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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C6

Becoming a human being, double attributes, misunderstanding


“Hey, hello! Wait, who are you…Dusty…where has Dusty gone…” I felt uncomfortable when seeing this naked girl who kept licking me……

“I am Dusty~~~what is Master talking about? Wow~~~”

“Wait, wait, who exactly are you?” I grabbed her shoulders and pushed them hard. I wanted the girl to keep a distance from me, but I was obviously wrong then…

She was slightly stunned…her naked body was exposed to me without any reserve…her skin was flawless, pinkish, and her perky chest…I felt like fainting in a second…it was my first time seeing a girl’s naked body in such a short distance. Since I wasn’t sure what to do, I immediately hugged her tightly. Although there was a girl holding me tightly and that she was looking at me happily, I wasn’t feeling excited at all…the girl’s tongue was hot and very soft, I was feeling incredibly strange being licked like that, and I had a weird feeling…no, I couldn’t do this, I had to do something.

“Hey…can we…stop for a while? I…I will give you some clothes to wear…” I stroked her head gently.

After hearing what I said, the girl made a “wow” sound and she let go of my hand. She smiled at me, “master…why give me…oh! What…what is this about?”

The girl looked at her hands in amazement, then looked down at her pale body, and at me again. There were tears in her eyes and she hugged me tightly again, she sounded like she’s going to cry, “mas…master, am I dead? Tell me if I’m dead.”

The girl in front of me was really strange…she called me her master again…and the faint scent on her made me feel familiar. It seems…it seems to be the smell of Dusty. Could…could she be Dusty?

“No, you, you didn’t…” Before I finished, the girl cried even harder, “master, do you think that I’m useless? I can’t protect my master…if I wasn’t so playful, then master would never bring me here…and we wouldn’t see that demon…”

The tears of the girl dropped on my neck and it was all wet…

I patted her head and looked at the flames far away. I smiled, “you didn’t die, Dusty, and welcome back.”

Although I didn’t know what happened, I was sure that she’s Dusty.

The smell of her, that familiar feeling…she’s definitely my family, Dusty.

“I…I didn’t die? Master…tell me if what you’ve said is true?” Dusty’s face was just a few centimeters away from me and she was looking at me with watery eyes. She was waiting for a definite answer.

“It’s true, you didn’t die. Like me, you’re still living.”

“Wow~That’s great.” Dusty burst into tears and smiled. She hugged me again and licked me constantly.

“Dus…Dusty?” Dusty, you’re no longer a dog, you are already a human. If you still lick me like before, it would look very bad…but why did Dusty turn into human?

“Dusty… why did you become…become a human?” I asked her.

“Probably, probably God heard my wish, so he helped me fulfill it! Master, I have become a human being. It’s really awesome!” Dusty let me go and stood up. She was running happily around me. I closed my eyes and I didn’t want to look at her naked body anymore. She was yelling happily…

Wish? Dusty’s wish was to become a human? But God was already dead, could he still fulfill her wish?

“Freed, you know what this is all about?”

“I have no idea; I’ve never expected something like this to happen.”

“You don’t even know?” Even Freed didn’t know why she’d become a human.

“I don’t know everything, it’s not possible for me to know about everything. Also, this was also my first time to encounter this, I never saw this happen before.”

“Is it because of you?” Freed said that they were Dragon’s Gods. And since they were living inside my body, perhaps their energy had influenced Dusty, or Yalide’s impure thoughts had humanized Dusty…

“Hey!!! What do you mean by my impure thoughts? Don’t spread bad rumors about me, you bastard! I knew nothing about it. Although she’s still innocent, it’s still the best consequence…”

“You’ve just clarified for yourself, don’t expose your real nature so quickly, okay?” What was Yalide doing? Anyway, if it wasn’t Yalide who wanted Dusty to become human, then what could be the reason? As Freed had said, spirits in animal form had never become human before…

“Well~ kid, after she turned into a human, you don’t need to think too much. Perhaps it is really like what the earth spirit said, as she had this idea of turning into a human, we made her wish come true with our energy. There might be other possibilities, but it’s all because of the clashing of different attributes, contributing to the mutation of form…”

“Clashing of different attributes? What does that mean?” I didn’t understand what Freed meant.

“Haven’t you found out?”

“Found out what…” Before I finished, I felt two small things pressing me tightly, then a pair of white and tender arms hung on my shoulders.

“Master~~” Dusty lied on my back, her hands hung on my chest, and she said to me sweetly, “Master~~~ I, Dusty, have always wanted to tell you how much I love you, does Master like Dusty?” I could feel a little tension in Dusty’s voice.

“I like you, I like Dusty very much.” I couldn’t help but feel funny about her question. We are a family, of course I love Dusty.

After listening to my answer, Dusty giggled. She ran in front of me and hugged me tightly. She pressed her small head tightly against my chest. After a while, she raised her head and looked at me with watery eyes, “I really love master! Oh? Master, I didn’t notice that your hair had become red. Oh? Why is my surrounding environment suddenly so colorful? It used to be only in black and white. So strange…it’s much more beautiful than it used to be.”

When I saw Dusty looking at the surrounding environment with surprise and curiosity, I explained to her, “actually, Dusty, you were color blind before. The so-called color blindness means that you used to see only two colors, and that’s black and white. Now that you’ve become human, you can start seeing what a human can see. However, Dusty, you said that my hair has become red, what does that mean?” I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Oh, I see~~~then my master’s hair used to be red as well?”

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