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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C3

Tricks in talking with girls, mobile phone, Reidy’s bedroom


“Big brother, tell me now, how did you make those two girls take the initiative to tell you their names? What’s the trick?” Naoki Kurugani put his hands together on his chest, looking like he was quite eager to learn.

“Well, it’s all because you were blocking them and making them scared, that’s why they felt grateful to my help and told me their names.” In that world, that’s what I’d encountered, a lot of them.

Whenever I helped some girls solving difficult problems, they would be very grateful. A lot of them would ask for my name or phone number. Of course, I didn’t give them any. I knew that they were just being polite, they wouldn’t really want the phone number of a bad guy like me.

“What? Such kind of things do exist? Then, did I just help my big brother accidentally? Wow, I’m just too awesome. Indeed, heroes always save beauties, and which beauty doesn’t like heroes? I have to learn from my big brother as well…Oh, here comes a cute girl again. I remember that she’s one of the new beautiful girls, the so-called “curing little angel” – Yorikawa Nagisa. I finally get to see her in real person. Big brother, would you mind initiating a conversation for me? I’ve never succeeded in this before, I beg you.”

Looking at Naoki Kurugani, I saw that Yorikawa slightly lowered her head and walked toward the teaching area. Although I knew that she’s usually shy, wasn’t she worried to bump into something walking like this?

Sigh…okay then, I’d help him a bit. Otherwise, he’d annoy me to death, and I hoped Yorikawa would at least talk to him.

“Then, what should I do?” I asked.

“Big brother, you just need to approach her and ask her if she’s willing to drink tea with me. Then, I’ll stop you and make her have a good impression of me!”

Could this guy be a sicko…? Anyway, I wouldn’t be responsible in the consequences…as long as he didn’t do anything overwhelming to Yorikawa…

I walked to her and stood in front of her. Yorikawa saw that someone blocked her, so she stopped and slowly raised her head…

When she did, our gazes met each other. She stared at me with her watery eyes for a few seconds and I touched my head with embarrassment, “little sister, do you want to drink tea with me?” I almost forgot that I was going to initiate a conversation for Naoki Kurugani, as I was completely attracted by Yorikawa’s beautiful eyes. They were as big as Satsuki’s. Satsuki’s eyes looked energetic, while Yorikawa’s eyes looked spiritual.

After hearing what I said, Yorikawa’s face started to become red. Her gaze moved a little and her little eyeballs kept moving. I could sense how nervous she was. Her lips moved a little and when she was about to say something, Naoki Kurugani rushed forward.

He pushed my chest hard with his hand. Then, he treated a few steps back and I was a bit speechless when I saw this scene…

How come he was already acting like that at the beginning? Then could he still save any girls? Who would encourage the others yet retreat himself?

He retreated a few steps back and he looked kind of confused. Then, he looked at me admiringly and yelled, “can’t you see how confused she is? Back off quickly!”

“Yes~~~~” I took a step and told Yorikawa that she could continue walking forward.

Yorikawa blinked at Naoki Kurugani and stood behind me. She grabbed my clothes and looked at him secretly.

“Ah~~~Not possible! That’s not possible!!! Why?” After Naoki Kurugani saw how Yorikawa reacted, he rushed toward me. He looked as if he wanted to hug my thigh again…didn’t he find it disgusting?

I used my hand to press his head so that he couldn’t move forward. He was going to cry, “big brother~~~why? Why can’t you tell me why? Look at me, am I handsome? I know that I look quite ordinary next to you, but why couldn’t I talk to girls even before I knew you? They would just turn and leave…”

“How do I know?” I looked at Yorikawa who had no idea what had happened. I smiled at her and pointed to Naoki Kurugani, “this person is a fool. He has lacked love since he’s little, so he’s a bit retarded. Please bear with him.”

“Not at all, is he your friend, Lin Xiang?”

“I can’t say that he’s my friend, it’s only that he’s always near me…”

“Big bro! Can’t you be nicer to me? Although I’m your little brother, you have to treat me as your friend. Also, you should have told me that you’d known ‘curing little angel’ before!” He looked at me as if everything was my fault, then smiled at Yorikawa behind me. She didn’t even dare sticking out her head anymore.

In fact, he’s not bad looking, why is every girl so scared of him?

“You didn’t ask, so why would I tell you?” I rolled my eyes and stroked Yorikawa’s head, I asked her, “Nagisa, I don’t understand why you all seem to be afraid of him. It’s not like he’s got any special looks.”

“I feel like…that he’s a pervert…”

“Why? How come you think like that? Although I really am, I didn’t go around and tell anyone.” Naoki Kurugani shouted.

Hey, everyone now knows that you’re a pervert.

“You look…indeed…like a normal guy, but your tone and your smile…make us all feel in danger…”

“Ah!!! How hurtful!!” After he heard Yorikawa’s words, he’s going insane. Then, he became normal again and he waved his hair, “it looks like that I’m too handsome and thus I make the girls feel insecure? How ironic. Even being handsome is a mistake! But, I don’t get it – isn’t my big bro handsome as well? How come you aren’t afraid of him?”

Don’t change the subject, you bastard.

“Lin Xiang…is a good guy…I like him.”

“You’ve just admitted…Yorikawa has just admitted that she likes Lin Xiang!!!”

Suddenly, I really wanted to beat him. What she meant was a friend’s kind of admiring, what if the others misunderstood it?

“Hey~~~don’t yell anymore. Do it any further and I’ll tell the others that I don’t know you.” I looked at Yorikawa behind me, her face was all blushed. I quickly apologized to her, “sorry, Yorikawa. You know, he’s a little retarded. Just ignore him. Don’t you need to enter the classroom? Please do.”

“No, I want to stay with you…”

“Is it…well, it happens that I’m quite upset as well, and we still haven’t talked for some time. Let’s go, let’s sit under the tree and talk?” I was annoyed as I didn’t like the way those people were staring at me. It was so direct and it’s like they wanted to cut me open and study my body…

“Okay.”Yorikawa nodded and replied.

“Hey, Naoki, do you want to come along? As long as you don’t yell anymore, I’ll take you as my friend.”

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