“Dusty, get ready.” I waved the ball in my hand and threw it in front of me gently.

Seeing the magnitude and height of the ball flying out, I secretly thanked myself that I didn’t use too much force, otherwise the ball would definitely fly a few hundred meters away…

Dusty, after seeing me throwing out the ball, immediately ran in its direction. Dusty was very fast. When the ball hit the ground, it had already run for almost a hundred meters. It jumped lightly and bit the ball.

Dusty, after biting the ball, ran toward me…

“Ha~~~Dusty is so awesome.” I took the ball in Dusty’s mouth and touched its head, “Dusty, are you tired? Do you want to try again?”

“Wow!” Dusty shouted at me, saying that it wanted to play some more.

Dusty was a smart dog. When it’s tired, it would stick out its tongue, telling me that it’s tired; when it’s not tired, it would wag its tail vigorously and stare at me tightly.

“Okay, then let’s try again. Get ready, as it may be farther this time.”

After about half an hour, Dusty and I were lying on the ground and taking a rest.

Every time when we rested, it was the moment when I could rest. I hugged Dusty and listened to the cicadas around me. I was enjoying the sunlight on my body and enjoying the natural breeze. I felt like being integrated into the nature and I really liked this feeling.

“Son, something’s not right, you should run now.” At this time, I suddenly heard Freed’s sound.

“Oh, what do you mean?”

“Yalide said that there are traces of the space being cut around you.”

“Are you talking about the rift of the dimensional space?”

“Yes, a demon is coming, and you still have time to leave.”

“Are you kidding me? My home is so near. And I might be able to fight it. What grade is it?”

“I’m not sure, it might be the superior level.”

“Superior level? After it arrives, it’ll become upper level, no? I will be able to solve it.” I wasn’t afraid of demons anymore.

“Son…I didn’t expect you to think like this now. Okay…I wish you luck.”

“Of course.” Although I felt kind of weird after hearing Freed’s words. But after thinking for a while, I didn’t really know what’s weird, so I just let it be.

I opened my eyes and patted Dusty next to me. Then, I stood up and stretched myself. I checked the environment surrounding me. In just a while, a black line appeared on the grassland not far away. Then, it got bigger and soon became a gate…I saw a fire-type demon walking out and there were flames all over its body. When I looked at the demon in front of me, I felt like I had seen it somewhere else before…

“Son, I finally found you.” The fire-type demon’s voice had a sense of murder…

“Oh? Do you know me? By the way, I think I’ve seen you somewhere.” I told Dusty, who’s ready to attack, to back off.

Dusty looked at me, then looked at the demon not far away. Then, it retreated and continued looking at him furiously.

“I once looked for you in the school with Chad. Hey, I didn’t expect that you have such distinguishable spiritual power. It really disrupted my plan. When the demon attacked the red dragon Venus, I didn’t expect the whole army to be defeated. Now, I am the only one left. However, I really need to thank you as you’ve let me survive. Without your unexpectable power, I might have been killed by the red dragon Venus now.”

“Don’t talk bullshit anymore. Are you coming here to take revenge on me?” I closed my eyes and felt the wind blow…

“Hey~~~son, you look so calm today, do you think that you really can win?”

“Indeed, you’ve made the right guess!” When I said so, I was right in front of the fire-type demon, “hu~~~ha!!!” I used all my strength and exhaled the first Dragon Roar…

Just when I thought the demon would be blown away, I found that I was wrong. He didn’t move half a step at all, there’s a big hole in his stomach but it got healed very quickly. He snorted and pinched my neck.

No way…why couldn’t I blow him away? That’s not possible…

I struggled with all my strength and I tried to bear with the enormous pain before exhaling flames again, “hu~~~”

I could see the flames getting through his head and they flew without staying. They disappeared in just a while…that’s not possible! How come they couldn’t hurt him at all?

“You can even do the breath of the Dragon? That’s really something. However, such a half-done Dragon Breath couldn’t hurt me in the form of flames.”

“In…in the form of flames?”

“Haha…son, don’t expect to kill fire-type demons so easily. We are incredibly strong.” Then, I could feel the demon increasing its strength even more, and I could see black flames on my body…so hot and so painful…wasn’t I immune to the attack of flames? How come…

“Wow!!!” I vaguely heard Dusty’s cry, and it was getting closer. The fire-type demon thought that I was going to die and threw me away…I fell to the ground and saw him release a firebomb, which flew quickly to Dusty. The side of its body could escape the flames, but the demon kept rushing forward.

No way…Dusty, you must run…the flames on me slowly disappeared and I stood up even though I was in pain. However, when I stood up, Dusty yelled once and fell in front of me. The green grass had now become red with its blood…the black liquid in its body started spreading. Dusty’s legs were twitching. It raised its head, looked at me and there’s a crystal-clear tear flowing out from the corner of its eyes. Then, it slowly closed its eyes…

Was this a joke…please tell me that it’s just a joke…


I ran over and held Dusty. I kept stroking its head…and I could feel something sticky in my hand. I looked at my palm and saw it full of Dusty’s blood…

I made this happen…it’s all because of me…

(Dusty’s blood wasn’t in black, it’s all because of a physical reaction. I remember that in middle school, my teacher told me that red can only emit lights in red, but when another color shines on it, it’ll become black. Therefore, when red meets green, it becomes black…I wasn’t sure if I’d gotten it correctly…)


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