“It’s because…I can eat and live here. I have TV to watch. I like living here.”

“Is it? I don’t understand what had happened between you and master, but what have to do is to see how you think. Also, don’t badmouth my master in front of me. Although master might not be angry, I’d be unhappy.”

“Seeing how you think…” Reidy looked at me, as if she’s thinking about something. Then, she shook her head and yelled at Silent Water, “I’m starving to death. When can we eat?”

“We’ll have congee today.” Silent Water turned away and prepared some congee for us.

“This thing tastes so plain, it’s not delicious.” Reidy tasted the congee and frowned.

“Congee is indeed quite plain. Wait for me for a minute, I will make you taste something.” I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I took some peanuts next to the rice container.

Uncle bought these peanuts last time and he’d been putting there without eating them. Today, they tasted quite delicious with congee. I took a bunch and walked back to the dining table.

Reidy and Silent Water had never seen peanuts before, and they looked at them strangely. When I put them on the table, Reidy looked disgusted, “ew…what are these? Are they the poo poo of the flaming bird?”

“Flaming bird? Poo poo? Are you referring to the peanuts?”

“What peanuts? I’m talking about the things that you’ve put on the table. Don’t you feel disgusted?”

“This…this is not poo poo. This is called peanuts. Have a look.” I opened one and took the brownish peanut and put it on the spoon of Reidy, “try it.”

Then, I saw Reidy looking shocked while checking out the peanut. She looked at me before putting it in her mouth. She chewed it and said, “it’s kind of strange and sweet. So, this thing is called peanuts?”

“Yeah, it’s not the poo poo of flaming bird. Wait, I’ll fry it and make it taste even better.”


After I peeled open the peanuts, I put them in the pan and fried them twice. I put some salt in them, and there’s already a nice smell of it. I felt like it’d been a long time since I ever ate fried peanuts. When I was little, my family was quite poor. They usually had no dishes, only some peanuts to eat with the rice.

At this time, I suddenly recalled the moments that I spent with uncle. We went fishing together and ate cheap meals. We slept on broken beds. I suddenly remembered every moment that I spent with him together as a child. Uncle is my family. Without him, I wouldn’t be the same person I’m today…

I put the hot peanuts on the table, “come, eat some. Your congee will taste better with this.”

Reidy took her spoon and ate some. Then, she opened her eyes widely, “this…this thing called peanuts is really delicious. How come you never took out any before?”

“I never had a chance…now, eat them quickly. When we finish, we’ll take a walk in the park. Aren’t you two going to play this afternoon?”

“We’re going to play? Master, aren’t you coming with us?” Silent Water looked at me with confusion.

“Yeah, you girls go yourselves. Silent Water, when I’m not around, you have to hang out sometimes, don’t just stay at home. This is not good for you.”

“It’s actually not that fun going outside…I think it’s quite good staying at home.”

“Who said that she wants to go to the school with human?”

“Reidy, mind your words.”

“Going to school?” After I heard Reidy’s words, my heart trembled for a while. Right, aside from the fact that they were spirits, they looked just like ordinary girls. They should be enjoying the life in school instead of staying at home. But…what was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to talk to the principal? If Silent Water really wanted to go to school, then I’d have to do whatever it took to let her do so.

“Master, just ignore Reidy’s nonsense. Silent Water had never said so. And Silent Water doesn’t want to go to school.” Silent Water shook her hands vigorously, as if she had done something wrong.

“Oh? Then who said that she really, really wanted to go to school with master? Obviously, after you saw how a school looks like on TV, you’ve been wanting to go.”

“Does Reidy want to go yourself?”

“Who…who said that she wants to go to school with human…I didn’t.”

“Did I ever say that you want to?”

“You…anyway, it’s you who wants to go to school!” Reidy pointed at Silent Water with her face blushed. Then, she suddenly turned her head and stared at me. She ordered, “hey! Human! We have to go to school! You’d better let us go now!”

“Ugh…I think I can do so, by notifying the headmaster. Don’t worry, I understand how you feel. Being at school is fun, at least better than staying at home.”

“Are you telling us the truth? Are you really bringing us to the school?” Reidy was a bit excited after hearing my proposal.

Although Silent Water still looked calm, her pink lips slightly tilted. I suppose they really wanted to see how a school looks like…well, hadn’t I already noticed?

In the afternoon.

“Then, master, we are going out now. I am sure Silent Water will know how to go out alone.” Standing at the entrance, Silent Water waved at me. She smiled, put on her shoes and walked out with Reidy.

“Well, be careful on the road.” Unexpectedly, I would say something that Silent Water would normally tell me. It’s definitely true when they say that nothing is impossible.

Then, what should I do to pass time? It’s quite hard to decide.

I looked at Dusty who’s wagging its tail beside me…what if I took Dusty for a walk outside? It’s not that sunny that day and quite suitable for outdoor activities. Also, I had taken Reidy and Silent Water to the park but left Dusty at home. I was kind of unfair to him.

“Dusty, let’s go out to play?”

“Wow~~~” Dusty made a sound and ran into the house. After a while, he came out with a ball.

We arrived at the grassland where we’d usually play. I took a deep breath, as I felt like I hadn’t been so relaxed for a long time.

On Monday, I went to the demon’s world and met Valarie, I fought with the demon like wind…On Tuesday, I defeated that disgusting guy Kitashima. On Wednesday, a bunch of fools said they wanted to challenge me…

Now, it’s time for me to relax.

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