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Simple Life of Killing Demons_V5C9 Part 1

Girls’ conversation, bald head, such bad luck

“Human, why are you keeping your head down?”

“I…” I didn’t know what to respond to Reidy. After the lessons of the past, I knew perfectly that if I told her the truth, I’d surely get an electric shock. But if I kept being silent, Reidy would soon realize her own embarrassing state and she’d also give me an electric shock or something else…

Damn it, I didn’t know what to answer at all…by the way, didn’t Reidy have a bit of self-consciousness?

“What about me?” Reidy’s toes moved a little, as if she was becoming impatient.

“Nothing, I was just checking whether the floor is clean. Em…it’s quite clean…by the way, you got up quite early today. Aren’t you going to brush your teeth first?” By the way, Reidy’s toes looked so delicate, so slim, long and clean. It seems that everything about a girl is a treasure.

“I will go later. By the way, Dusty, don’t wear such revealing clothes next time. Or some pervert will…” Reidy seemed to have thought about something, and she sounded a bit shocked. Then, her pale legs walked back for a few steps…could she have found out something?

“Bastard…is it really true that I’m so unattractive to you?” Unexpectedly, she didn’t scream and run out of my bedroom, but she suddenly said this to me.

“Eh? What…what does it mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything!” With a loud bang, Reidy closed the door of my room heavily and stomped out.

What have I done again? Why did I always make Reidy angry?

“Ah~~~Girls just to think about random things and they like annoying themselves. The clothes that an earth spirit wears are as revealing as those of a thunder spirit. When you’re close to an earth spirit, you dare to look at her in the eyes. However, when you were talking to the thunder spirit, you dared not look at her in the eyes and you were just looking at the floor. So, tell me, are you disregarding the charisma of a girl? They feel frustrated after being ignored by a guy, especially when there is a comparable target.”

“Freed…I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Are you saying that I should have looked at Reidy? Even though what she was wearing was revealing?” If I kept looking at her, I’d have fainted by now…

“More or less, yes. Given her character…haha, son, you will suffer a lot.”

“Let’s see when Reidy will find her master, and I will be released then.” I had no idea with whom Reidy was going to create a contract with. Although I wasn’t good at handling her character, I didn’t hate her. In contrast, I did like her a bit. Aren’t all little sisters supposed to be loved? She’s a bit arrogant and she had a bit of bad temper. I really hope that her future master could treat her well.

“Uh…son, I don’t know what more to say. Just hope for the day you’re released, if she ever lets you go.”

“What do you mean? Are you going to say that she wants to be my spirit?”

“Well, that’s almost what she meant. This time, you got it pretty quickly.”

“Don’t tease me. Reidy wants to be my spirit? Haven’t you seen how she treats me? She calls me a sicko and pervert…I’ve seen her body a few times and she already hates me. Who would like a guy that she already hates? Now she’s still talking to me, and that’s only because she lives here.”

“She hates you? Well…whether she hates or likes you, you will know soon. Now, hurry up and brush your teeth. Go to school and look for your headmaster. Let them be admitted to school and enjoy your beautiful high school life.”

“Yes, I will. I do wonder why you emphasized the words ‘beautiful’?”

“You will know why.”

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I wore my uniform, took my schoolbag and walked downstairs.

When I came to the kitchen, I saw Reidy sitting on a chair. She used her right hand to support her chin and she seemed angry. She kept staring at Silent Water who’s busy putting dishes on the table.

“Silent Water, your master really doesn’t understand us girls.” Reidy sighed.

“Master? I don’t think so.” Silent Water put the fried eggs on the table and looked at Reidy with a weird look.

Did they not see me? Thinking of this, for some reason, my body moved voluntarily. I took two steps back, leaned against the wall and listened carefully to their conversation.

“No? How is it possible? That human being really doesn’t understand us girls, this morning… forget it, I’d rather not mention it. He’s really bad and I hate him to the guts.”

“This morning? What did my master do to you? Let me tell you, if you really hate the master, then you will not stay here. When you chose to come to the world and live here, it is entirely your own decision. If you want to leave, we will not stop you.”

“What are you doing? Is it because I’ve said bad things about your beloved master? Didn’t I just say that he’s bad? If he’s scolded, then will you kill that person?”

“I probably will. I don’t want anyone to look down or him or say bad things about him.”

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