Naoki is quite good-looking, but he acted like a child. He yelled too frequently and too easily. However, I didn’t think that he’s a bad person.

“Ah! Thank you so much, big bro! Thank you so much!”


Um…I could a feel a wet thing licking my face continuously…

I reached my hand and hugged Dusty’s neck, “you don’t need to wake me up so early, it’s Sunday today.”

Dusty continued licking my face and I felt so itchy, “ok ok, I will get up now.”

I looked at my messy hair in front of the mirror and started thinking about the things that happened these days…

On Tuesday, I met a guy called Naoki. That guy was definitely perverted. I was initially chatting with him, but he’d run to a pretty girl whenever he saw one and he’d forget about our conversation. Then, after being scolded by the girls, he’d always come back to me. I thought that he did it on purpose. Why talk to the girls if they didn’t know him at all?

On Wednesday, my ordinary life was getting farther and farther away from me. Some guys might not believe that I had defeated Kitashima. They ran to my classroom to challenge me. They said that if I lose, I had to become their little brother. However, if I successfully knocked him down, then nothing more would happen. Just when I was annoyed and was ready to beat them, Naoki came and said proudly, “whoever wants to challenge my big brother will be like passing my…next to me!” I had no idea what he was talking about…he might have omitted the word “corpse” deliberately, and as he was one of the 20 strongest guys in the class, the boys dared not challenge him. They all left miserably.

On Thursday, that old man Qian Libing came to the Academy. The headmaster called me via an announcement. After Qian Libing watched the video, he praised how powerful I was. Then, he invited me to fight for the title of “Mage of Demon Resistance” after entering the team. When I asked if his friends had come, he told me that his friend had to fly back to Olipolia after coming to Japan, as it was a princess’ birthday in his village. I was pretty speechless after hearing that answer. It turns out that there’s a princess inside a village…

On Friday, with Naoki as my “little brother”, those guys who were weaker than me, but who wanted to defeat me all had disappeared. It gave me a really quiet time. However, I’d noticed that ever since I defeated Kitashima, the way the girls looked at me had become different. Satsuki and Kamiki became more intimate and daring with me, making me helpless. You girls can carry on with your argument, but don’t use me for this purpose…Yorikawa would sometimes talk with me as well, but she’s usually quite shy and reserved, I felt that talking with her was the easiest.

On Saturday, Reidy, the shopaholic, immediately asked me to go shopping with her as she knew that I was on holiday. She even had to spend several hundreds of thousands. I wasn’t sure what uncle would think once he found out. Although they had hidden the sense of spirits, they rarely had a chance to go out, I might as well see this as an opportunity to compensate them.

After buying a lot of stuff, Reidy said she wanted to go to the amusement park after watching some drama and cartoon. Then, I took them to the amusement park and told them not to go anywhere without my permission. I told them to remember to bring the mobile phone that I’d bought them and contact me whenever something happened. Then, I quickly got on a cab and after throwing everything that I’d bought on the sofa, I quickly returned to the park.

When I found Silent Water on a bench in the park, I was immediately speechless. It’s because I happened to see how Reidy abused three guys that went to talk with them. They praised how pretty Reidy was and invited her for a drink, and they got to have their hair permed for free before leaving. As Reidy was a spirit, she didn’t need a wand to release her magic. I supposed those guys took her as a powerful mage or something and were all frightened.

“Good morning, master, today you got up so early. Why don’t you sleep in for a bit on Sunday?” When I walked to the first stage, I heard Silent Water walking out of the kitchen.

“No, Silent Water always gets up so early. Don’t you feel tired?” I yawned and wiped the corner of my eyes.

“I’m not tired, as long as I can do something for my master.”

“Oh~~~is it? Silent Water is such a good girl.” I patted her head and asked, “what do you want to eat today?”

“I just wanted to cook some congee. I’ve watched on TV that it can make you digest better and clear the heat inside your body. I’ve seen that master hasn’t been in a good mood lately. So…if master doesn’t like it, Silent Water will make some new food.”

“No, no, I really like it. Silent Water, thank you.” What a good girl.

“It’s so nice that you like it.” Silent Water shyly lowered her head as if she’d thought of something suddenly, “by the way, master, do you mind bringing something for me? Inside Reidy’s bedroom. There’re a lot of things that I don’t understand about mobile phone and I hope that master can teach me.”

