What happened? Was I able to hit him now?

“When flames meet flames, although they can’t do any special damage, they are of the same attributes and that demon has become the form of flames. You know, anything that’s turned into flames cannot be cut or touched. However, when two flames meet each other, then they can touch each other or even turn the other party into his own strength.”

“Although I don’t know what you’re talking about, at least I can attack him now.”

“Don’t feel proud yet. After this incident, I’m sure you’ll understand more.”

“Ah, thank you, Freed. I’ve owed you too much.”

When I heard Freed’s hurtful words, I felt that I really had no use living in the world. But when I think of Silent Water, I knew that I had to cheer myself up. If I died, my spirit, Silent Water, would also disappear. She’s a good girl and she had never enjoyed life before. I would never allow her to disappear just because of me! Also, I could still save Dusty! I shouldn’t give up!

“It’s not possible, such a pure dragon fire…how can an ordinary human own it? Even if you know the Dragon’s Breath…but…the flames that you have now are incomparable to those you had before…” The demon put off the flames on his face with much difficulties and looked at me in panic.

After I finished talking, I rushed over and hit him with raindrop-like fists… I kept on hitting the charcoal-like face of the demon and punching his chest. Very soon, my red flames started burning on him and wherever I’d hit started burning. In a moment, his whole body was covered by my flames and he was screaming in pain. He kept hitting his body and finally fell onto the ground. In the end, he had turned into red flames, burning on the grass.

I clenched my hands, and the flames constantly overflowed from my hands, it was such an interesting feeling…

How about Dusty? It’s not the time to feel these yet!

I hurried back to Dusty’s side, and at this moment, I could no longer feel its breath…it’s…it’s dead…

No, no, no, no way, Dusty wasn’t dead yet. Dusty…no…

I hugged Dusty tightly, and I very much hope that it could at least make a noise, even a slight one…but it didn’t…

My tears kept falling and I kept stroking Dusty’s head. It looked very calm, just like it’s asleep…damn it! I was just too late…

“It’s so disgusting, you’re almost an adult soon and you’re still crying?”

“Freed! Dusty is dead…don’t talk to me, I need to be alone now…”

It’s all my fault that Dusty was dead, all my fault…

“Okay, then I will let you be alone for a while. When its body disappears in a while, I will tell you what the remedy is.”

“Um…ok…what? What were you saying? You have a remedy to save Dusty?”

“Yes, I’m the Dragon God, Freed.”

“Ok, ok, Freed. Please tell me how to save Dusty. No matter what the price will be, I am willing to pay for it.”

“Price…the price is that you’ll have one more spirit…”

“You…are you asking me to create a contract…?”

“Well, if you create a contract for it, it will be like giving it a new form of energy. Then, it will restore its vitality and regain its life. ”

“Really? But…Dusty is…”

“It’s okay, within five minutes after a human’s heart stopped, there is still a chance to save it. An earth spirit doesn’t die because of the disappearance of its magic. It still has some magic power in its body. This magic power is maintaining its cell activity. Therefore, at this moment, it hasn’t turned into dust yet. Ok, if you need to save it, create a contract with it. However, you have to try hard to feel the heart of the earth spirit, or you might fail.”

“E…even if you ask me to feel Dusty’s heart, I…” How could I feel it?

“You just need to remind yourself some beautiful memories with Dusty together. You should start now, the magic power inside its body is going to fade away.”

I looked at Dusty in my arms and I kept thinking of the moments when I played with it together, when I bathed it, fed it and slept with it…

“Dusty, my life can’t be without you, you have to survive.”

I gently kissed Dusty’s lips…I saw a stream of greyish red light surrounding us. There was a white light emitting from Dusty’s body. As it’s too bright, I had to lift Dusty up and close my eyes.

What happened? I didn’t recall encountering all this when I created a contract with Silent Water…and why did Dusty’s body feel kind of weird? I could see it growing and its hairy body suddenly became smooth, just like human skin. And its weight seemed to be have increased as well…I could also feel myself touching a human’s armpit…

The light in front of me became dim, and I slowly opened my eyes…I found that there was an lively girl with brownish red hair standing in front of me. She…she had no clothes on…I could see her naked body…

The girl slowly opened her eyes, her brown eyes kept staring at my face. Just when I thought that she would hit me, she happily made a “wow” sound and hugged my neck tightly. Then she said, “it’s awesome, master, I’m alright now~~~”

She screamed excitedly and used her pink tongue to lick my face…

“Hey hey! Wait…who are you? Dusty…where is Dusty…?” I felt uncomfortable when my face was licked by a naked girl…

“I am Dusty, wow~~~master, what are you talking about? Wow~~~”



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