The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 46 : Feeding Problems


Lin Xiang’s vision was blurry. Closing his eyes, he lost all consciousness. When he opened them again, he found that he was in a gray space, and Freed was floating in front of him, “Freed…”


“Now, do you now know why we didn’t let you use our techniques too much?” Freed circled in the air, hovering on the ground and looking at Lin Xiang.


“It’s my body that can’t take it, right?”


“That’s right, although you are a half-dragon, you are originally human. But we are dragon gods. Even our small moves are burdensome for you. You have to learn styles that suit you as they are all about the essence and not the quality. You need to cultivate well in terms of fire control.”


“Yes, I’ll try my best. By the way, where’s Yalide?” Lin Xiang looked around, but did not find her.


“She’s been having fun eating and drinking outside. You’ve been in a coma for two days.”


“What? Two days?” Lin Xiang was very surprised. He felt that it had been five minutes since the lightbomb hit the big creature.


“Well, you mustn’t think that the lightbomb is not as powerful as the holy fire, like how it couldn’t hit the target if not aimed properly, or something. In fact, it consumes more than the holy fire. For example, the holy fire you can use now can purify one to two B or C ranks at a time. However, the lightbomb can penetrate at least ten of them.”


“Ten!? At least as well?”


If the demon race were lined up and hit by a lightbomb, it would be awesome.


“Don’t think too much, they are not that stupid. The premise is to hit where it hurts. If it is a swarm of demon insects, it can kill a lot, but with the dragon energy we generate now, only one use will consume most of the energy. Not to mention, it will consume a lot of your mental power. Since you are not good at using magic, and your mental power is relatively weak, you will faint.”


“So light consumes more energy than darkness… Is this how you put it?” Lin Xiang seemed to have thought of something, “Yalide is good at close combat, and she can fight enemies only with her physical body, while Freed, yours have long range, so you can use the power of light. However, since you lack dragon energy, you can’t use any abilities after you come out. Is this why you never left my body?”


“That’s one of the reasons…” Freed looked away.


“Is there any other reason?”


“Well, don’t worry about it so much. Just wake up, as soon as possible.”


Lin Xiang felt that Freed was feeling a little awkward for some reason.



“Hm…” Slowly opening his eyes, it was the clean ceiling of the hotel.


Lin Xiang blinked and looked left and right. The curtains were pulled tightly, letting in a little bit of sunset light.


Is it afternoon?


Lin Xiang wanted to sit up, but his habitual right hand seemed to be gone. He could not feel anything. His body was limp and weak, so he spent a lot of effort to get up.


Yalide sat in front of the computer, staring at the screen without even looking at Lin Xiang.


This Yalide, where’s the ‘bros before hoes’ spirit?


Lin Xiang secretly despised Yalide.


However, Lin Xiang, who thought that Yalide was looking at pictures of beautiful women, found out that what she was watching was the news.


Squinting slightly, Lin Xiang saw the title and content.


Terrorist attack at Qibin Dock!!!


On July 22nd, the death toll of the first two terrorist attacks has been counted, that is two hundred and seventy-six people. Among them, two hundred and forty-two dock workers and people were brutally dismembered and killed. The dock was badly damaged.


Thirty-four suspected to be religious believers wearing black robes were killed by someone unknown. The scene was chaotic, and many demons (demon spirits) were found dead at the scene.


The police department and relevant personnel are now investigating. If the public knows any info about this incident, we hope for your active participation in the investigation.


Seeing that, Lin Xiang was a little lost.


Have two hundred and forty-two ordinary innocent died… Life was so fragile and terrifying. Their families must have been very sad.


Thinking of some children who might have lost their parents and became orphans, and parents who lost their children and became widowers or widows, Lin Xiang felt very uncomfortable.


“Yo, you’re awake. How is your body?” Yalide closed the window and greeted Lin Xiang, very friendly.


“It’s nice for you to say. You don’t even care about me.”


“I’ve been taking care of you here for more than a day. How did I not care?”


“Even if you say so, you must have been looking at pictures of beautiful women throughout that period, right?”


Lin Xiang hit the bull’s-eye. Yalide had become speechless.


“Look, I knew it. Has anything happened for the past two days?”


“Yes, many reporters want to dig up news, so they searched everywhere for it and inquire about the situation at the time. After all, numerous ordinary people have died, and a lot of demon apostles have died too. The reporters want to find the person who killed the demon apostles to understand the situation. That big one’s body was disposed of by the Saints, so it was not reported. Don’t worry. No one, but us, knew what happened at that time. There won’t be trouble at our doorstep.”


“Really…” Lin Xiang got out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. When he came out, he found that Aiko was poking around the door for a while and walked in.


“Ah, Little Aiko, she’s here again today.” With the presence of a beautiful woman, Yalide responded the fastest, and could even hear footsteps from a distance.


The corners of Aiko’s mouth twitched, and she murmured, “If it wasn’t for my father’s temptation to increase my pocket money, I wouldn’t have approached a strange woman like you.”


