Chapter 8/10


Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C8 Part 1

Conditions of admiration, call from the boss, getting up from bed

“Eh? I don’t understand what you are talking about.” What did Reidy mean?

“I am asking you, what do you think of me?” Reidy seemed to say this with a lot of courage, her hands clenched tightly and the flashes in her hands were making a lot of noises.

What happened? Why did she suddenly ask me this…

“Well…you have no idea how girls think. For a big lady like she is, she must be feeling like the things that she loves are being snatched by the others, or someone has got what she owns.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only want to know which answer I should give in order not to be electrified.”

“Instead of worrying about that, why don’t you think of what you can say to stop her from being hurt? Son, what do you think of her?”

“Eh?” Freed, like before, said things that I didn’t understand at all. How could I not hurt Reidy? By the way, how did I perceive Reidy then?

Although she looked angry all the time and I had to seek her approval for whatever I wanted to do, I didn’t hate her. I felt like I was giving way to a strong-willed sister…also, I had even seen her body…and although she was furious at that time, she looked as if nothing had happened later on. Other girls would have made a huge fuss…

“Hey. Why don’t you answer me?” Reidy dragged me back to reality.

“Nothing…so, how do I think of you? I think I do like you.” I regretted soon after I said this. I scratched my head and looked at Reidy carefully…I was so worried to take another electric shock…

Unexpectedly, the flashes in her hands gradually dissipated. I saw her staring at me for a while, then turned her head and stuttered, “who…who wants you to like…no, don’t say this. You…you really like me?” At the end, her tone softened.

I had no idea when Dusty came out of the bathtub. She stood beside me and smiled happily, “Although sister Reidy is a bit too bossy, I really like you. Also, I’m really jealous of sister Reidy…although sister Reidy and Silent Water are spirits, you are in human form and you can talk to master, and you’re so pretty…”

Reidy was checking Dusty out from top to bottom, then dragged a towel to wrap her body inside, “aren’t you in human form as well? And you’re not bad-looking either.”

Dusty looked at the towel on her and smiled at Reidy, “yes, that’s why I’m very happy that I’m now courageous enough to say this. I really understand sister Reidy’s mood…and I also did something that annoyed my master as I was feeling the same.”

“Something annoying?”

Dusty touched her head and smiled shyly, “haha…it’s such a shameful matter, whenever I think of it, I feel embarrassed.”

Was Dusty talking about the fact that she left home…?

“I see.” Reidy nodded, as if she’d understood. Then, she turned to me with a serious look, “like what Dusty said, I’m strong-willed and I like to do whatever I want, and you still like me?”

“This…this doesn’t mean anything, does it? Aren’t all girls the same?”

“Girls…are you taking me as a girl, not a spirit?”

“I also want to know, I also want to know, is master taking me as a girl or a spirit?”

“Haha…in my eyes, you both are girls, human girls.”

Dusty didn’t know why she’d turned into a human, but she’s completely one now. However, the ascendants of Reidy and Silent Water were brought to the demons’ world and they were kept in captivity. When they escaped and settled in the demons’ world, their descendants’ soul had a mutation and became spirits. And although they’re spirits, they’re essentially still human beings in nature.

“Oh…is that true? Well, what a strange human being. I can only allow you to like me a little, only a little.”

“Uh… thanks…”

“Huh~~ I allow you to like me, but it doesn’t mean that I will like you. You need to understand this. Since I agree that you can like me now, you have to promise me something.”

“What is it?” What would Reidy ask me to promise her? I hope that it wouldn’t be a difficult one…

“That is, you are not allowed to take a shower with Dusty. You are not allowed to sleep with her either…”

Great, if that’s the case, I could totally promise her.

Without Reidy’s reminder, I almost forgot that Dusty used to sleep with me. If I continued to do this with her, God knows what would happen…

“Eh? Why is this happening?” Dusty complained on the side.

“What do you mean by why is this happening? Don’t you know that you have become a human? Since you’re a girl, you know that girls and boys cannot take a shower or sleep together. This is common sense. Before, I didn’t say anything, because you were a spirit in animal form. Also, I’m doing this for your safety, who can guarantee your safety if you sleep with this pervert every day?”

“It doesn’t matter if I can’t take a shower with my master, but I can’t even sleep with him? I don’t want it~~~” Dusty sat on the ground and grumbled like a kid.

“I still haven’t thought about the others yet. What about you, human? Do you agree or not?” Reidy ignored Dusty and asked me very seriously.

“Master~~~” Dusty raised her head and looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“Uh…Dusty, listen to Reidy. You are not the same as before since you’ve become a human. And from now on, you have to live like a human being.” I could only smile bitterly facing Dusty’s pitiful look.

“Ah~~~I hate it, I hate it…if I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t become a human…wow.”

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