Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C8 Part 3


“Yes, after so many years of suffering, I’m sure that you understand much more than the other boys. Okay, let’s chat later, I’ve got to go.”

“Ok, bye, uncle.” I laughed helplessly after looking at the phone on my hand, “to me in this world, I’m sure you haven’t been feeling well all along…”

I was initially very powerful, but my power has been sealed…I couldn’t wait for the seal to be lifted, and I couldn’t wait for the day I became a genius. What a tragedy…

I put down the phone on my hand and lied on my bed. I was instantly feeling sleepy. After consuming so much physical power and dragon’s power, I quickly fell asleep.


Oh? There seemed to be a wet thing swimming on my face…was that Dusty? Was it already in the morning?

I stroked Dusty’s head out of habit and I opened my eyes slightly. I looked at the ceiling that I looked at every morning and smiled, “ok, ok, I’m awake, I’m…awake…”

When I saw Dusty, my vision that was originally narrow had become wider…and then I opened them very widely. It’s because I saw Dusty wearing an almost transparent dress and lying next to me. Her pinky face was very close to me. She slightly twitched her mouth and showed a sweet smile, “master, good morning~~~”

“Wow…” I deliberately moved back and fell on the floor with a loud noise.

“Master~~~” “So painful…Dusty, what are you doing? Why are you in my room? Aren’t you sleeping with Reidy?” I stroked my buttom and asked.

Dusty, who’s kneeling beside my bed, breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that I was alright. She tilted her head and looked at the ceiling thoughtfully, “um…I am not sure. Last night, I came out to go to the toilet and I walked into master’s room without any consciousness. Then, I lied in master’s bed out of habit. I guess it’s because I’m used to sleeping here? Master…” At this time, Dusty lowered her head and begged me, “master, since I’ve already gotten used to sleeping here, can you just allow me to continue doing so? Please~~~”

“It’s not good.” When I heard Dusty’s words, the answer “not good” jumped right out of my mouth.

“Why~~~” Dusty jumped out of bed and crawled towards me. Her face was really close to mine, “I beg you~~~master, I really need to sleep with you~~~just like last night. Without master beside me, I couldn’t sleep the whole night…”

“If you didn’t sleep, then how come you’d come to my bedroom without knowing it?”

“Ah, haha~~~in fact, I came here on purpose…you know what, master? Once I stepped into this room and lied here, I fell asleep immediately. Then you know that I really couldn’t sleep if I’m not here.”

“Are you sure that you want to sleep here?”

“Um, yes yes, my master is the best~~~wow~~~”

“Okay, you can sleep here tonight then. It looks like there’re quite many rooms that are empty, I will sleep in the guestroom then.”

“Eh~~~ Why? I want to be with my master.”

“Dusty.” I reached out and touched Dusty’s head, “you are no longer the same. You are a girl and you can’t act like the same as before, you got it?”

“Oh…” Dusty pouted and when she was going to say something, the door was opened with a loud bang.

The next second, I heard Reidy’s voice, “that’s why I haven’t seen Dusty since this morning, it turns out that the pervert has kidnapped her, huh?”

I turned to Reidy helplessly, “you’ve mis…” but when I saw Reidy’s dress, the things that I was going to say were instantly swallowed back with my saliva.

At this moment, Reidy was wearing a pink and transparent lingerie…the “two pink dots” on her chest really matched the color of her lingerie…I remember that’s what we’d seen in the shop the other day…how come Reidy didn’t change before coming in? Could she be coming in immediately after seeing that Dusty wasn’t there?

“Hey! I’m asking you!” Reidy hadn’t realized in what state she was in. She used her hands to support her waist and looked at me from top.

Looking from below…It’s quite a spectacular scene…No, no, I shouldn’t look at it. Thinking of this, I quickly shifted my attention to the floor, “I…I think that you’ve misunderstood.”

“Misunderstood? How have I misunderstood? Tell me, how did Dusty come to your room?”

“About this…”

“I came here myself.” Dusty hugged me from behind, “I couldn’t sleep, that’s why I came here.”

“You’re a girl, how can you do such things?” Reidy stomped her feet.

“I have no method. I can’t sleep, so I want to look for my master.”

“You won’t be allowed to do this next time.” Reidy ordered.

“No~~~ I want to sleep with my master.”

“You… Hey! Human, didn’t you promise that you wouldn’t sleep with Dusty? Do you want to disregard your promise?” Reidy pointed her finger at me and I felt that it’s so unfair.

It’s not that I wasn’t keeping my promise, but Dusty had to come over herself…she could move around freely so what was I supposed to do?

“I…Dusty, listen to Reidy, you can’t come here at night, or I will ignore you.”

“How come~~~I really hate the God, I want to change back to my original form~~~~”

“Huh~~~” Reidy snorted proudly and asked me, “human, why are you keeping your head low?”

Damn it…


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