“Have you said something? My hearing is not very good.” Yalide looked at Aiko with a smile.


“No, nothing.” Aiko hurriedly shook her head as her smooth black hair was swaying back and forth.


Are you pretending not to see me on purpose?


Lin Xiang smiled bitterly when he saw that Aiko had no intention of bothering him. He had not eaten for two days and was a little hungry. I have to find something to eat.


Hearing the topics that Aiko and Yalide were talking about, Lin Xiang could not help feeling strange that Aiko seemed to be getting to know about Yalide.


When did Aiko become interested in Yalide?


But that had nothing to do with him. Lin Xiang walked out of the room. He knocked on the door of Silent Water’s room.


” Silent Water? Reidy?”


There was no response, so they were probably not there. He knocked on others’ rooms again, and no one was there. However, in the room where Fire Dance and Dusty were, the door was not closed.


Gently pushing it open, the interior of the room was no different from other room furnishings, all of which were full of luxury. On the single bed, Dusty was lying there.


Approaching Dusty’s bed, Lin Xiang noticed her breathing was slow and her face was rosy. Her mouth opened and closed, probably dreaming. It seemed that she was fine.


Lin Xiang touched Dusty’s face and she seemed to feel his warmth. She twisted her body and leaned on Lin Xiang’s side, “Hehe~ Master… it’s itchy, you can’t lick me here.”


Hey, did you think of me as a dog in your dream? Are we swapping identities?


“My chest feels so itchy from being licked. Um, I’ll tolerate. Come on, Master, bring it on.”


Is your chest itchy?


Lin Xiang looked at the clothes Dusty was wearing. He could not see anything superficially, but her wound should be healing. It was normal to feel itchy as the wound healed.


Afraid of disturbing Dusty’s rest, he withdrew his hand and covered her properly with a blanket. Lin Xiang exited the room. At that moment, he happened to meet Nagisa, who was coming out of the elevator.


“Lin Xiang!” Nagisa shouted in surprise, then covered her mouth, “Sorry, I, I’m too loud. You, are you all right? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”


Nagisa was wearing fifth pants and a beige short-sleeved shirt. Her chest was snow-white, and the shape of her collarbones was so linear. The arms and calves were also extremely pale, especially the two big white rabbits on the chest, which have pushed up her clothes, revealing a little smooth belly.


Nagisa wearing casual clothes was not often seen by Lin Xiang. That shirt seemed to be a little small. Maybe it was not hers, but Satsuki or someone else’s.


Nagisa’s family condition was not great. She needed to be taken more care of, thought Lin Xiang.


“I’m all right now, what about Silent Water and the others?” Lin Xiang looked away slightly. Nagisa would clamp her hands when she was nervous, making him feel embarrassed that her chest looked like it was about to show itself.


“Sister Yalide said you would wake up this afternoon, so everyone was cooking dinner for you downstairs. I came up to check Dusty’s condition.”


“She’s fine, she’s fine. Nagisa, when can I eat? I’m super hungry now.”


“The meals won’t be served any sooner. I remember there’re snacks in the room… How about eating those first?”


“Well, anything is fine, I’m really starving.”


Following Nagisa to the room, a faint scent of girls drifted. There were Risa and Nagisa’s scent.


“Will potato chips be good?” On the glass table, Nagisa picked up a bag of potato chips.


“Yes.” Lin Xiang took the potato chips. His stomach was already growling and he could not wait to tear it apart, but found that he could not use his right hand.


“Don’t you like the taste?”


“No… It’s my right hand. Due to being overloaded in the previous battle, I can’t move it for some time now.”


“Is that so…” Nagisa thought for a while. Her cheeks flushed, and she slowly lowered her head, “If you don’t mind, can I feed you?”


In the end, Nagisa’s voice was basically the sound of mosquitoes, which was extremely soft.


“I can’t ask for more. Thank you very much, Nagisa.”


“Really!” Nagisa raised her head happily. She looked at Lin Xiang and immediately lowered her head again, “I’m going to wash my hands first!”


After saying that, she rushed into the bathroom in a panic.




At that time, Lin Xiang thought that he still had his left hand, so he should have asked Nagisa to tear open the package and let him eat by himself. He felt that he should never have bothered her.


As for Nagisa, she had already washed her hands, carefully wiped them dry, and took the bag of potato chips.


Well, it’s better to not refuse.


Sitting on the bed, she tore open the bag of potato chips nervously. Nagisa picked up a few pieces, “That… Lin Xiang… ah~”


“Ah~” Lin Xiang opened his mouth while Nagisa’s ivory-white, soft-looking fingers with delicate and smooth skin handed them over.


Is this really okay?


He was unsure if it was due to his hunger or something, but he felt that the secretion of saliva increased. “Ah mm,” Nagisa’s finger was in his mouth.


“Yorikawa Nagisa, are you there? I’m looking for you… Wah!!!” Aiko was pushing open the door halfway when she witnessed that scene. She pointed at Lin Xiang, and said in a high-pitched voice, “You pervert!!! What the hell are you doing!!!”


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