“Really? Okay, then I will go up and take it. Pay attention to the congee, don’t let it become too thick.”

“Okay, thank you, master.” Silent Water smiled sweetly at me and walked into the kitchen.

Mobile phone? I’ve never really liked them anyway…

I’ve always placed my mobile phone on top of the cabinet inside my bedroom. I used to fight with the others all the time and I didn’t want its surface to get scratched. That’s why I never brought it to school and I found it too annoying…

I turned and walked to the second floor slowly. I got to Reidy’s bedroom…

Damn it…although I’d promised Silent Water to take the mobile phone, it’s Reidy’s bedroom. If she found out, I’d get an electric shock again. What to do? Should I give up? I wanted to retreat standing in front of Reidy’s bedroom.

No way! How could I ignore something that a girl asked me to do? I slowly opened the door and there was a light fragrance blowing out from insider. I looked at Reidy sleeping on the floor and walked in by tiptoeing.

Reidy’s sleeping posture was not pretty at all. Her blond hair was all over her back and she was hugging her new bought stuffed bear. She was turning around and the pajama that she’s wearing…no no, I shouldn’t look at her…

“Silly boy, are you stupid? You should grab the opportunity and check her out. See her pale thighs? We never knew that she has such a great body! Come on, remove her pajama and check out her chest!”

“You’re so noisy, you pervert!” I started panicking after Yalide said so. He’s right, Reidy had a great body…

“Sorry, son, you should now pray for yourself.” Yalide suddenly apologized to me. What happened?

“Um…um?” At this moment, I saw Reidy slowly opening her eyes. After seeing me, she closed them again. Then, she opened them widely and started staring at me. She looked at her body again and used her stuffed bear to cover her chest, “per…pervert!!!”

Shit…I was probably too excited just now and I couldn’t help but scream…I was going to receive an electric shock. I closed my eyes and was ready to die. And for a long time…

Oh? Wasn’t I electrified?

I opened my eyes and I saw Reidy hugging her stuffed bear tightly. She looked at me with watery eyes, “What…what have you seen?”

“I’ve seen nothing.” I quickly shook my head.

“Let me ask you again. What have you seen?!!” Reidy was a bit angry this time.

“I…I saw Reidy’s thighs. They are so pure-looking…”

After Reidy heard it, she scolded me with her face all blushed. Then, she lowered her head and looked at her thighs. After a while, she raised her head again, “are they better looking than Silent Water’s?”

“Ugh…” I didn’t think that I’d ever seen Silent Water’s thighs…I am not a pervert, so why would I do that?

“I…have never seen hers.”

“So does it mean that it’s your first time?” Reidy’s look became a bit weird. She seemed a bit happy now. What’s happened?

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Well, even so, you’re still a pervert! I don’t feel happy after being looked like that.” Reidy raised her head and turned it aside.

“Ugh…” Why would she be happy? I didn’t know what she meant by that. Anyway, she didn’t seem too angry and that’s the best result for me. “I am actually here to take the mobile phone. Then…” There were two phones with the same model as mine, one in yellow and one in blue.

When I was about to pick up the blue one and was ready to leave, Reidy started interrogating me, “wait! What do you mean by that?”

“I’m here to take the mobile phone.” I turned around with confusion. When I saw Reidy again, I quickly turned my gaze away.

“Why did you come here to take the mobile phone?”

“Silent Water told me to come up and take it…”

“So, you aren’t here to look at me?”

Great! That’s my chance! I could explain why I wasn’t a pervert and that I wasn’t here to look at her secretly!

I replied like a gentleman would, “why would I look at you secretly? I’m here to take the mobile phone!”

Just when I was expecting her to forgive me and reply, “okay, then I’ll forgive you”, I was completely wrong…

There was now lightning on her body. She threw her stuffed bear aside and sort of laughed at herself, “okay…so you’re here to take the phone only, my body is not worthy of a mobile phone in your eyes!”

This sentence was the last one that I heard before I still had any consciousness. After she said so, I felt numb with my body, my vision darkened and I could feel my body being thrown to the ground…before I “landed”, I could a feel a soft thing blocking my face…

Was that the ground? How soft it was…I thought that I would be very painful…

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