Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C8 Part 2

I touched her head and smiled, “as long as we can be together, that’s the most important, no?”

“Master is right. As long as I can be with my master, what more can I ask for?” Dusty suddenly became more energetic again. If she had a tail, I think it would be wagging crazily now.

“Hey, uncle, I need to tell you something.” I returned to my room after the meal, and I called my old uncle.

“What’s the matter?” I heard my uncle’s tired voice.

“Uh… it’s about using the money in the bank card recently.” I’d spent a lot of money to buy things for Reidy. Although I owned the card, my old uncle was the owner of the money. I had to tell him if I used his money.

“The money in the bank card? Didn’t I already say that you can use it whenever you want? You don’t have to get my approval. I just finished my work and I’m very tired now. Can we talk later?”

“Uh…can you wait a minute? I have something else to say.”

“Can’t we talk about it later?”

“It’s quite important, it’s about the king-level spirits.”

“You…you know about this? Who, who told you?” My uncle suddenly seemed nervous.

I felt a little strange about this change of my old uncle: “Uh…nobody told me, I saw it myself…”

“Have you met a king-level spirit?” His voice changed again. It sounded tired from the beginning. Then, it had become nervous and now he was shocked.

“Yes, yeah, what’s wrong?” What happened to the old uncle? Is it because I told him that I had met a king-level spirit?

“Really. It’s all destiny.” The uncle said to himself, and told me, “listen, Xiao Xiang, king-level spirits are a kind of unknown existence here. You can’t let the others know of her existence. By the way, that’s a female, right?”

Although I didn’t know what he meant by “here”, from his tone, I assumed that he knew about the king-level spirits…

“They are both female, and I am planning to bring them to school with me.”

“No, you can’t let them go to school…wait, did you just say ‘they’?”

“Um…” I quickly moved the phone away from my ear…as he started talking loudly.

“Uncle…what are you doing? I’m almost deaf.”

“Are there three king-level spirits? How is it possible? Apparently, Xu Ling was already a unique existence…and now there’re 3 of them…Xiao Xiang, how did you meet them?”

“Uncle, before you answer me, can you just let me know why you mentioned my mother’s name?”

After uncle mentioned my mother’s name, I had a kind of feeling which didn’t seem possible, but it’s the only explanation that made sense, and that’s…

“Since you already know about the king-level spirits, then I should probably tell you…your mother is actually a spirit…”

Really…? I had always felt strange that none of the people I’d met ever mentioned about Lin Xiang’s mother. I had always wondered why. Now I finally got it. It turned out that she’s a king-level spirit and she had never shown her face in front of everyone…”

“Can you tell me about it more specifically?”

“It’s a long story, so perhaps I will tell you next time. Tell me how you met them first. Also, isn’t your power sealed by your elder brother? Now, you obviously have not much spiritual power left.  How can you make the king-level spirits want to be your emissary?”

The sealing of power…It seems that I’d become too powerful after getting the blood of a genius and a spirit, and I couldn’t control this nature given my young age. That’s why my father sealed it. No wonder I’d become a useless material…I understood finally…in this world, I wasn’t a useless trash, but I was more powerful than anyone else.

By the way, has his power disappeared with his soul?

“It looks like it. Aside from the dragon’s power, we can’t sense any other power in your body.”

“Really, it’s a pity~~~” After listening to Freed’s explanation, I couldn’t help but find it a bit of a pity. I turned out to be a nerd who could have immense power…

“Well, it’s okay, at least the weak spiritual power left after the seal hasn’t totally disappeared yet. Hurry up and continue your conversation with your uncle, don’t be distracted as this is disrespectful.”

“Uh…I am not really sure how I saw them. I just did under some circumstances.” I could explain about how I saw Silent Water…but Reidy and Dusty…let alone how Dusty turned into a human, the fact that I’d saved Reidy from the dangerous demons’ world would be hard enough to believe.

“I see. Anyway, you can’t let the others know about them. Otherwise, there will be very serious consequences. You know how rare the king-level spirits are. They would be doing fine in another space, but once they’re here and known, your life from now on will be much more restricted. I suppose this is not what you want, right?”

I’d already let them walk around the streets and let them go out alone…

“It’s ok, boss, I have a way to hide their breath of spirits, also, I have already took them out for shopping…”

“You have a way to hide? How did you do so?”

“The Nora grass can hide their breath of spirits. Um, you asked me how I’d know. One of them told me.”

“Really…Then, she gave you the grass, right? You are really as lucky as your elder brother, no, you are even luckier than he was. Don’t be sorry for your weak power, when the appropriate time came for the sealing, all your power will emerge. If others don’t know that they’re spirits, feel free to take them out then. I have to check when I can go back, I’ve been too busy lately.”

“Oh, okay, then please take some rest first, uncle.”

“Yes. Don’t think too much about your parents. They sealed your power as they didn’t want you to become aggressive and arrogant with your immense power. You have to understand them, okay?”

“I know.” At this time, I thought of the dumb bastard Kitashima, who’s proud of the wealth of his family and his power.

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