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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C5

Flames of chasing spirits, my flames, Dusty is dead


“Dusty?” I could feel Dusty’s body trembling. It didn’t open its eyes. It was panting quickly and it’s very weak. It’s probably entering into a state of coma. It’s all my fault, I was too arrogant…why didn’t I listen to Freed and escape? What shall I do now?

Calm down, I have to calm down, I couldn’t let Silent Water find out that I was worried, or she would come instantly…I needed to calm down!

I didn’t want to see Silent Water getting hurt, but…what should I do with Dusty?

“Oh? Haven’t you died? Strange…is this even possible?” The demon saw that I was alright and he was a little shocked.

When I heard the murderer who killed Dusty, I felt a surge of hot air rushing to my brain!

I put Dusty down, stroked his head and rushed to the demon, “bastard! Give Dusty back to me!”

Although I said that I had to calm down, I couldn’t do it at all! I was the one who killed Dusty! But…it’s this bastard who beat Dusty like this. Freed must have a way to save Dusty, and now, I just had to defeat him!

The demon stood on the same ground and looked at me. He didn’t want to leave at all. Well, that’s even better, don’t beg for mercy later! I used all my strength and stomped on him with my feet. However, I was completely shocked by what happened next – I stomped on air and I went right across his body…then I fell onto the ground.

“Asshole!” I quickly climbed up and waved my fists at his body, but I couldn’t hit it at all, I just ended up punching in the air. What has happened? How come I couldn’t hit him?

“Boy, are you finished? Is it my turn now?” The fire-type demon punched me and I could feel myself flying. I felt dizzy, as if the ground was turning and spinning. Then, I could hear myself falling on the ground with a loud bang.

What happened…why couldn’t I attack him yet he could attack me?

I opened my eyes slightly and I couldn’t see things around me clearly. I dimly saw Dusty lying on the ground and its body twitching from time to time…

No, I couldn’t just fall…it’s just a punch and nothing more…

“Ugh!” I climbed up and patted on my head. Then, I stared tightly at the demon standing in front of me.

“Son, you’re really something. I would like to know if you’re still human. How could a human being have a body like yours?”

“It’s none of your business…you just need to remember…that I’ll kill you.” My vision was a bit blurred and I was feeling tired all over. Also, I had a bit of a headache. I patted my head again and tried to focus. Then, I tightened my fist.

Oh? How come my hand felt moist? I looked at my palm – there’s a little red and brownish liquid, was that Dusty’s blood? I also felt myself sweating, there’s some liquid flowing from my forehead…I wiped it with my arm and saw that it’s not sweat but blood…

How come my head started bleeding after just being hit once? How could he do that? He didn’t look like a powerful demon…

“Son! Can you still hold on? See…you’re already bleeding, how pathetic! Just like that pathetic dog.”

“You bastard!” What pathetic dog was he referring to? Dusty was my family! No one can say anything bad about Dusty!

After hearing what the fire-type demon said, I felt that I couldn’t think anymore. I only had one thought – I had to kill this demon!!

He saw me running toward him and setting several arrays, something like that demon called Misu used. In short, there were some black fireballs. I entered the wind speed, quickly dodged his attack, and stood in front of him. I used my fist again…yet I could still hit nothing. Obviously, I saw my fist hitting on his body but I couldn’t feel anything, it’s like I was just hitting on air…then, his hand was in a roundabout motion and he tried to catch me. Fortunately, I was still much quicker.

I jumped back and kicked sideways. I kicked him but the result was the same.

Damn it! Why would that be? I tried to calm myself down…

I couldn’t hit him as he’s just like air, but he couldn’t hit me either, since I was fast. This still looked beneficial to me as I wouldn’t die in his hands. But…that’s not the case! Dusty had sacrificed because of me…and I had to get rid of him quickly…

“Ah~~~You’re so annoying!” The fire-type demon shouted and there were several flames flying out of his body. They were flowing, and one of them slowly flew towards me.

It’s so slow, are you kidding me?

I dodged lightly and successfully avoided the flames flying towards me. Then, I rushed to the demon again. Before I could reach him, my back suddenly felt painful and I saw black flames burning on my body…

That’s not possible…how did it follow me…it was obviously slow…

I hurriedly patted the flames. At this moment, another came but still very slowly. I avoided it and rushed to the demon again. I decided to use the Dragon’s Roar as I was sure that he would be dispersed.

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