Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C7 Part 2

“Pa pa~” I patted my chest and looked at my body, I can’t help but sigh a little – now, my body was really getting more and more abnormal. The earth spirit with such a high defense power was severely injured after being hit by the fire-type demon, yet I wasn’t crushed after being hit so many times.

“Awesome, right? In fact, this happened because the fire-type demon was good at physical attacks. If it was another demon good at physical attack, like the samurai demon you met in the demon’s world last time, you’d have the arm on a side and your leg on the other side. When you face those blade-type demons, your dragon’s power could you to offset a huge amount of damages.”

“One arm on a side and one leg on the other side?” I shivered. I had overestimated my power.

“Mmm~~Don’t be discouraged, you are already quite powerful among human beings. Now, you can easily win over a high-level mage. It’s just that your strength is really too weak for the demons, did you know that? After so many battles with demons, you survived only by luck. The seal of Demon Abyss might unravel soon. When the demons come out one by one, then what will happen to the human’s world? Are we going to face another disaster?”

“Hey, from what you’ve just said, you sound like the human’s world is going to end…”

“If no strong man appears before the seal is removed, then the world will really perish, either the human’s world or the heavenly world. Now that I have the time to, let me tell you something. Before we were here, there were demons of seven king levels, they were Satan, Mamen, Lucifer, Leviathan, Belial, Besib, and Asmontis. ”

“Wait, wait, how come I feel like I’ve heard these names before? I remember…it seems like they’re from the seven original sins? But the demons’ names sound a little different.”

“Seven original sins? What’s that?”

“Uh… it’s something I read on a book. There are seven evil thoughts – arrogance, jealousy, anger, laziness, greed, overeating and lust.”

“Yes, that’s right, it’s exactly these seven evil thoughts. Satan’s anger, Mamen’s greed, Lucifer’s arrogance, Leviathan’s jealousy, Bellil’s laziness, Besib’s overeating and Asmontis’ lust. These seven demons are the demons that can truly be ranked on the king level, especially Satan, my old friend…”

“Your old friend?” Were Freed and Yalide friends of Satan? What was that about?

“Yeah, my old friend, Satan. Satan, I, and Yalide are all God’s powerful helpers. Although everyone is a powerful assistant, Yalide and I have been reused by God, but he wasn’t. Before God died, Satan did not show any strange emotions. Since the death of God, the appeal of God’s kindness and love of peace had gradually disappeared, and he had slowly become irritable…I think the resentment in the Demon’s Abyss started to accumulate at that time.

After the demon appeared, he rushed to the demon’s world to help Yalide destroy the demon. But when he approached the place where the demon appeared – the Demon Abyss, he was affected by anger and gained unprecedented strength. Gradually, he lost himself…and finally became a demon as well…”

“Oh, really?” The idea of having seven real king-level demons felt horrifying.

“Well~~~ Our seal, which has sealed them for more than a thousand years, has reached its limit. At that time, we did not destroy them, and we have to depend on you humans, angels, and spirits to do so. That’s why you must become stronger. Although our encounter is a coincidence, so is that fact that you’ve come to this world, this coincidence is a kind of destiny as well.”

“Destiny….but if they’re really like what you’ve said, then aren’t we having huge troubles in the human’s world? They used to be in king level before your seal, and now they’ve become superior level…I can’t imagine how powerful they are….”

“Don’t be scared. In the past, human beings were not capable of destroying demons, so they were demolished by the demons. Everything is different now. With magic, combat skills, contract with spirits, humans at this moment already have the ability to protect themselves, at least they are no longer as easily defeated by demons as before. As long as humans are united, I believe that we can still defeat the first four demons among the seven of them~~~As for Satan, Mamen, Lucifer, who are in front…I can’t guarantee that you can beat them. Never mind. I’ll talk about it later. “

“Ah~~Yalide, why did you tell me these things? I was once ignorant and I didn’t have to worry about life at all, but now…” It’s right when they say that ignorance is bliss. Now, when I heard Yalide talking about the seven king-level demons, I feel horrified to my guts.

“If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t feel nervous at all. Let me tell you, your…”

Someone opened the door without a sign and pulled me back to the reality. I saw someone opened the bathroom door, and a girl with brownish hair stuck her head in, “master~~~how come you didn’t call me to take a bath with you together?”

Dusty didn’t mind exposing her body to me at all. She walked to me and I hurriedly closed my eyes, “Dus…Dusty? What are you doing? Don’t, don’t come here…”

“Eh~~~Why~~I want to take a bath with my master~~~” Dusty stopped and she sounded dissatisfied.

“Actually, Dusty, a boy can’t take a bath with a girl, you know that?”

“So why was it possible before?”

“Before…Because…”Because you weren’t a human before…Humans are visual animals, as long as a thing changes its appearance, then the impression will become different forever…

“Because of what? It doesn’t matter~Master, I have seen your body anyway, you have also seen mine. Since everyone has seen it, why does it matter if we take a bath together?” Dusty’s tone became more cheerful. She splashed some water on my head and the next second, she hugged me tightly with her naked body, “master~~~I will help you rub your back. You used to help me all the time, now we can help each other.”

“No…no way, no way.” I pushed Dusty away immediately. “Ah~~~” Dusty shouted and let go of me…

“What is this?” I pinched the small thing in my palm.

What is this thing that is as big as half a palm?  It’s small and a bit soft, could that be Dusty’s shoulders? It didn’t feel right…wait, could it be…? I realized what I’d caught…

“Uh uh…Master, Master, are you… using any magic…I feel powerless now” After I let go of my hand, I could feel Dusty’s voice a bit shaky.

“Dusty, sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it. I, I, I need to go out first.” Through the cracks of my fingers, I saw Dusty’s face blushing and looking at me with confusion…damn it, she must have been scared. And she must have taken me as a pervert? Oh my god~~~how could this kind of thing happen??? I didn’t want her to hug me when she had no clothes on, that’s why I tried to push her away, but I touched her private parts accidentally…

Although Dusty was my spirit, she couldn’t be touched by me like that. I had to leave first, and I’d apologize to her later…

I quickly climbed out of the bathtub and ran to the door…

“Oh oh!!!” After seeing me, Reidy screamed.

I stopped and covered my body…Reidy? What was she doing there?

“What… what are you doing!? Why aren’t you wearing anything?” Reidy covered her eyes with her hands and she kind of blamed me.

“Have you seen anyone taking a shower with clothes?” I pulled a bath towel off the shelf and wrapped it around my body.

“That’s not true. Hey! Was that voice…was that Dusty…hey human! Are you two taking a bath together? I didn’t say anything before Dusty was a human, but now! She’s a human! And you’re so shameless to call her in a bathroom? You pervert!!!” After seeing Dusty behind me, Reidy went furious, “why, why not me?”

“What? What are you talking about?” Seeing the flashes dancing in Reidy’s hands, I walked back a few steps…

“I’m asking you! Why not me?”



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