The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 2 : Huge Ball of Cotton


“Hu~hu~” Lin Xiang went back to his room to take a cold shower and fell asleep on the bed. He was so tired.


It had been like that for two days.


Controlling spiritual power was not easy. If it was learning from an early age, it would be a piece of cake due to a child’s strong adaptability. If a child was raised by a wolf, then the child’s behavior would be no different from that of a wolf, and it would be called a wolf child.


If an ordinary child was suddenly supported by a wolf, it would definitely not work. Similarly, it was not enough to let wolf children learn human behavior. So many things should be learnt since childhood.


Lin Xiang was like that, not to mention that he was already a seventeen-year-old boy. At the same time, he was a person who did not belong to that world. It was very difficult to learn to control his spiritual power.


This was because he never had any spiritual power in the first place, so he could not sense it at all.


“Well, take your time.” Those were Yalide’s words, “It’s normal that you can’t last that long the first time.”


The last few words sounded slightly weird though.


Yalide looked at Lin Xiang, who was sleeping soundly, and walked out of the room. She got on the elevator, and went down to the first floor.


Walking out of the hall, with the unique smell of the sea, the sea breeze blew head-on. It was already twelve o’clock, and there were basically no one at the beach aside from a few young girls still playing games.


“Don’t you know that following a lady is a very obscene thing?” Yalide crossed her hands on her chest and looked up at the full moon in the sky. People who had no clue would think that she was talking to herself.


Soon, a middle-aged uncle walked out from a door, wearing casual clothes and had black hair. He looked no different from ordinary people, but he probably had a sense of maturity in him compared to ordinary people.


“I don’t think it’s obscene.” The uncle’s voice was flat. He walked to Yalide and stood side by side with her while his hands remained in his trouser pockets, looking at the sky, “If I can go by one day without knowing your true identity, I can’t be relieved.”


“Ladies all have their own secrets, don’t they?”


“Indeed, but, I want to take care of my good friend’s nephew.” *Sekisawa Tadashi’s eyes glanced to Yalide. His gaze was filled with warnings. (*Aiko’s father)


“You think I’ll hurt that stinky brat?” Yalide laughed and looked at Sekisawa Tadashi.


“From my current point of view, you won’t. However, in the future, I can’t guarantee it. If you are the one invited by Lin Hao, then I can rest assured, but Lin Hao doesn’t know your identity either, which makes me worry. How can someone with strength beyond a demon hunter take care of a boy who is just a demon resistor for no reason? Tell me your identity.”


“Oh, there are some things that you can’t know.” Yalide looked at the moon again, “You just need to know that I won’t hurt him. I hope you don’t follow me. Otherwise I will be very troubled. If you call your daughter Aiko, that’s fine.”




“If you still want to see your daughter grow up healthily, don’t let me get close to her. Dad!” Aiko suddenly burst into Sekisawa Tadashi’s room and shouted last night.


“What’s the matter? Do you think an increase in pocket money is not enough?”


“No.” Aiko looked a little anxious, and wanted to say something but held herself back, “Ah~~ that’s someone else’s privacy, so I won’t say it. In short, if you want your daughter to grow up healthily, let me give up this task. You don’t have to increase my pocket money.”




His daughter’s words still echoed in his mind. Sekisawa Tadashi did not know what was wrong with her. Logically speaking, her daughter always wanted more pocket money.


“In that case, how about having a fight with me? Let me know that you are capable of protecting him.”


“With you?” Yalide looked at Sekisawa Tadashi and shook her head, “I can’t win against you now.”


“Oh?” Sekisawa Tadashi was a little surprised. Could she see his strength? That’s impossible, right?


“Don’t think that you will win since I can’t beat you. I can’t defeat you, and neither can you.” Yalide looked at the moon again. Under the moonlight, she had fluttering black hair and snow-like skin, showing sharp contrast.


Sekisawa Tadashi narrowed his eyes slightly. Although he was a casual person, it did not mean that someone could degrade his dignity as a strong person.


“Don’t think about it, I won’t fight you. Put your energy on the demon apostles. You are obviously a saint, but let those demon apostles invade the human world instead and cause casualties. This is your fault.” A strange light flashed in Yalide’s eyes, reflecting the full moon. As if recalling something, she scolded softly, “Damn it…”


“The dock incident is indeed our negligence, but we can’t do the front defense without knowing where the demon apostle came from.”


“That’s your business. Take good care of the human world. I want to walk around and don’t come with me.” Yalide said as she walked to the beach.


“Why don’t you just tell me your name, isn’t that okay? I don’t think your name is Ali.”


“Don’t take even an inch from me. Being able to chat with you is a gift from your father.”


“My father?” Sekisawa Tadashi looked at Yalide’s back until Yalide disappeared into the darkness. He showed a wry smile, “My child’s mother, this is the first time I have met a woman who is more unreasonable than you.”




“Little Dusty, is your body alright?” Outside Room 2004, two young girls stood.


Brown-red hair and burgundy hair were their signature traits.


“No problem, Sister Fire Dance. As long as I sleep with Master, I will be fine tomorrow.”


