The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 3 : Little Turtle


“I’ve been having so much fun these days that I’ve been tanned. Reidy, why didn’t you and the girls have a tan?” At breakfast, Risa looked at her arm, which had a slight colour of wheat, and then glanced at Reidy, Silent Water and the others as she said involuntarily.


“We are probably born with it.” There was an indescribable pride on Reidy’s face. It might be due to the fact that she was proud of being a spirit. After all, spirits’ skins were all perfect.


“No, I can’t sunbathe anymore. I have to whiten myself this summer holiday.” Risa looked determined, then turned her eyes to Lin Xiang, “By the way, Xiang, I just wanted to ask, why is your face so red?”


“I don’t know either. I fell asleep last night, and that’s it.” Yes, Lin Xiang had a strange dream last night, and he could not remember its details clearly. He only recalled that there was Silent Water and a huge ball of cotton in his dream… After that, his face was sore, and then he woke up to find that Dusty was in his bed.


Maybe Dusty had a nightmare and accidentally hit me, even though he did not find any signs of her having a nightmare at the time.


That could be included in his cases of unsolved mysteries. Furthermore…


Fire Lotus’s intentional or unintentional murderous gaze should also be included in his cases. She was just rejecting his existence before, but why did it seem that his relationship with her suddenly deteriorate…


“I miss Choshi and my father very much. When do you plan to go back?” Kaoru asked, putting down her chopsticks.


“Any time, I don’t want to play outdoors anymore. The sun is so fierce. If I get darker, I will be black.”


“A little black is healthier. Come on and let this big sister have a touch.” Yalide, who was next to her, grabbed Risa’s arm without explanation.


“That…” Risa turned her gaze to Lin Xiang. She was not very good at dealing with Yalide.


I’m sorry, but I’m not good at it too. Or, in other words, no one here is Yalide’s opponent, in any way.


Therefore, Risa had no choice but to be touched by Yalide on her arm while smiling wryly. However, after a while, her wry smile turned into laughter, “Wow! Am I dazzled? Why does it feel like my arm got whiter?”


When Risa said that, Lin Xiang noticed that the arm that was touched by Yalide was indeed whiter than the other.


“Kaka, a little magic,” Yalide smiled and proceed to grab Risa’s other arm. That time, Risa no longer resisted, so Yalide continued, “I can still make your whole body whiter, do you want to…”


Yalide let out a wicked smile.


“Of course,” Sure enough, Risa agreed.


“The highest tier of freeloading is to make girls willing. Big sister! Please accept me as your disciple!” Naoki rushed towards Yalide with glittering eyes, trying to take advantage of the chaos. However, who was the other party? It was the one and only Yalide.


Naoki was instantly kicked by her and he stuck to the wall like a fly.


“Risa, for your safety, don’t do it.” Lin Xiang whispered to Risa.


To him, Yalide was just someone with a female appearance. In fact, like Kurugani Naoki, she was a lascivious guy, but much more advanced than him.


“Why? Ah… Yes, I’d better not.” Risa nodded as if remembering something.


Needless to say, she thought of the scene of Yalide looking at pictures of beautiful women in the room and flirting with beautiful women on the beach.


“Stinky brat, how dare you ruin my intentions,” Yalide put her hand on Lin Xiang’s head with a lot of strength.


“I won’t let girls suffer in your hands.” Lin Xiang patted Yalide’s hand away.


“Cough, ahem.”Kamiki cleared her throat to attract their attention, “It’s been almost a week since I came here, even though some unpleasant things happened throughout. But, overall, I’m very happy. People can’t live comfortably anyways, so we need to keep training. What do you think?” Kamiki stroked her hair and suggested to everyone. She completely ignored Naoki, who raised his head on the ground and asked, “What is that unpleasant thing?”


“That’s right… Everyone needs to train… Next time, if we encounter something like that… we’ll be able to help Lin Xiang.” Nagisa’s words were as soft as always, but it struck Lin Xiang’s heart with force.


I am still weak.


No, it struck everyone’s hearts present. Of course, the guy on the ground, who wanted to see Yalide’s panties, was not included.


“Yes… I feel that I’m so weak. I basically can’t help anything. It’s all Silent Water, Reidy, Dusty and the others, who are more active.” Risa slightly frowned.


“The lowly I also need to improve self even more. If there was no young master at that time, the lowly I would definitely become the dead soul of a mummified corpse.” Kaoru clenched her fists.


Senior Kaoru, you are facing the ghoul king. If you are an ordinary person, being able to run away is already good enough, let alone fighting him.


Kamiki did not speak. There was a flicker in her eyes that no one could see. Lin Xiang remembered that she did not attack much at that time. After all, she used two kinds of magic.


If it was fog, Lin Xiang was really clueless about what attack power it could have. If it was poison, it had little effect until it became more powerful. She should be the one who really yearned to be stronger.


Seeing that the atmosphere at the table had cooled down, Nagisa quickly lowered her head and apologized, “I’m sorry… for saying something strange. I’m sorry.”


“No, you’re right, Nagisa, we are really weak now.” Risa sighed.


