The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 11 Chapter 48 : Controlling Spiritual Power


Yalide laughed her heart out, “Wakaka, what’s wrong? Not daring to look at me… Don’t tell me, you got shy?”


Hearing what Yalide said, Lin Xiang was not happy. He turned his head and stared at her, “Why am I not daring, you are obviously just a perverted… uh!”


Yalide’s face suddenly approached his. In the next second, Lin Xiang’s mouth was sealed by something soft. His eyes widened and his face was filled with shock.


Yalide’s flexible tongue kept stirring Lin Xiang’s as she showed him a face full of playful expressions.


Lin Xiang wanted to resist, but Yalide was like a mountain, holding him down firmly, making him unable to move. She was skilled and constantly guided Lin Xiang.


A strange current flowed all over Lin Xiang’s body, hitting his brain. He could not tell if it was comfortable or something, but he felt as if he was being r*ped.


Yes, by the perverted dragon Yalide!


By the way, isn’t this pervert only interested in women? What is she doing now? No, my brain is a little deprived of oxygen.


Lin Xiang tried to push out Yalide’s warm and slippery tongue several times, but his tongue always became entangled with Yalide’s.


Lin Xiang’s head felt heavier and he could no longer think.


“Hooah~~” At that moment, Yalide let go of Lin Xiang and got out of bed while shaking her head, “Stinky brat, you still have a long way to go.”


“What are you doing all of a sudden, b*stard!” Lin Xiang covered his mouth and jumped up.


“What do you think?”


“Who knows?!”


“Then is your stomach still bloated?”


“Huh? It doesn’t seem to.” Since just now, he had not realized his stomach was no longer bloated and he was in a very normal state. He was neither full nor hungry, which was the best state for exercise.


“As I said before, I am the darkness and Freed is the light. These are two mutually exclusive energies. However, in your body, our two energies combine and become non-attributed energy, which was also pure dragon energy. It can be transformed into energy such as healing, detoxification, and defences against attacks, not to mention simply speeding up digestion.”


“I know that, but don’t kiss me so suddenly…”


“Kid, you can’t be tempted, right? Hey~ Hey~” Yalide bumped Lin Xiang’s chest with her elbow.


“How is that possible?” Lin Xiang pushed her away.


Damn Yalide, she prefers both men and women.


“It just so happens that I’m not interested in you either. But if you want to learn some indoor moves, it’s fine if you want me to teach you. After all, you are my host now, and we don’t separate from each other.”


“I won’t learn from you. And it’s better for us to separate. Stop talking nonsense, hurry up and get down. Didn’t you promise to teach me to control my spiritual power?”


“Right, right~ Then let’s go.” Yalide grabbed Lin Xiang’s neck, pulled him to the door, and casually glanced at the glass window behind them.


“Stop it, let me go,” Lin Xiang patted Yalide’s hand.


“Having the face and big breasts be in contact with each other is something that boys only dream of. If it was me, I would definitely close my eyes and enjoy it.” Yalide’s chest squeezed against Lin Xiang’s face as she said.


“Who wants to close their eyes and enjoy this? Let go, it’s so uncomfortable.”


“It’s time for you to get used to a woman’s body. What if a female killer comes to assassinate you in the future?” Yalide didn’t let go, and Lin Xiang couldn’t pull her hand away.


“Damn it…”


Lin Xiang’s face was hot. It would be great if Yalide was a man, but he was a fellow with a woman’s body and an uncle’s heart. Having said that, the feeling of the chest was really good actually…


No, no, no, this fellow is a man! Don’t be deceived by appearances, Lin Xiang!


Lin Xiang, who was alerting himself in his heart, walked into the elevator with Yalide while being grabbed by the neck.


Room 2004, at the balcony.


“What on earth are those two doing it…  Aren’t they cousins… yet they are actually… kissing…” Aiko blushed as she could not believe what she saw just now.


“Lin Xiang must have learned the power-absorbing way of kissing from that Yalide. Dad, if you let me approach them to inquire about the news, you are simply pushing your daughter into the fire! This window is soundproof. I can’t hear anything they said just now… No, I can’t stay here any longer. If I can’t increase my pocket money, then forget it. I’m going to give up this mission.”


Aiko opened the window and carefully leaned against the door to look at the elevator. At that moment, the elevator had already descended to the third floor.


“The door is not closed, how careless you are. If you were in the outer world, you would have been patronized by thieves long ago.” After muttering, Aiko tiptoed out of Lin Xiang’s room.


It would be bad if she was seen coming out of his room. But it was impossible to be seen, because Aiko knew that Silent Water and the others were still downstairs, so she straightened up and walked towards the elevator.


“Huh? Flat-chested girl?” All of a sudden, a voice came from behind her.


