The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 47 : Great Things?


“I’m a little hungry, Little Aiko, can you bring me some snacks?” Yalide smiled at the pictures of the beautiful women, not caring that Aiko was beside her.


“Sure…” Aiko looked around reluctantly and found that there was nothing to eat in the room, so she went outside.


“Whether it’s Lin Xiang or his sister, they are both annoying. You want me to bring you snacks… Am I a maid to you? Hmph, I don’t know what information Dad wants to know about her, but I really want to get out of this quickly. ”


Misunderstandings could happen anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether the two parties were in the same place.


After two days of getting along, Aiko, Silent Water and the others got to know each other. Since she noticed that Nagisa’s door was open, she wanted to ask if there was anything there. However, when she opened the door, she saw Nagisa, who was blushing and bowing her head, had a finger held by the lecherous Lin Xiang.


“Forcing girls to do things they don’t like, Lin Xiang, you really suck.” Seeing Lin Xiang hurriedly retreating, Aiko felt that he was guilty.


The impression Nagisa gave Aiko was that she was a timid girl who was not very good at rejecting others.


The most important thing was that her majestic chest was basically a big killer for boys. It was completely expected for her to be targeted by Lin Xiang.


“No, I was just…”


“No arguing! Yorikawa Nagisa, speak up. It’s fine, I’ll seek you justice.”


“Lin Xiang didn’t force me… It was…voluntary…” Nagisa buried her head in her chest.


“Huh?” Aiko felt that she heard it wrongly, “He threatened you, right? It doesn’t matter, I’m right next to you, and I can protect you.”


“No, he really didn’t.”


Aiko obviously did not believe it. She felt that Lin Xiang had a hold of Nagisa’s weakness. However, she did not have the courage to resist Lin Xiang, so she did not speak much.


“Your sister told you to bring her snacks.”


That being the case, she could not let Lin Xiang be alone with Nagisa. Aiko felt that it was the only thing she could do.


“My sister?” Lin Xiang was stunned for a while, and then he thought of that fellow, Yalide, “Oh, I see.”


Seeing that Aiko was still standing by the door, Lin Xiang knew that she should be worried of him taking advantage of Nagisa, so he picked up two packs of snacks and walked out.


When he passed by Aiko, she took two steps back with a vigilant look on her face, which made Lin Xiang smile bitterly.


“That… Lin Xiang… Will your stomach be fine?” Nagisa was very concerned about Lin Xiang, so she quickly approached him.


“It’s fine, I’ll eat by myself in a while. If Nagisa is busy, it’s okay to head down first.”




Lin Xiang somehow felt that Nagisa was a little sorrowful. He watched her walk into the elevator and scratched his head.


“You pervert, stop looking at her. Others treat you as a friend, but you force them to do such a thing, aren’t you ashamed?” Aiko said coldly.


Lin Xiang wanted to explain, but sometimes, explanation would be worse, so he did not speak.


Eventually, Aiko assumed that he admitted. In other words, even if Lin Xiang explained, Aiko would still think he was arguing. In short, Lin Xiang was labelled as a pervert in her heart.


Whenever she thought of being forcibly kissed by Lin Xiang in her own home, Aiko wanted to strangle him. She had doubts of why she did not resist at that time. Aiko felt that Lin Xiang used some ability to make her lose her strength. The best explanation she had was that there was energy in her body that flowed into Lin Xiang.


Back in Lin Xiang’s room, Yalide sat cross-legged on the chair as always, looking at the pictures of beautiful women on the computer.


Lin Xiang did not feel good about her. Yalide was a beauty besides being a beauty. She did not look like a dragon god at all, so he threw the snack hard.


Yalide’s eyes were still on the screen, but she stretched out her hand and caught the flying ‘hidden weapon’.


“What are you doing, stinky brat?”


“Is it that interesting to stare at the computer here all day long?”


“Why can’t it be? You can see all kinds of beauties, it’s great.” Yalide acted like Lin Xiang was being a eyesore by waving her hand at him, “If you have nothing to do, get out and let me have some alone time with Aiko.”


“Don’t even think about it.”


“Mm.” Aiko agreed. Although Lin Xiang was not a good person, that Yalide seemed to be more difficult to deal with. Aiko felt that it was good for Lin Xiang to stay there.




When it was time to eat, Lin Xiang found out that Angie had left. As a famous star, she had a lot of things to do, especially when the concert hall was under attack, which made the artist’s company pay more attention to Angie.


There should be more bodyguards around now, just like when Kamiki was kidnapped.


Lin Xiang thought. Now, he had to face the problem that had been bugging him, which was to find someone to feed him.


Looking at Satsuki, Reidy, Kamiki, Fire Dance and the others, Lin Xiang wished he was left-handed. In that case, there would be no need for them to quarrel over that trivial matter.


