sprouting now. What a perfect timing.” Kitashima had a bad smile.

“Damn it!” The cold icy feeling in my legs kept spreading upward…it’s not looking good…

“Haha ~~haha~~” Looking at the disgusting Kitashima in front of me, I felt that I totally didn’t deserve this! Obviously I was going to win, if I never touched him…

Well…has it reached my nose already?

I could feel my nose getting cold, and the next second, my vision became blank…

Was I going to lose? It’s so dark and cold…

No! I couldn’t lose! I have to beat that bastard! I don’t want him to get near Yorikawa anymore and I will defeat him! I will defeat him!

“Son…you’re just looking for trouble, I told you not to touch him and yet you still did. Well, I might as well take this chance to guide you.”


“Don’t say anything. Just do what I’ll tell you. Now, use your heart to feel. Feel the dragon’s energy inside your body and let them move vigorously. Then, try to contract it and attach it to your body. Finally, release it!”

After a loud “bang”, I could feel the warmth of the sun from the outside world again…

After seeing me, I could see Kitashima’s victorious smile freeze on his face.

Seeing this expression on his face, I couldn’t help but smile, “oh, Kitashima? What a nice smile on your face.”

“No…no way! Ah!!!” I kicked Kitashima and after he screamed, he was flown several dozens of meters away. He was hit heavily on the ground. Then, he was rubbing himself on the ground, causing a lot of dust.

Seeing the mushroom-like dust, I sighed, “did I use too much force just now?”

No matter what, I’d won anyway. Looking at the quiet audience, I shook my head and was ready to leave.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise and I could feel my back being hit by something. There were flames everywhere.

I turned around and saw myself being surrounded by flames, and I couldn’t see anything in front of me. What? How come I didn’t feel burnt at all? Right…I’d become immune to that.

After walking out of the fire, I saw Kitashima again. I couldn’t describe his facial expression anymore…it’s like he was cramping…

I scratched my head and asked, “hey, aren’t you familiar with the fire-type magic?”

“Not possible…it’s just not possible…” He seemed to have gone insane and kept saying that it’s not possible. Then, being the lunatic that he’d become, he rushed toward me…how troublesome! I even doubted whether I’d used too much force, but it turned out that this bastard had been possessed by the earth spirit and he couldn’t be crushed down.

When Kitashima was rushing toward me, I quickly dodged behind his back and held his stomach…I used the back fall!

“Bang!” Damn it… it’s really painful…wait, I’d never learnt Judo…where’s Kitashima by the way?

I quickly got up from the ground. I looked around and found Kitashima sunk into the wall of the edge of the arena…

Shit…I think I’d really used too much force this time…



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