“Pa!!!” “Ah!!!” I was hit by his flames again! How could it be possible? I quickly patted the flames on my arm and looked at those next to the demon cautiously…

What is it about? How come he could hit me again and again? This time I had to figure out why.

I looked at the flames flying toward me carefully, after avoiding it with success, I found out that it’s following me and it came to me again…

Could this be the wind current?

At this time, I remembered one thing – phosphorus is a natural object. Its point of ignition is extremely low. When the weather is hot, some people who cut wood or worship ancestors in the mountains often see some blue flames, commonly known as ghost fire. These flames are actually produced from the burning of phosphorus…When one is close to the phosphorus fire and if he runs, his body would rub against the air and produce airflow, and the airflow would drive the phosphorus fire to flow around. When the person stops, he’d bit by the fire and his clothes would be burnt as well.

The flames I was facing were just like phosphorous fire… Damn, what should I do? If I didn’t escape, I’d surely be hit…

“Hey! Son, how does it feel being chased by my spiritual fire? You can’t escape this attack!” After the demon finished, the flames came again, this time it was all! Oops, I definitely couldn’t escape anymore…what to do…

“Huh~~~ Ha!!!” I roared at the flames, and the six flames were immediately blown out.

“That’s the most they could do?” When I said so, I continued attacking the demon.


When I was lying on the ground, I saw my blood dripping down on the grass. How should I describe this feeling…it felt kind of sad…was I going to die? I didn’t care. However, I knew that I could have saved Dusty, and if I died, who would save Dusty? Would Silent Water do so? No…I didn’t want Silent Water to come over…I had to defeat him myself…

I grasped hard with both hands, and I grasped all the grass around me in my hands. “Uh… ah…” I supported myself to stand up…but in less than 2 seconds, I lost strength again.

“Hello~Human boy, I really admire you, and are you really human? Your spiritual power is so weak, but your body is so strong, you know what? In the previous attack, if it happened on somebody else, he would have died in the second round. Could it have worked because of your Dragon’s Breath?” The demon floated in front of me and kept looking at me from my head to toe. He’s checking me out thoroughly…

“It’s painful, isn’t it? I will let you die in a second, alright? That dog seems to still have a sign of life, is that why you’re still holding on? Wait, I’ll let you die quickly.” Afterwards, it started walking to Dusty.

“Don’t touch it” Damn it, get up quickly! It’s not yet the time to be lazy! Get up!

“Do you want to protect the earth-type spirit?”

“Yes, of course! Freed, tell me how I can do that! There’s no more time, I have to protect Dusty! This is all my fault! Please tell me what to do now!”

“Hey, don’t feel desperate yet. Anyway, you can’t move anymore, so you can’t save the earth-type spirit. Just let it go.”

“Freed! What are you talking about? Dusty is my family, I can’t just see it go!”

“Then when I told you to leave, why didn’t you leave? Aren’t you very powerful? You need to pay for your greatness now. Just get as angry as you want. All in all, you’re a useless scumbag and it’s all because of luck that you could defeat those demons. In fact, you’re incredibly weak, and any demon could defeat you. Just open your eyes widely and be killed by that demon.”

After hearing what Freed said, my brain went blank. Apart from feeling my body getting hot and feeling guilty, I really couldn’t think of anything else.

I am a garbage…that’s right, that’s what I am…I couldn’t protect my family nor anyone around me…I’d only do harm to them.

“That’s right! You’re a piece of trash! You cannot protect your family, and you’re also arrogant. You’d better die before you harm anyone else!”

“Shut the fxxk up!!!!!!”

I yelled and released all the hot air inside my body. I yelled out all the anger in my body!

I am not trash, I am not useless and I can protect them! I had to protect them! See it carefully, Freed, I would be able to save Dusty!

“Uh?” The fire-type demon felt something wrong behind him, he turned around and looked at me with a horrified look. Then, he took two steps back, “you…what the hell have you done?”

It’s so hot…my body felt so hot, and I felt like burning…um? I was really burning!

There was a large flame floating beside me, and it’s more like floating out of my body…

Although I didn’t know what’s going on…but my body didn’t hurt anymore. Bastard, wait for your death!

I quickly ran towards the demon, and the surrounding flames were following me as well. They moved with my motion, without any delay or advance.

I clenched my fist, and my whole hand was instantly covered with flames…I punched the demon in the face, and he flew over Dusty immediately, flying out dozens of meters…Then, the demon screamed painfully and hurriedly patted the flames on his face.

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