The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 45 : Lightbomb


With every strike, a dark blue ice pick would be shot out. However, the big creature walked towards Lin Xiang indifferently. When the ice pick hit it, all of them shattered and stood no effect to the creature at all.


Was it really that useless?


Ice flowers began to slowly emerge on the big creature’s body. Its movements became stiff, and when it finally noticed, it was already frozen.


Darkness and light are good attributes. They can merge with other elements and provide them with new properties. Brat, the real move is coming. Now, relax your body.


Yalide temporarily controlled Lin Xiang’s body.


Ah, by the way, your sword-holding hand may be useless for several days afterwards.


When Yalide reminded, Lin Xiang had already jumped high.




The big creature that turned into a giant piece of ice stood there motionlessly, preparing to be slaughtered.


Lin Xiang held the sword in his right hand. Dark energy condensed on the blade. His hand cut into the air and something fell to the ground.




The sword glow flashed around like a big net, each of which cut through the big frozen chunk of ice. They had a converging focal point that glowed a little, like a star as its area increased rapidly.


“Bang!” There was an explosion, and ice shards were shot in all directions. There was a thick icy mist in the air.


“Ugh…” Lin Xiang’s right arm immediately lost its consciousness. The cold sword fell to the ground with a clank, and the demonic shadow and the black energy on his body disappeared without a trace.


‘My arm won’t be handicapped, right?!’ Lin Xiang never had thought that his arm would wave thousands of times at that moment. That was not the Hundred Slashes, but the Thousand Slashes instead.


Haha, no, it won’t. It just overworked. Didn’t I say that it can move in a few days? If it weren’t for your body being unable to keep up, there would be other… oh my?’ Yalide let out a puzzled gasp.


‘What’s wrong?’


‘Turn around and see for yourself.’


Lin Xiang turned his head slowly. After the icy mist became thinner, Lin Xiang found a tall figure standing in the mist. Beside it was a semi-circular shadow that was as tall as his waist.


This guy’s vitality is beyond my imagination. He didn’t die even after being hit with the [Thousand Flashes].’ Yalide said solemnly, ‘He is not just any simple creature. He is the same B-ranked demon soldier as the lightning-attributed demon general, but in terms of strength and defense, he far exceeds the demon general even though his speed is not fast enough. Be careful, brat, you don’t have much energy left.


‘Seriously?! Yalide! My right hand was ruined by you, how am I supposed to defeat it now?!!’


Who knew that guy’s defense was so strong? It’s unnatural to say that he’s strong, there must be something protecting him.


Lin Xiang picked up the cold sword and took two steps back. In the icy mist, the semi-circular shadow, that was more than two meters high, moved.


A long thing stuck out of the ice mist. It was actually a turtle!!!


The turtle’s head was at least ten times the size of a basketball, and there were many disgusting bumps on its neck. It opened its mouth and gnawed at Lin Xiang.


Of course, Lin Xiang did not stand there stupidly. He jumped to the side, and used the only simple fire magic that he had learned, the fireball technique.


“Hhong!” The fireball hit the turtle’s neck. Seemingly not feeling any pain or itching, it looked at Lin Xiang with its dead fish eyes. Opening its mouth, it sprayed out a white water column from it.


What the heck! This turtle is so disgusting!’ Yalide was shocked.


Lin Xiang did not think as much as she thought. He entered the wind speed state and ducked to the side. The water column hit the ground.


How interesting, the powerful flesh of the demon race, coupled with the blessing of the turtle’s defense, forms a double protection. Did the [Thousand Flashes] just break their defenses and separate them?


The ice mist dissipated. It could be seen that the huge creature was covered in wounds. Dark blood flowed as he held the giant axe and panted, looking very terrifying. The turtle next to him also had countless cracks on its back, and red blood was flowing out.


The big creature looked at Lin Xiang angrily, “Since you want to die! Then die!”


Needless to say, the big man was furious. If he had the urge of wanting to make the “Demon Lord” in Lin Xiang’s body stand on his side just now, he probably changed his mind to killing both the “Demon Lord” and Lin Xiang, and everything else that were human.


He raised his axe and swung it hard. The land collapsed and the ground cracked. A powerful shock wave came towards Lin Xiang.


“Get out of the way!” Behind Lin Xiang were standing Satsuki and the others. After he shouted, Satsuki and the others avoided one after another, but their speed was not fast enough.


“Hhong!” Knocking down all the obstacles in front, sand and rocks flew. There were dents on the container. What could crack had shattered, and everything was out of place.


“Are all of you alright?” Lin Xiang looked back, fortunately, Silent Water set up a wall of water to block the flying stones. Nicia also tried her best to release a light shield, so no one was seriously hurt.


“Be careful! Lin Xiang!” Nagisa shouted before Lin Xiang turned his head. He was welcomed with a huge slap.


In battle, there was really no room for distraction.


“Pfft!” The bones in his whole body seemed to be broken. Lin Xiang spat out a mouthful of blood and flew, while the big turtle ran towards Lin Xiang.


Reidy tried to step forward to help, but the big creature got in the way.


“B*stard!” Reidy attacked the big man with a thunderbolt, and he had a slight reaction to it, making him temporarily paralyzed. Reidy focused on the injury that Lin Xiang had caused on his waist and back.


