Chapter 4/10

Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C4

Peanuts, going to school, black


Something smells so nice. What could it be? I remember this smell…something on Reidy?

“Um…” When I opened my eyes, I saw grey curtains immediately. Apparently, I felt numb again as I received an electric shock from Reidy…I tried to move my fingers…It seemed that they were moving. I didn’t expect them to move so soon, fortunately I had turned into a dragon human…

I slightly sighed and turned my head. At this moment, Reidy squatted at a corner in the room. She was holding a little bear and staring at me. When I met her gaze for just two seconds, she instantly turned her head and made it sound like it was all my fault, “you sick pervert. You shouldn’t make me angry, or I won’t be responsible for your injury.”

“I’m really sorry.” How did I make her angry? Didn’t she get furious all of a sudden?

“How long had I been lying down?” I sat up and stretched myself.

“About ten minutes…”

“So quickly?” I was so shocked at how quickly I’d changed after I became a dragon human.

“Then do you want to lie down some more?” Reidy stood up and looked at me on top. She hadn’t realized that I already saw what’s underneath her underwear.

I didn’t want to take another electric shock so I tried to look elsewhere, “no, no…oh? Did you drag me to your bed?”

I was sitting inside Reidy’s bed and there’s even a thin blanket on top of me.

“Well, I was worried that you’d die. Now that you’re fine, get up now. How long do you plan to stay inside? You’re getting my blankets dirty.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll get up now.” I quickly climbed out of Reidy’s bed, stood up and smiled at her apologetically.

“Well, by the way, human, there’s something wrong with Silent Water’s mobile phone.” At this time, Reidy pointed to the blue mobile phone on the cabinet.

Something wrong with it? At that time, I was holding it, as I was sure that it couldn’t stand the high-pressure electric shock of Reidy. However, there’s something I didn’t understand – why was Reidy never short of magic? It has been almost one week since she arrived in the human’s world. I remember that I’d never hugged her nor given her magic. And obviously, Silent Water used to need it once every three, four days…when I came to think of it, I realized that Reidy had more magic, that’s why she could last longer.

I nodded secretly and hope that she could find her owner soon. Otherwise, if I hugged her to give her magic, I’d be killed from her electric shock.

“It’s okay if it doesn’t work anymore. I can buy another one. This afternoon, I can take you two to go shopping.”

“We go shopping? What about you?”

“I’m not joining.” I had to give an opportunity to Silent Water and Reidy and to hang out with each other. If I wasn’t there, they would never go out neither.

Also, I heard that after joining the team, I couldn’t return home immediately after school. I had to let them go out alone, then go out to buy some groceries. The more often they went out, the faster Reidy could find her owner.

“Huh~~It’s fine if you’re not joining. Give me money, I need to buy a lot of things, I am going to piss you off.” Reidy reached out her pink palm and was asking money from me.

Seeing Reidy like this, I couldn’t help but find it a bit funny, “don’t tell me if you plan to piss me off. Later, I will give you a card and tell you the password. Remember not to lose it.”

“I will throw it away after buying things. So what?” Reidy pouted and I felt kind of excited. I’d never seen Reidy so cute before, and I subconsciously pinched her pale cheeks.

After I pinched her face, Reidy looked at me as if she’s dumbfounded. I also looked at her foolishly, as I’d never expected myself to do such things on her…my god, I was going to receive her electric shock again. Well, something in my body might even mutate after receiving so many electric shocks.

I was trying to comfort myself. Actually, there were quite many advantages after receiving electric shock. Reidy grabbed my hand and put it on her face. Then, she stared at me with her clear blue eyes. The corner of her mouth slightly twitched and she moved her eyeballs. Then, her face blushed and she patted my hand, “pervert! Don’t touch me!” She ran out of her room after saying so.

While I was left there, I didn’t know what had happened at all. I was just standing in her room stupidly.

“Freed. What happened to…Reidy?”

“Ugh, I guess she still hasn’t confirmed what she wants.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” What did she want?

“Even if I tell you, you wouldn’t understand. Do you know what happened during the ten minutes when you fainted?”

“What happened?”

“Go and ask Reidy yourself.”


Inside the kitchen.

“Silent Water, I’m sorry since your mobile phone has broken…” I smiled at her apologetically.

“It’s alright, just let it be.” Silent Water gave me a sweet smile.

“You…aren’t you curious of what happened?” She might have trusted me too much, as she didn’t even ask what happened.

“It’s okay, master. Silent Water will not ask these useless questions. Whatever my master says is all.”

Wow…I was so touched. Silent Water is just too great, I really wanted to hug her and spin a few times.

My idea disappeared when Reidy walked into the kitchen.

I saw her glaring at me and told Silent Water, “Silent Water, you have to be careful. This human is perverted. I really don’t understand why you’d choose him as your owner.”

“Perverted? Are you talking about my master?” Silent Water looked at me with confusion after Reidy said so.

“Right, that’s the pervert.” Reidy pointed at me and looked as if she wanted to kill me.

“Is my master a pervert? Well, even so, I don’t regret being his spirit.”

“Why? He’s a pervert.”

“Then why did you stay here?”

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