Yalide smiled heartlessly, while eating, “It’s okay to slow down. Go slower, so I can have time to gobble up all these delicious food.”


Finally, each of the girls decided to feed him. Lin Xiang did not understand what was so arguable about it, but he had to let his stomach suffer.


Originally, he was starved to death, but currently, he was full to death.


——The Demon Realm


A red moon hung in the air. Along the valley, a red-haired girl stood on the edge, looking at the moon. Her eyes lacked traces of emotion, which made one impossible to understand what she was thinking.


“What’s the matter, Little Valarie,” Behind her, a blue-haired girl who looked a few years older than the red-haired girl walked out of the woods and came to her side.


“Thinking about… what the boy is… doing,” She said it normally without any concealment.


“Little Valarie!” Bellina puffed up her face, put her hands on her hips, and situated her face in front of Valarie, “You can’t think about anyone else. You can only think about… uh.”


The elastic face was violently poked by the little fingers, and Valarie said lightly, “Just dream…  No matter what… it is… impossible… to miss you.”


“What’s wrong with that~” Bellina looked at Valarie bitterly, “Is Little Valarie always this heartless?”


“There is… no need… to put you… to heart.”


“Wuu!” If Bellina received a fatal blow, she would lose her color, and the world would turn dark.




Out of the blue, a black shadow sprang out of the woods. A dark magic ball shot out, targeting Valarie.


“Be careful!” Bellina blocked in front of Valarie and was hit by the magic ball instead.


A flame swept across, and the black shadow screamed, surrounded by flames, and burned to the ground.


Bellina put her hands on the ground, coughed continuously, and raised her head in pain, “Little Valarie, I can’t make it… cough, cough, cough…”


After that, she fell to the ground helplessly.


“Wah!” A few more shadows appeared. Valarie stared at Bellina blankly and kicked her with her feet, “Get up, otherwise, I’ll leave.”


“No! I’ll get up right away!” Bellina bounced up. She did not look as half-dead as just now, but she seemed unhappy while looking at the shadows.


“You scumbags dare to interfere with my intimate date with Little Valarie? Absolutely unforgivable.”


Dozens of water needles flew out and penetrated them. Several demons just fell to the ground and became inactive.


“Really, why have these scumbags increased recently? They clearly know they can’t be beaten, but they kept sticking to us. Don’t they know it’s annoying?” Bellina spat at the dead demon.


“Something is… probably… changing.” Valarie looked at the moon. As the breeze blew, her red hair fluttered.




“Ah… I’m dying.” Lin Xiang stretched out his stomach and lay down on the bed. He could not move anymore.


“Hahahaha, it’s a headache, right? Many people like harems, but having more harems is actually not a good thing. There is a saying that goes well! No matter how many harems you have, you only have two kidneys!”


“What harem? And how is this related to kidneys?”


“So this is the so-called ignorance of good fortune.” Yalide shook her head, sat in front of the computer, and continued looking at pictures of beautiful women. It made Lin Xiang bewildered.


“Hey, Yalide.”




“When are you going to teach me some practical moves? Those like Hundred Slashes are too advanced. I can’t do that sort of level. Under normal conditions, I can’t use abilities of the darkness either.”


“Then what exactly do you mean by “practical” moves?”


“Uh…I don’t know about it too well, maybe moves that I can control?”


“I don’t have a fixed routine. I can say that I can play it however I want, and create moves at anytime, anywhere. I can’t think of what suits you now… Ah~ It’s really nerve-racking. Why can’t you be strong? If you are, then I can teach you lots of “practical” moves. Well, I can’t blame you after all, because you don’t belong to this world. Your awareness of combat and the use of spiritual power are relatively low.” She turned her chair around and stood up.


“Yoohoo! Let’s go, boy, it’s time to practice how to control spiritual power. Using magic will make you run wild, but it is entirely possible to use spiritual power. Just practice more.”


“How do I practice? I can’t move my right hand.”


“It’s nothing to do with your hands this time. Also, do you think I was just casually letting you learn swimming from Silent Water before?”


“The purpose is for me to see the arc of water motion?”


“That’s right! It’s useless to talk too much now. Come on, come down with me, and I’ll show you.”


“But I can’t move. My stomach is too bloated.” Lin Xiang lay on the bed and looked at his bulging belly, feeling helpless.


“You’re really troublesome.” Yalide walked in front of Lin Xiang. Under Lin Xiang’s eyes of confusion, she fell down and placed both hands near Lin Xiang’s shoulders.


“What are you doing…” Looking at Yalide’s very close face, Lin Xiang turned his face away.


“Doing great things, of course.” The corners of Yalide’s mouth rose slightly, revealing her signature smirk.


“Great things?”


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