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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C7 Part 1

Temple of Deli God, King of Demons, Taking a bath


No, no, I had to stay calm under this situation. Although I hadn’t done anything, if I looked messy, Silent Water and Reidy would be suspicious.

Just when I was going to explain, Dusty yelled behind me, “sister Silent Water, sister Reidy.” Afterwards, I felt wind passing by, and the pale face of Dusty appeared in front of me. I saw Dusty opening her arms and hugging Silent Water and Reidy.

“Let…let go, who are you?” There were flashes on Reidy’s body. She’s going to use the electric shock again, what an elegant lady.

“Sister Reidy, what are you doing? I feel a little numb.” The flashes didn’t go through Dusty’s body. The reason is simple – as Dusty was an earth-type spirit, electric shock wouldn’t work on her. It reminded me the first time when I saw Reidy, when she was fighting with an earth-type demon.

“How…how is it possible?” Reidy was slightly shocked. She squatted and got rid of Dusty’s hug.

Reidy took two steps back and looked at Dusty cautiously.

Oops, I had to explain quickly, or they would start fighting.

“Reidy, Reidy? Listen to me, she’s actually Dusty.” I picked up Reidy’s quilt and walked in front of Dusty to wrap her body inside.

“Dusty? This girl is Dusty?” Reidy pointed at Dusty’s face with disbelief.

Silent Water also looked at Dusty in disbelief. She lowered her eyebrows, as if she’s thinking about something, “master…I believe what you said, but why would Dusty become a human?”

“Hey, Silent Water, you really believe what this human has said? Obviously, he’s fooling around with a girl at home, and it’s only a lie.”

“Fooling around…have you watched too much TV lately? She’s really Dusty.” It seems that Reidy really didn’t believe me. I couldn’t blame her…for her, I was really a pervert, since I accidentally saw her changing clothes that morning, and…

“Yes~~~I am Dusty~~~~”

Reidy looked at Dusty from top to bottom and shook her head, “you are Dusty? How is it possible…You…what attributes do you have? Fire or earth? Or both? Are you someone from the Temple of Deli God?” At the end, Reidy sounded a bit shocked.

“Temple of Deli God? What is that? I’m not someone from that temple, I am Dusty.”

“Don’t joke around anymore, Dusty’s is an earth-type spirit and it’s a dog. How could it be a human with double attributes?”

“Reidy, she’s really Dusty. I don’t need to lie to you, right? Also, what is the temple of Deli God that you just mentioned?”

“She…she’s really Dusty? Are you sure that you didn’t lie to me?” Reidy looked at me seriously, her light blue eyes were staring at me tightly, as if she wanted to get the real intelligence.

“It’s true. I didn’t lie to you. She’s really Dusty. I don’t actually know what happened to her about her humanization. In short, after you went out, I take Dusty to play and we saw a fire-type demon. Dusty was heavily injured, and in order to save her, I created a contract with her, and this happened.” I briefly explained the situation.

“Wait, even if it’s a contract, she shouldn’t have turned into a human, right? And even if she did, it’s not possible that she has double attributes.”

“About her double attributes, it’s because of me…look at my hair.” I lowered my head and pointed to my hair.

“What’s so pretty about your hair?”

“It’s red, have you seen it, it’s because I’m in a state of flames.”

“Red? Your hair? Isn’t it black, just as usual?”

Black? Could it be possible?

“Let’s not talk about the hair first. Just tell me why she’d turn into a human. And tell me why she now has two attributes!” Reidy looked really serious, I think she really wanted to know.

“It’s difficult for me to explain clearly. Can you tell me what this temple of Deli God is?”

“Forget it, I believe you. You have unparalleled powerful magic, and can also transform the animal-form spirit into a human. You are really strange.” Reidy murmured with her head down, then raised it again, “about the temple of Deli God, I don’t know a lot about it either. It’s a very divine place, and the Gods of spirits live there. Anyone who lives there would be highly respected by our patriarch, even if it’s just a servant.”

“Really? That’s really amazing.”

Reidy was a king-level spirit. The patriarch that she mentioned should also be a king-level spirit. If a servant in the temple was highly respectable for the patriarch, I couldn’t imagine how divine that God of spirits would be.

“Speaking of which, human, since you’ve created a contract for Dusty…” Reidy lowered her head and whispered.

“Uh… yeah, what’s wrong?” I scratched my head, feeling a little strange about what she said.

“Nothing!” Reidy turned and walked out of her room.

What’s wrong with her? Alas~~~ Forget it, I’d better ask Silent Water to teach some basic knowledge about girls to Dusty.

“Silent Water, can you tell Dusty some basic stuff about girls? There are a lot of things that she doesn’t understand.”

“Okay, master. Silent Water gets it. By the way, master, how come Silent Water couldn’t feel that you were in danger? You obviously saw a demon…”

“Um…” I couldn’t really answer that. The responsibility of Silent Water was to protect me. Even though I didn’t want her to be in danger because of me, and that I chose to calmly face the dangerous situation, she thought that she didn’t fulfill her responsibilities to protect me.

“Sorry, master, Silent Water doesn’t want to annoy you. It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. As long as you’re fine, I’m at ease. Dusty, come here, what kind of clothes do you like? I bought a few clothes when I went shopping. Oh, master, here’s your bank card.” Silent Water took an orange card from her pocket.

“Silent Water, how did you feel about going shopping alone for the first time?” I took the card from her hands.

“Feelings? It felt interesting. However, we didn’t know how to bargain like master does, I think we could have been cheated. Will you blame us?”

“No, no, I’m happy for you. You both really need to go out more. I will even bring you both to school later.”

“Going to school.” There was a hint of happiness on Silent Water’s face, I still saw it although it only lasted for a short while. They were really eager to go to school. I was really stupid, how come I hadn’t noticed it earlier? Perhaps I should look for the headmaster the next day?

“Me too, I have to go to school too, I don’t want to separate from you.” Dusty kept swaying her hand like a child.

“Okay, okay, Dusty will come along. Everyone can go.” By the way, Dusty needed to go to school indeed. I had to take the chance to teach her more about humans’ lives.

In the bathroom.

“Huh~~~ I feel alive~~~” Sitting in the bathtub filled with hot water, I felt refreshed and my fatigue after the battle with the demon had disappeared.

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