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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C2

Discussion in class, turning into flames, a strange guy

When I returned to my seat, I saw that the seat next to it was empty. I started wondering where Satsuki had gone, and Kamiki wasn’t there either…

While I was thinking about that, I heard some boys pointing at me and discussing something among themselves.

“I really don’t know how powerful he is, but he obviously is powerful.”

“Yes, just like what our class teacher said, you can’t judge a book by its cover…speaking of whom, he looked really ugly today.”

“I have the same feeling…he really looked ugly on the screen. However, he really knows how to adjust his behavior according to the situation. That’s why after Lin Xiang went to the headmaster’s office last time, he has treated Lin Xiang so nicely and he’s asked Lin Xiang whenever he wanted to do something. It turns out that he found out the real power of Lin Xiang.”

“Right…I really can’t forget the scene where Kitashima was kicked and flew in the air like a gyro. Fortunately, we didn’t offend him, or we’d be dead by now.”

“Who told you that you didn’t? When school just started, somebody put a dead snake in his schoolbag and he was freaked out.”

“Oh? Now that you’re mentioning it, I feel like Lin Xiang has become another person. See, although his spiritual power is as weak as before, I can feel that some of his temperament has been changed.”

“Yes, yes. I also felt that yesterday, since Satsuki and Kamiki suddenly got very close to him. That’s why I started checking him out more seriously. Otherwise, he doesn’t talk much in class, I couldn’t find spot a difference.”

“So, is that why Satsuki got close to him, as she had found out his power long time ago?”

“That’s possible, and highly possible.”

“That’s really great, I really want to be as strong as he is. However, I really don’t understand why his spiritual power is so weak.”

“Yes…that’s where the problem is. In today’s competition, I could see that he didn’t use much spiritual power at all. Or, he must be a powerful person, powerful enough to hide his spiritual power, and he only released a bit of it to confuse his enemy. See, all the girls in class are looking at Lin Xiang secretly. Damn it…I didn’t want to be him before, but now I really do.”

I didn’t get it, how come these guys were talking so loudly next to me. I heard every exact word clearly. Is it possible that they did it on purpose to flatter me? That’s not true…I could their mouth not opening so widely at all, they shouldn’t be so loud…wait, instead of saying that they were loud, it’d be more accurate to say that I’d become better in hearing. It’s because I could hear the girls on the first front rows talking about me while I was sitting far away.

“Hey…have you found out that Lin Xiang is actually quite handsome?”

“Yeah, when Takahashi was here, I didn’t think so at all. But ever since he’s gone, I’ve started to admire Lin Xiang, his performance today has also been stunning.”

“Right, I really admire how well he’d performed today. That Kitashima was just too evil, since Lin Xiang was fighting him with real skills but he was using little tricks. It’s such a pity that I forgot to take his photos since I was too stunned by his amazing actions…also, have you guys noticed that the way he holds a sword also looks cool? He’s got this incomparable attack speed.”

“Yeah. When I saw him chatting with Kitashima, I thought that he’d certainly lose, but he successfully avoided that pillar and blocked Kitashima’s attack in no time. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. When he used his sword to attack Kitashima, things got really more incredible. In the end, he even threw Kitashima 20 to 30 meters away, don’t you find it unbelievably cool?”

Hey~~~I was feeling so embarrassed at that time, how come it’d seem cool in your eyes?

Why could I hear them so clearly even though I was so far away? Something mutated in my body?

“You can perceive it that way.”


‘After you were petrified, what I had taught you was actually a transitional skill that completely turned you into a dragon human.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that you used to be half a dragon human, but you’ve entirely become a dragon human now. Do you understand?”

“I used to be half a dragon human and now a real dragon human? Then am I going to be a dragon later?”

“Ugh…just continue to dream. Your genes are completely different than that of a dragon. What do you think you are? That you can turn into a dragon anytime you want?”

“Then what exactly were you trying to say?”

“Your defense power, attack power, hearing ability and vision have entirely evolved. That’s to say, you’ve got the attributes of a dragon.”

“What? So powerful?”

“Yes, but only as a young dragon. Because of your genes and physical abilities, you won’t have the physique of an adult dragon. However, even as a young dragon, you’re powerful enough now. At least, fire won’t do any damage to you now.”

“I know about that, it’s the resistance against the flames.”

“That’s correct. You know what it indicates?”

“Oh, what does it indicate? That I won’t be afraid of flames anymore?”

“No…once you’ve had the fire attributes, you will be able to control fire.”

“Oh, awesome!” So, does it mean that I won’t need to be scared of fire-type mages anymore?

“Don’t expect it to be that nice. Now, you’ve got the resistant ability of flames, but you must know how to turn into flames to control fire.”

“What? Turning into flames?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“And how do I do that?”

“Now, you still can’t do so, you still miss an opportunity. Well…you will have the chance when it’s time.”

After talking to Freed, I really couldn’t stand being looked at like an animal by my classmates. I walked out of the classroom for a walk.

Was I too obvious?

I found out that many people were looking at me out of the classroom.

Well…let them be. All in all, I’d done what I was supposed to, and I shouldn’t regret. This is the way I am, that’s right.

When I was telling myself that, I heard someone behind me yelling, “Lin Xiang~~~big brother…wait.”

Lin Xiang? Big brother? Was someone calling me? I hesitated for a while, but I didn’t turn around. Instead, I continued walking.

Outside the classroom.

“Lin Xiang~~~big brother, wait for me~~~”

I heard that voice again, and this time, it was pretty near. He was really calling me…but what about the “big brother”?

I turned my head and saw a gentle, fresh-looking guy running toward me.

“Are you calling me?” I pointed to myself and asked.

“Yes~~~hu~~~~ha, I was looking for you in your classroom but you weren’t there. Your classmates said that you’ve been out, so I have been out looking for you.”

“Ugh…why did you yell big brother, was that for me?”

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