“There’s actually someone!” Aiko turned her head sharply, and found that the door of Room 2008 was opened. There was a person wearing a short-sleeved vest. No, it was a pervert who came out of it, with a binoculars hanging around his neck. He seemed to be attempting to enjoy the night scenery or something.


“Why did you come out of my boss’s room?” Kurugani held his chin and stared at Aiko suspiciously. He suddenly thought of something, “Could it be…”






Aiko sent a flying kick. Kurugani’s face and glass came into a close contact.


“No, I didn’t! Peeping or anything is absolute the most annoying thing!” After speaking, she ran into the escape stairs as if she was escaping, not even taking the elevator.


“Fortunately this is tempered glass. Otherwise, I’ll be kicked off.”Kurugani got up and found that Aiko was gone, “How did the flat-chested girl know that I was going to peep? Anyway, what’s wrong with me peeping? I’m not looking at you though.”


As he muttered in anger, Kurugani picked up the binoculars and looked out the glass.


There were lights on the beach at night, where people could barbecue and eat. Kurugani adjusted the focus and showed a wicked smile, “Amazing, amazing! Swimsuit beauties, great! Although Kana left nothing in the room, it’s still good to be close to this big window. I can see all kinds of beautiful women.”


After Angie and Nicia checked out, Kurugani clamoured to move into Room 2008. His reason was a very nice one, “I want to take care of Boss!”


But in fact, he just wanted to sleep in the bed that Angie had slept in and smell her fragrance. If he was lucky, he could also pick up some items she used, such as towels, bath towels, etc. Of course, it would be more perfect if there were fitting clothes.


Kamiki agreed to let him stay there. However, before that, she asked the attendants to clean the room, put on new blankets and other necessities. They sprayed some air freshener in every corner, and the room became as if no one had stayed in it. That made Kurugani very depressed.


“Huh? That’s Boss and the eldest sister. Where are they going?” Tired of seeing a sexy woman in a dress, Kurugani looked around again for a target and found Lin Xiang and Yalide.


Yalide was walking in front while winking at the girl next to her. Lin Xiang followed behind with a helpless expression on his face.


“Hey, where are we going? Don’t tell me you brought me down just to see beautiful women.”


“What are you saying? Aren’t I bringing you to a place to practice? We just have to pass through here.” Yalide said so, but Lin Xiang felt that it was not convincing at all. She was clearly looking at beautiful women.


However, Lin Xiang was very curious. Where would Yalide take him and how could he practice controlling his spiritual power?


Before that, he learned to see the arc of water motion. Could it be that using spiritual power underwater would accelerate his movement?


We have to say that Lin Xiang was too naive.


On the beach away from the crowd, under a bright moon, the surrounding scenery was clearly visible. The waves were washed ashore, the stars are shining, and occasionally, a few couples were strolling.


Yalide stood by the sea, pointed to it and said to Lin Xiang, “What do you think will happen if keep running to the horizon?”


“What will happen? Of course I will be submerged in the sea.”


It would be fine during the day, but now that the tide was high, he would definitely not touch the bottom in a while.


“Is that so?” Yalide slightly smiled and walked slowly towards the sea.


When the waves hit, Yalide jumped gently and stepped on it. She retreated to the sea along with the waves and stood on the sea water.


“How… how did you do it?” If it was Silent Water, Lin Xiang might not be as surprised, because she was a water spirit and could control water to make her stand on it. However, Yalide was not.


Yalide seemed to be fixed there. Even if there were advancing waves, she was still as stable as a mountain, because she was not shaken at all.


“You can concentrate the spiritual power under your feet. By letting it cover the surface below the foot or shoe and flow against the arc of water motion, that’s pretty much it.”


“It’s easy for you to say, but how do I do it?”


“Well, figure it out for yourself. I think Risa and the others will have to play here for a few more days. Let’s practice more while the sea is available, or you’ll have to practice in the bathtub when you go back.”


“I don’t even know how to mobilize my spiritual power.” If it was dragon energy, Lin Xiang might have known a little.


“So, you have to think for yourself. By the time you can stand on the water, I think you probably will reach the threshold of controlling spiritual power? Well, I am not very clear about this aspect. In the future, if you can release spiritual power, you can also have an aura. If you are strong, you can suppress others and prevent them from moving.”


“Is it like the dragon pressure?” Lin Xiang recalled that when Satsuki and others questioned Valarie’s identity. The dragon pressure she released made everyone feel uncomfortable.


“Yes. And there’s no problem with using the spiritual sword.”


“Spiritual swords, like lightsabers, are condensed from spiritual power…” Lin Xiang was a little excited when he thought that if he did not bring a weapon or lost a weapon, he could make a sword with spiritual power.


However, what was bothering him was if he could control his spiritual power. Lin Xiang had never felt or used spiritual power. Looking at the sea, Lin Xiang was a little dazed.


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