The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 1 : Strange News from the Demon World


Where there is life, there are society, colony, and order.


Just like lions in nature, they had their own social society as well as their own rules and order. The lion king had more than ten lionesses as the harem, and it usually did not have to do anything. The lioness would bring food to the lion king. It could be said that life was so delicate. However, when it faced foreign enemies, it needed to be responsible for protecting the safety of the harem. If the lion king was challenged and defeated by other lions, then its status would be nothing. That was their rule of order. The same was true of the little ants. The worker ants were responsible for carrying food, and the queen was responsible for reproduction. That was their order.


For intelligent creatures, order was even more indispensable.


In the Spirit Country, the hometown of Reidy and Remi, Delza.


From time to time, guards in armor could be seen patrolling the streets. Spirits were hawking goods on both sides, forming a scene of prosperity, just like returning to the middle ages.


Without any pollution of modern technology, with blue sky and white clouds, the spirits lived a harmonious life. Although there would occasionally be disputes between spirits due to their spoken language, they would be stopped by the guards soon, and everyone would be reconciled.


In front of a stall selling spring water, two spirits with tiger heads were talking to the stall owner, a tiger man, who also looked like a tiger but had a human body.


“Toby, it’s not very safe in the wild recently. Let’s go find the magic spring water together, so we can at least take good care of ourselves.”


“What happened?”


“Haven’t you heard? That incident.”


Toby, the tiger man, shook his head blankly. He usually sold spring water, and he would try to improve his strength during his spare time. Since the encounter of demon attacks with Lin Xiang and the others, Toby, the tiger man, has vowed to become stronger. Although he could not protect Reidy, he felt that he should at least not to drag them down, so he seldom interacted with other spirits. He had been practicing hard.


“Pig man Peak, you know, right? The son of the uncle’s wife’s uncle’s neighbor’s father’s friend was killed in the wild. A hole was dug out of the body, and it seems that the “heart” was dug out.”


“The heart was dug out?” Toby, the tiger man, immediately thought of what his companion said.


Every spirit had its own magic crystal, which was formed by condensing magic power, which every spirit had. Without the body of the magic crystal, magic would soon be broken. Until there was no magic power in the spirits’ body, the spirit would be turned to light and dust.


Magic crystal was considered the second heart to spirits. That heart was more important than the real heart, because the spirits might be able to survive without the heart. However, without the magic crystal, it would definitely die, unless the spirit had magic power that was enough to condense a new magic crystal.


However, that was impossible. Magic crystals were the source of magic power for spirits. Without magic crystals, there would be no magic power. Where could they find the magic power to condense new magic crystals? Even if there was an external supply of magic power, it was impossible to condense new magic crystals.


Tiger man Toby’s simple and honest face showed a look of panic, “Do you know what did it? Was it humans?”


“I don’t know. It is rumored that when he was discovered, his body was devoured by wild wolves, and it was almost ashen. The scene was terrible.”


“Well, let’s go out together in the future. If something like this happened once, there might be a second time. Did the Lord say anything?”


“The body was found far away from the country. The Lord Reiji said that he would go there to find the murderer. However, Lord Feng Duan said that since such a thing happened, the murderer would definitely not stay there. The Demon World is such a huge place, so it’s better to let the guards strengthen the security of the periphery. Meanwhile, we should be together when we go out.”


Another tiger man said in a low voice, “I just heard the guards say that there are several more disappearances. Not only on our side, but also near other big cities, even a village was destroyed. If not for the sake of my family, I don’t even want to go out of the country. When the news comes out later, I’m afraid people will panic and no one will dare to leave the house.”


Speaking of that, the two tiger men shuddered, and Toby, the tiger man, was not feeling much better.


There were always talks about spirits’ death when they left the house, but it was definitely not rare. It could be said that there were no more than one hundred cases per year. And they were either killed by demons or attacked by wild spirits.


However, being dug out of the magic crystal was a really frightful thing. No demon would do such a thing. They either eat the spirits or leave their corpses. Wild spirits with low IQs would be out of question.


Being poached out of magic crystals was creepy to spirits, because being poached out of magic crystals would mean death.




A cyclone symbol was carved into the wall at the top of the castle.


Although the castle was not majestic, it seemed to have a long history and made people feel solemn.


That was the castle of one of the three major country lords, Wind Style Castle.


“Miss Wind Chime, the master said not to go to the wild recently, so as not to encounter any dangers.” On the top floor of the castle, an old woman said to the door.


A slightly low female voice came from the room, “Understood, if there is nothing else, you can go back to work first.”


The old woman smiled bitterly, knowing her young lady pretty well.


The lady must be unimpressed.


After all, she had seen the young lady since she was a child. After telling her the information about not leaving the castle, she withdrew.


The furnishings in the room were very simple, and it was impossible to tell that it was a girl’s room. There were several bookshelves full of tattered books and a large table full of books. A bench was next to it, with blankets and pillows. It was not hard to see that someone had been sleeping there.


However, a big bed was not far away from the long wooden chair. It was neat and tidy, as if no one had slept there before.


Who would ignore a comfortable bed, but slept on a chair instead?


“Someone poached out a magic crystal?” There was a girl with short purple hair sitting on the chair. Her hair was a little messy, but her facial features were exquisite and her body was clean. Otherwise, if she changed into old clothes and got some dust on her nose, she would definitely be regarded as a slave who escaped. Of course, there was no such thing as slaves in the Spirit Country. Her drowsy eyes were constantly scanning the books in her hands.


That was a book about the records of spirits themselves. It was written by a spirit scholar who considered a lunatic a long time ago. Although it was a lunatic, the content in it was very complete. Part of the book’s contents was about magic crystals.