If lightning could strike the muscles directly…


“Silent Water, cover me!”


Silent Water nodded and began to disturb the sight of the big creature with water jets and ice picks. Reidy sought the opportunity and came behind him with a sprint. Dazzling lightning condensed in the palm of her hand, and hit the wound exuding dark blood, “Ha… Lightning cut!”


The golden current radiated brilliant light from the wound of the big creature. He raised his head and howled as a burst of aura burst out from his body.


“Ah!” Reidy was shocked by the aura and fell to the ground. The big creature raised his axe and started slashing again, sending an overwhelming shock wave to Reidy.


“No way…” Reidy’s foot was injured and she could not move. Time seemed to slow down as she could only watch the shock wave hit her.


A flame rushed over and exploded under the impact of the shock wave, forming a wall of fire, shielding Reidy and confronting the shock wave.


“You…” Reidy looked at the red-haired girl in front of her with mixed feelings. Should she be elated for being rescued, or feel sorrowful that she was not strong enough?


“ke…” Fire Lotus gritted her teeth as her flames kept resisting the shock wave. However, the shock wave was domineering that it finally broke through the flames.


Alas, the duo was affected and they fell to the ground. Fortunately, the shock wave was severely weakened.


“Die! Ants!” The big man raised his axe again. Suddenly, a white light emitted from a corner, diverting his attention. That was where Lin Xiang was, and it seemed that the big turtle had disappeared. In other words, the plate-sized turtle that was stuck below Lin Xiang’s foot was it.


We successfully canceled the dark contract. But, hey, this turtle is actually pretty cute,’ Freed exclaimed.


Lin Xiang looked at the turtle under his feet. Although its body was covered in scars, the bumps on its neck had disappeared and its neck became smooth. Its dead fish eyes looked a lot livelier. It was no different from an ordinary turtle. It crawled there tiredly, while watching Lin Xiang motionlessly.


‘Freed, can you burn that big fellow with holy fire?’


Lin Xiang felt pain whenever he took a breath. The slap he received was too powerful.


As I said, light can purify darkness. Similarly, darkness can devour light. That fellow is huge, so he needs more holy fire. Do you want to burn his soul too?


“I don’t want to…” Lin Xiang was very clear about the inconvenient feeling of losing souls. If possible, he definitely did not want it to happen again.


Well… let’s see, each creatures have their own weaknesses. The weakness of this big guy, huh… Hmm, the heart? But he is so strong. Your cold sword can’t penetrate that deep.


Oh, oh! Can’t penetrate?


‘Shut up, you perverted dragon.’ Lin Xiang knew that Yalide must be thinking of something strange, ‘Then Freed, is there any other way?’


Maybe it will be possible with a lightsaber. However, no matter how high you jump, that big fellow blindly let you stab him. He knows his weakness and will always protect himself. How about a lightbomb that penetrates him directly. Its range is limited and must be shot very accurately.


‘But, won’t he move?’


This is when we need Yalide to disrupt the demon energy in his body and let him stop moving.


I don’t want to do it though. Some stinky brat just told me to shut up.


‘Ah, sorry, sorry, Yalide, could you please do me a favor? I was in the wrong just now.’


Oh, want others to forgive you with that simple apology? Won’t a pervert be fine enough to run around the whole neighborhood freely after merely apologizing to a girl he or she just attacked?


Stupid perverted dragon, what are you making a fuss about!


‘What do you want me to do?’ Lin Xiang looked at the big creature, and noticed that he was starting to come over.


Who told you to treat me so badly? I haven’t think of the conditions, so I’ll say it later. Now, raise your left hand and aim at him.


The moment Lin Xiang raised his left hand, a black beam of light shot at the big man.


The big man blocked with the axe and wanted to break through it. However, after the black beam of light collided with the axe, it ran along the axe body like lightning and flowed all over the body through his arm.


The big creature immediately stopped and halted there.


Five seconds, quick.’ urged Yalide.


Fuu—’After the black light shone, another ball of light appeared in Lin Xiang’s palm, and it kept spinning on it, getting bigger and bigger.


“That’s…!” Angie’s eyes widened as she looked at Lin Xiang. Even Nicia was full of disbelief.


Two seconds.


The light group kept spinning, like a spirit fluttering happily.


One second.


The light all condensed together, emitting a dazzle of white. Then, it was compressed, and became a small ball of light.




The big creature moved, but at the moment he twitched. The ball of light hit his chest directly, penetrating it without any suspense. Like the spiraling tail of a comet, the ball streaked across the sky.


The big creature looked at his chest and then at Lin Xiang. The light in his eyes gradually dimmed. He raised his axe and swung it towards Lin Xiang.


“Huh? What’s ha…” Lin Xiang’s vision suddenly blurred, and he staggered, making him collapsed to the ground for some reason.


The axe swished towards Lin Xiang.




A ball of light emanated from Lin Xiang’s body to form a protective cover. The axe hit it, leaving only a crack on it. Then, the big creature lost his strength and fell to the ground.


“The [Rotating Lightbomb], the [Light of Defense] and the power of light… Dark breath, dark shadow and the power of darkness… Lin Xiang, who are you…” Angie looked at Lin Xiang who was lying on the ground as she bit her lip.


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