“Uh…no, my hair is black. But your hair…it’s in brownish red.” Dusty used to be color-blind, so it’s normal that she had no idea what these colors are called. It’s impossible that my hair was red.

“Is it?” Dusty looked at her long hair and smiled at me, “so my master’s hair is in black, that means the color of flames is black as well.”

“Huh. Huh? The color of the flames? Dusty, what color do you see the fire not far away?” I pointed to the flame in front of me.

Dusty turned her head and looked at the fire not far away, then turned her head and told me, “if master said that it’s not red, but black, then it’s black.”

“No, it’s red, indeed, but is my hair color the same as that?”

“Well, it’s the same!”

Hello~Hello~Don’t joke around, OK? Although I didn’t know why Dusty would know different colors now, and she even knew their names, she saw black as red…could it be because she’s still color blind? And that’s why she saw black as red?

“No~~~an earth spirit sees colors just like any human. She said so because your hair is really in red now.”

“Huh? Why?”

“That’s because you are in a state of fire now, and your hair has also symbolically turned red. Rest assured, this has no negative impact. The conflicts of attributes that I mentioned earlier occurred, as after you created the contract as the form of flames and gave life to the earth spirit, she’s got the attributes of fire now as well. It could be for the reason why she became a human.”

“Do you mean…that Dusty now has two attributes?” Is this even impossible? I never heard of a spirit having two attributes…

“It’s not impossible, it’s just that you’ve never seen one.”

“Really? Then does it mean that Dusty has become very powerful now?”

With two attributes, she’s no longer the earth spirit of the lowest grade like she used to be…

“It’s hard to say for sure, but now that she has two attributes, her abilities are more divided. She will need more time to control fire and earth more easily.”

“Oh~~~” I understood finally. And I could imagine how powerful she’d become when she’s more familiar with the control of fire and earth…wait! What grade was Dusty now?

Just when I wanted to ask Freed what grade Dusty was, someone gently shook my shoulders.

“Master? What’s wrong? Is there anything special about my body?” When I realized, I found that I was staring at Dusty’s chest… I quickly looked up and saw Dusty blinking at me with a puzzled look.

“Uh…” Should I say that they look nice? It would make me sound like a pervert. What if I say that they aren’t good-looking? But her body was…no no, no way, Dusty was my family, how could I insult her?

While I was thinking, I took off my shirt and put it on her.

The blood-stained blue T-shirt looked extra-large on Dusty’s slim body. With the loose collar, Dusty’s collarbone was exposed, and it covered her pale thighs…

Dusty looked at her shirt and asked me, “master, what is it for? Why did you give me clothes?”

“Dusty…you’ve already become a human, so you can’t expose your body anymore…think about it, aren’t Reidy and Silent Water also wearing clothes? I will buy you some nice ones later.”

“I understand it, master~~~I will start wearing nice clothes!”

In Reidy’s bedroom.

“Master. What are these two semi-circular things like ribbons?” Dusty was holding a black bra with both hands, shaking them in front of my eyes.

“Uh… that’s, that’s a bra…” Speaking of which, Dusty had no knowledge of these female items at all. She used to be with me all the time and had never watched any TV programs with Silent Water or Reidy…

“A bra?” Dusty raised the underwear in her hand and looked at it carefully.

Looking at Dusty’s cute actions, I couldn’t help but shake my head. I suppose every girl would react the same way as Dusty did. They must be curious to all these stuff as they’d never seen it before…

After Dusty checked out the bra thoroughly, she seemed to have understood what it’s for. After looking at me, she started removing her shirt…

“You…why are you taking off your clothes?” I quickly closed my eyes.

As Freed was talking to me outside, I couldn’t really concentrate, and I didn’t have much thought towards Dusty’s new body…but now…in a scented room of a girl, with someone taking off her clothes in front of me, that’s really a bit too…damn it, I could feel blood coming out of my nose…

“Why am I taking off my clothes? I needed to wear a bra~~~I only saw it on TV once, it seems that it’s used to cover a girl’s breasts.” Although I had my eyes closed, I could imagine Dusty explaining to me in a serious manner.

“I know… But if you want to wear it, you have to wear it where no one is watching you. Also, don’t take off your clothes in front of boys. This is common sense. Remember?”

“Okay, master. But it should be fine in front of you, no?”

“It’s not fine at all…I am also a guy, remember not to undress in front of a guy.”


“Well, you have to remember this. Get dressed now.”

“Fu~Fu~” With the quiet environment and the changes in my body, the sound of Dusty’s body rubbing against her clothes became particularly loud…

“Goo~” I swallowed the saliva my mouth and took a few deep breaths. I should’ve waited for her outside…it’s my first time seeing a girl changing clothes in front of me and she’s even doing it in a short distance…how should I describe this situation, I kind of wanted to open my eyes to see more…

“Open your eyes~~ don’t be afraid. You see how good Dusty’s body is? She has a slender waist, small but perky breasts, pale and smooth skin…wow~~ I didn’t expect that the earth spirit would become such a lovely human being.”

“Stop the nonsense.”

My heart beat even faster when Yalide gave such comments. No way…I needed to divert myself.

How much is a pound of garlic sold recently? It seems that I haven’t bought any in a long time, and I didn’t know the price anymore. Then, what’s the pi? 3.141526@#%#&%! I couldn’t remember clearly…and why was Dusty taking so slow to change?

“Dusty, have you finished?”

“It’s almost done, Master. Can I ask you one thing? How come I feel like the bra cannot cover my breasts, as if they’re falling?”

Dusty…the way that you said it…made you look really courageous. To my impression, every girl wanted to have big breasts.

“Uh…that? In fact, that’s according to different people. Different people need different bras, so it’s normal you feel like that…”

Dusty didn’t know the pain of having flat chest, and I didn’t want to feel sad because of her small breasts.

“Oh~~~then I won’t wear it~~~”

“Pa!” Someone opened the door.

I opened my eyes and saw Reidy and Silent Water outside the door.

It’s great that they were back. I am a guy after all and there were a lot of things that I couldn’t tell Dusty so directly…

“Are you back?” I smiled at them. Oh? Weird…how come Reidy looked so angry, and Silent Water also looked shocked? Oh, right…they still didn’t know that Dusty had already become a human.

“Let me introduce you, this is…” I smiled and turned to…the naked body of Dusty…

“Go on! Hurry up and tell me what’s going on with this little sister!” Reidy yelled at me.

Silent Water looked at me sadly and said, “mas…master…”

As soon as I got home, I took Dusty to Reidy’s room to find some clothes to her. I didn’t find a shirt for myself, with Dusty being naked now…and she was even holding my clothes in her arms…I knew that I was facing a big trouble…


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