“Magic crystal, the crystal formed by the condensed magic power of spirits. It is possessed by spirits as soon as they are born, and with the growth of age and strength, it can hold more magic power.”


It can be called the true heart of the spirits. No spirits can live without it. Losing the magic crystal is like losing the source of power, and the next thing will be death.


The magic crystals of different spirits have different shapes and different parts.


Compared to us, humanoid spirits, the magic crystals are concentrated and unified under the heart.


I guess that for some powerful spirits, the magic power contained in the magic crystal will be relatively pure, so the magic power he releases will give people a more advanced feeling. Therefore, titles, like low-level spirits and intermediate-level spirits, are formed.


By dissecting the dead spirits and comparing their magic crystals, my thoughts are confirmed. The magic power contained in the magic crystals of weak spirits is very impure, while the strong spirits are the opposite.


It seems that these things are determined at birth. As long as your magic power is weaker than another, you can’t beat that tougher spirit.


I always thought so, but it wasn’t until after that incident that I realized I was wrong. This is about a vicious snake that was caught before.


It is more than ten meters long and no smaller than an ancient tree in width. At first, it destroyed many villages in the south. The local city lord himself went out with his horse, but couldn’t hurt it at all. However, he was killed by it instead.


Here’s a general introduction to fellow descendants. Originally, there was only one city lord, but since then, there have been three. This is to prevent the appearance of enemies, because a city lord can’t handle it.


The Spirit King was furious when he heard about it, and dispatched ten forbidden soldiers, but they also failed. After that, fifty forbidden soldiers were sent to the scene and it was finally defeated. The battle was very heroic. I didn’t participate at the time. I came to the scene later and exclaimed in awe when I saw the destroyed village.


Within a kilometer, the trees fell. Blood flowed like rivers and corpses of various spirits were everywhere. The land was in tatters.


I noticed that it was just a high-level spirit, but it could cause such powerful damage to the surrounding area, and even fifty forbidden soldiers joined forces to subdue it. Therefore, I asked the Spirit King to dissect it, and wanted to study its magic crystal.


The Spirit King gave permission.


Although dissecting living spirits was very cruel and it may make the soul of the dead dragon god furious, not killing that evil snake will cost a few more lives. I’m also really curious about it anyways.


Its skin was very tough, and I managed to pierce its abdomen with great difficulty. Unexpectedly, its flesh was very solid, and it took a lot of effort. Finally, I found its magic crystal, which was the size of two fully mature Aoqiuen fruit.


No wonder it was so fierce. With such a large magic crystal, the magic power contained is, of course, very huge.


The constantly struggling evil snake stopped struggling after the magic crystal was taken out of its body, and its red eyes closed.


The guards let it go of it and I wanted to study this large magic crystal. However, the snake’s closed eyes opened again, and its tail that was enough to destroy a hill swept towards me. Fortunately, a soldier rescued me in time.


After that, several forbidden soldiers were injured, and the evil snake was subdued again.


The magic crystal can continue to function after being taken. Could it be…


As I thought, I found another magic crystal in its body, about the same size as the first one. This time, the evil snake really died.


Although it is not pure magic, but the content of magic is very large, which can make up for the lack of purity of magic. That is to say, as long as the magic is strong, it can kill spirits with pure magic.


The evil snake is so powerful because its mutated magic crystal has a lot of magic power.


This shows that no matter how weak the spirit is, as long as there is an opportunity to make the magic crystal larger, or to increase the purity of the magic power, it can become stronger. Strength is not something that is determined at birth.


The Great Dragon Gods, the Great Spirit Gods, although their births have differences, they did not favor either side.


After that, I thought, if a spirit has two magic crystals, wouldn’t it be able to become powerful?


I have tried numerous times, but failed. Even though they are spirits with the same attributes, putting a foreign magic crystal of other spirits into their bodies do not grant the ability for them to use it.


So what happens if I replace the small magic crystal with the big one?


The experiment still failed. As long as the magic crystal leaves the spirit, the spirit’s whole body function will dissipate within a minute, even if the magic crystal is transplanted within a minute.


Due to my crazy experiments, I sacrificed a lot of spirits, and other scholars began to reject me. However, if I really succeed, then I can make the spirits stronger and no longer need to be afraid of demons.


I think the spirits in the experiment are relatively low-level and don’t know much about spirituality. I want to find humanoid ones, but they are all very afraid of death, so no one dares to be my experiment subject.


One day, I couldn’t bear it anymore and I caught dozens of humanoid spirits… As a result of the experiment, they all died. I don’t know the reason, but I think it must be correct to use other magic crystals. Maybe, my method is wrong.


However, I can no longer experiment, because I have been locked in a prison for killing dozens of humanoid spirits. I can never get out.


I have no regrets and if given another chance, I will definitely do it again. However, I have no more chance. What await me are the dull days, the dark prison, and the cold bed.


If one day, the magic crystal is dissolved and can be turned into energy to swim in the body, the spirits won’t have to worry about the magic crystal being taken out and causing death, right?


I am looking forward to that day, but, no. It may be the punishment of the dragon god, because I got sick, and even the healing spirit can’t heal me. However, I’d like to write about my life’s research on spirits.


Hopefully, someone will be able to understand how to use the magic crystals of other spirits. Of course, no more life-killing experiments like mine.


In fact, I have always wondered, where did we, spirits, come from? What is waiting for us in the afterlife?


After reading, Wind Chimes closed the book and murmured, “What a senior who is crazy about knowledge. Will magic crystals being poached out be related to the use of magic crystals?”


Wind Chime’s eyes flashed with a hint of brilliance.


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