“Yeah, big brother. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Naoki Kurugani, and I’m from class G of first grade.”

“Well…when did I become your big brother? I don’t think I know you…” The guy in front of me was strange. He had a clear profile and he’s quite handsome. I was sure that I didn’t know him, so why would he call me big brother? Could he be nuts?

“I just would like to. You’re exactly my big brother. The moment you defeated Kitashima, I swore that I’d become your follower.”

“Why? Anything happened between you and Kitashima?”

“Nothing. It’s just that for your competition, I bet that you’d win. And you did! You know what, there’s 200,000 cash in my pocket now.”

“Oh…thank you for betting that I’d win. Now, I have to go…” I waved and turned around.

“Wait wait wait…don’t go, big brother…please take me as your little brother. I want to become like you and I want to be popular among the girls as well.”

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about…”

“It’s okay if you don’t understand, all you need is…oh?” While he was talking, Naoki Kurugani’s eyes suddenly flashed. I saw him run pass me and blocked two cute girls walking toward the classroom.

There was a smile on his face. He put his hands on his stomach and stood upright to give a 15-degree bow to the two girls. He greeted them like a gentleman and said handsomely, “you both are incredibly beautiful. I’d like to invite you to go shopping and have dinner. Also…” Naoki Kurugani smiled.

The two girls slightly retreated and looked at him somewhat in panic, “please…could you please give way to us? I am just here to look for my sister.”

Judging from her uniform, they should be in the middle school section…In the Pillar Nofu Academy, there were the middle school and high school sections, and that’s why it’s so huge.

“Oh~~~beautiful lady, are you here to look for your sister? Then is this beautiful lady accompanying you? Why don’t you tell me which class your sister is in, and I’ll take you to her?”

This guy…what was he doing…was he teasing a girl under broad daylight?

“No…no need…thank you very much. I know where she is. Kusunoki, let’s go.” The cute girl who looked weaker lowered her head and her face was all red. She gently pulled the girl next to her.

“Yes…let’s go…” The girl who looked more active nodded and was going to leave.

Naoki Kurugani stood aside and looked at them in a serious manner, “no…pretty girl, let me lead you. Both of you are so beautiful and you won’t be safe once you enter the high school section.”

He…what kind of person would say such things so shamelessly? They would surely be safe if you didn’t block them…

“I…no need…” The weak-looking girl didn’t raise her head, but when she was looking at her friend, there were tears in her eyes.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let them leave quickly.” I pulled Naoki Kurugani and apologized to the girl, “I’m sorry. You can leave now.  He’s a bit retarded.” Sigh…why did I have to apologize for a guy whom I just met?

“Hey, big brother, it’s so rude of you, I just wanted to meet these two cute girls.” He was unhappy.

“I’m not your big brother. Also, there’s nothing I can do if you want to meet someone, but can’t you see how unhappy they are?” I looked at Naoki Kurugani, then smiled at the two girls, signaling them to leave.

When they knew that they could finally leave, the girl that was more energetic instantly had a big smile on her face. She bowed to me, “thank you, senior. I don’t know…if you could tell us your name?”

“Oh…name? I’m Lin Xiang.”

“He’s in class C of the first grade.” At this moment, Naoki Kurugani looked at me with a big smile and his eyes were full of admiration.

What was he doing? Anyway, as long as he’s not bothering the two girls anymore, let he be.

The more active girl introduced herself, “my name is Sugiyama Kusunoki. Nice to meet you, senior brother.” Then, she touched her friend who’d lowered her head.

She weakly said, “um? Oh…senior brother…my name is Suehiro Choshi, nice to meet you…”

“Yeah, nice to meet you.”

After I said so, the girl who lowered her head pulled her friend and walked toward the campus. When I was looking at them leave, I smiled and shook my head.

“No wonder you’re the big brother! How wise you are!!!” Naoki Kurugani yelled. When I turned around, I could see his eyes flashing.

“What does that mean…”

“Big bro, I really admire you. After seeing how you act, I finally understand why I can’t meet the prettiest girl in class and why I can’t go home with them together. It turns out that I don’t have good skills, I really learned a lot today.” He sighed.

“Yeah, and that’s why I asked you the meaning of it.”

“Hey, big brother, don’t pretend anymore.” Naoki Kurugani kept pushing me with his elbow and looked at me as he was saying “there’s no one here”, “big brother, I want to ask how I can have a smile like yours? Your smile is so charming, harmless and everyone likes it.”

“Ugh, smile? It’s just an ordinary one. Also, don’t call me big bro anymore. I’m not your big bro.”

“Big bro, please don’t do that to me. Although I’m not as good as you in terms of wooing girls, I’m still a guy with dreams and you’re the person who would help me fulfill my dreams. As long as you can be my big bro, I’m willing to do anything for you.”

“Oh? Really? Anything?”

“Yes, anything.” He nodded with determination.

“Okay, then please turn around now, yeah, that’s right, go forward and go under the big tree, and then stay away from me. Don’t ever come close to me again, that’s it.”

After listening to my words, Naoki Kurugani, who had walked forward two steps, suddenly seemed like he’d understood something. He turned his head and rushed over with a sad face. He hugged my feet and shouted, “no~~no~~ I ’m going to follow you! I want to make girls like me! Big bro, please don’t abandon me! Even if you have to, at least teach me how to make girls tell me their names, just like how you just did?”

“Let go, let go, someone is watching.” I kicked, but I didn’t dare to use too much force. Now that I had become a dragon human, I didn’t want to make him fly away with one kick. I was okay with him getting injured, but it wouldn’t be nice if he hurt the others.

“Big bro, please accept me as your little brother or I won’t let go!” He kept shouting and begging, some students began to gather and watch us. This damn bastard, wasn’t he worried that people would misunderstand our relationship?

“Ok, okay, I’ll accept that. Ok? Now, please let go of me.”

“Really? Oh~~~thank you so much, big bro.”

“What about letting go of me?” After hearing my answer, he hugged me even more tightly, I was so speechless…

“Hehe, I will let go now.” He started smiling and standing back up, and he looked like he’d won the lottery…


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