“Oh, let’s go in then.”


Opening the door, Dusty probed her surroundings and looked around, “Lady Dragon God isn’t here, perfect chance.”


The two little shadows crept in.


Lin Xiang slept soundly, with his hands open. His mouth moved a few times from time to time, and a smirk appeared. It must be a good dream.


Dusty and Fire Dance looked at each other, climbed into the bed from the left and right, and lay down beside Lin Xiang carefully, fearing of waking him up.


Fire Dance rested on Lin Xiang’s right arm, while Dusty raised Lin Xiang’s left arm, trying to get under him.


“Hmm…” His right hand had no consciousness. In his sleep, Lin Xiang felt someone move his left hand, so he turned around and flipped to the right.


“Ah?” Fire Dance was suddenly hugged by Lin Xiang and her heartbeat rate accelerated, “Little Dusty, I feel very happy at this moment. Even if I can’t eat potato chips in the future, or even live without lollipops, it doesn’t matter…”


“That’s great, Sister Fire Dance. I also want to be held by Master to sleep.” Dusty said with envy as she put her head on Lin Xiang’s back and fell asleep within a while, letting Fire Dance talk about her feelings alone.


“Little Dusty?” Fire Dance called out. Noticing that Dusty did not respond, she knew that she was asleep, so she closed her eyes too. However, she was too excited. She did not know why that happened, but she knew that every time she was like that, she quickly fell asleep…

After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again.


Her innocent eyes, which were originally full of hope, became extremely cold. She felt that a hand was pressing on her abdomen, as if she was being hugged like a pillow. She slowly turned her eyes to the side…


It’s the face of that hateful human being!


Grabbing Lin Xiang’s hand, just as she was about to throw it aside, Dusty let out a sleepy voice, “Hehe, Master~”


Her movement stopped, and there was a hint of softness in Fire Lotus’s eyes. She did not shake Lin Xiang’s arm away, but gently wanted to lift his arm and wiggle her body out.



In a dreamlike scene, there was a huge wad of cotton! Delicate, soft! Lin Xiang held the ball of cotton.


“Master, that cotton is huge! Silent Water wants to use it as a blanket.” It was unsure when Silent Water appeared. She pressed her body against Lin Xiang’s back, looked at the cotton, then at Lin Xiang. She lowered her head and whispered, “Let’s make a blanket that two people can cover with…”


“What!?” Lin Xiang’s heart skipped a beat after hearing that. He asked nervously, “What do you mean a blanket for two people?”


“It’s… for Master and Silent Water… to share…” Silent Water said at the end. Her face was extremely red, like a ripe red apple, tempting one to take a bite.


“Gu~” Lin Xiang gulped.


Suddenly, Lin Xiang found that the cotton in his arms had turned black, and had grown limbs. It was struggling in his arms constantly, and wanting to pull itself out of Lin Xiang’s grasp.


Lin Xiang did not understand for a while. What happened? Why did the white cotton that was fine just now suddenly become demonized?


When the hand was about to push him away, Silent Water shouted.


“Master, please hold on to it.”


“Oh!” Lin Xiang was full of strength and firmly grasped the ball of cotton.



“Hmm!” Fire Lotus did not expect Lin Xiang to hug her so tightly. This nasty human being.


No matter how hard she tried, she could not break free.



“Silent Water, hurry up and do something, this cotton is too powerful!”


Silent Water did not move for some reason, but hid behind Lin Xiang. Was she afraid?


Lin Xiang was clueless.


“Beep~” The demonized cotton made a cry, and its tentacles wrapped around Lin Xiang’s wrist, trying to pull his left hand away.


Can’t let it go. At that moment, Lin Xiang only wanted to hold on to that ball of cotton.



“B*stard.” The harder Fire Lotus pushed, the tighter Lin Xiang’s hug became. Just like a python, the more violently the prey resisted, the more ferociously it twisted.


“I didn’t want to wake Dusty at first, but you forced me into this… Ha!”



“Master is so good, you caught its weakness.”


“Oh!” Lin Xiang nodded excitedly. His hand grabbed the bulge in the middle and upper part of the cotton ball. The demonized cotton immediately stopped swinging.


“What should I do now?” Lin Xiang’s hand unconsciously pinched the soft part. Although it was said to be cotton, its softness did not lose its elasticity.


“Silent Water will try to make it into a blanket.” Although Silent Water said so, she did not leave Lin Xiang’s back, and kept her face on it while clutching his clothes.


“Silent Water?” Lin Xiang turned his head in confusion, wanting to see what Silent Water was doing, when he was suddenly slapped him in the face.


With a “slap” sound, Lin Xiang felt very painful. He let go of the cotton ball, and it ran away immediately.


There was a burning pain in his cheek. Lin Xiang wanted to catch up, but he could not move, as if Silent Water was grabbing his clothes.


“Silent Water, what’s wrong with you?”


Lin Xiang turned his head, but found that it was Dusty. The dreamy scene also turned into a dim hotel room and the moon shining through the window barely made it clear to Lin Xiang that it was Dusty.


“Am I dreaming? But the dream felt so real, and my face hurts.”


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