“Everyone is actually very good at school. It’s just that our opponents are too strong.” Lin Xiang comforted, but it did not work much.


“What are you guys talking about? What’s the matter with this dull atmosphere all of a sudden?” Naoki, who had been trying to look beneath Yalide’s skirt, got no results. He stood up helplessly, making Lin Xiang wanting to kick him back down again.


“Disgusting creatures should head to the trash can. That will be your final destination.” Kamiki’s eyes swept across Naoki, and he immediately responded “Yes”, not daring to speak another word.


“Then let’s go back today.” Kamiki then said, “We’ll take advantage of the summer holidays to train. What we did in Olipolia before was good. Everyone has room for improvement.”


Naoki’s mouth moved a bit, as if he wanted to say something, but he held himself back in the end. Lin Xiang thought that it was probably because since Kamiki said that they were going back today, he did not have much time to see women in swimsuits.


Sure enough, that guy quietly came next to Lin Xiang, just to tell him about it.


“Boss, will it be too rushed to go back today? Why don’t we go back tomorrow? I haven’t seen enough bikini beauties yet.”


“Ah, that’s right. I just flirted with an OL(office lady) yesterday, and we agreed to do something very exciting tonight.” Yalide also came over.


“Oh! As expected of Big Sis, you targeted a mature OL as soon as you started? That’s too enviable that it’s making me jealous and hateful.”


“Kaka, you can do it too. Go home and practice for a few more hundred years, and then you will be able to get any woman.”


“Any woman? Can I do it too?” Naoki looked excited.


You ignored the ‘few more hundred years’? Please, how long can you even live?


“Telling me these are useless. If they said they wanted to go back, I can’t change anything.” Lin Xiang said expressionlessly.


“Boss can definitely do it, just say you want to play here for one more day. Please, boss, I have a crush on a girl, and I’m going to court her today.”


“Is that so…” Lin Xiang pondered for a while, “Fine, then let’s go back today.”


“That’s great!” Naoki called out excitedly, but he then looked at Lin Xiang with a face full of doubts, “Boss, did you say we are going back tomorrow?”




“Ah…Why is it this outcome? Don’t we usually stay after hearing these words? Boss, don’t you have a heart watching your little follower being alone?”


“What I can’t bear is that other girls are frightened by you. You can talk to Kamiki, but don’t forget that she pays for all the expenses here.”


“Uh…” Naoki looked confused.


Well, it was true that all those expenses were paid by Kamiki, which made Lin Xiang a little uncomfortable. After all, grown-up boys spending girls’ money was…


“How can I convince Sister-in-law Kamiki to let us stay for one more day?”


It turned out that he was bothered about that! Aren’t you embarrassed about eating and staying for no costs at all?


There was no doubt that Kamiki rejected Naoki’s request. If any of the girls wanted to stay, then she might agree, but the other party was Naoki…


Although Yalide said that she had an appointment that night, she did not say much after seeing that everyone wanted to go back. That was why she and Naoki were both gentlemen, but still wanted a few hundred more times of luxury. Of course, it was also possible that the OL did not exist, but after having known Yalide for so long, Lin Xiang knew that she was not the kind to lie. If it was not the truth, she would either keep it to herself, or change the topic.


Back in the room, Yalide sat on the bed, picked up the cold sword on the table and played with it. She nodded and muttered a few words from time to time, such as “This sword is good. The forging skills of the smelting angel are really good” and so on.


Speaking of that, when Lin Xiang saw Dusty being shot by an arrow, his head went blank. He just thought that he needed a weapon to kill the demon race.


Before he knew it, the cold sword was in his hand. When he was yielding it, his heart was calm, but also extremely furious. It was very contradictory, but he had those two feelings at the same time. He became an emotionless machine, and his anger made him yearned to destroy everything, turning him into a cold-blooded killer.


However, fortunately, calm prevailed. His brain had clearer thoughts and his senses improved greatly. With a wave of his hand, he cut off the second sword that had penetrated into the ground.


It was still very difficult to fight against the ghoul king and the huge creature. After all, they were too powerful and were not at the same rank as him.


Packing his clothes into the suitcase, Lin Xiang noticed the little turtle lying motionless in the basin. It was hard to believe that it was once the ugly and huge turtle from before.


Its shell had numerous scars, and its eyes were tightly closed. Freed said that its energy was overdrawn. In addition to the cancellation of the contract with the demons, there was still some demonic energy left in the body, so it entered a dormant state. It was unknown when it would wake up. It might be the next day or, probably next year.


Previously, that fellow wanted to gobble him up. When it opened its mouth, Freed injected light into its body to break the dark contract in time. Otherwise, Lin Xiang would be in grave danger since he was injured and unarmed.


Now that he thought about it, he had never touched a turtle before. It seemed to be a cold-blooded animal as Lin Xiang felt coolness when he poked its nose a few times with his finger.


“Hey, it’s better not to mess with it.” Yalide wrapped the cold sword in a cloth, because the sword was summoned without the scabbard.


“Why?” Lin Xiang was a little puzzled, and at that moment, a burst of pain came from his finger.


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