The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 4 : Contract Conditions


“Ow!!! It hurts!” Lin Xiang hurriedly pulled his hand back. At the same time, the despicable little turtle was also pulled over to him as it was still biting his finger, dangling in the air.


“That’s why I said don’t bother it. This is really self-inflicting.” Yalide said sarcastically on the side, with no intention of helping at all.


Lin Xiang recalled that when he was a child, he heard his uncle mentioned that if he was bitten by a turtle, it would only let go when it heard thunder.


Should I seek Reidy?


He was determined. He dared not move his hand violently due to the piercing pain in his index finger. If he did, it would definitely hurt more, and it was impossible to pull it hard like the people in the cartoon.


The last time he watched TV with Fire Dance and the others, there was a cartoon that showed the protagonist being bitten by a turtle, and then he tried pulling it in various ways.


Looking at that little turtle again, its eyes were slightly open. It bit the skin of Lin Xiang’s index finger, as if it was drinking his blood.


How did the protagonist get rid of this? Scratching its belly to make it laugh?


He tried it, and sure enough! Useless! The belly was also rock-solid.


He knew it when he thought that cartoons were fakes. He was stupid enough to learn it too.


“Yalide, come and do me a favor, aren’t you a Dragon God?” Lin Xiang thought about hitting it against the wall or hitting it on the head to let him go. However, doing that would hurt it, so Lin Xiang dismissed those thoughts.


“How about burning with fire, just to practice your fire control ability?”


“You are more unreliable than the protagonist of the cartoon!”


“Cartoon? What’s that? Didn’t I tell you not to bother it?”


“What you said had distracted me. That’s why I got bitten.”


“What’s with that look? You look like you’re blaming me. Well, don’t forget that it’s a spirit. And you touched the spirit, which will replenish its magic power. It’s very weak now, and it naturally needs some energy to discharge the remaining dark energy in its body. It felt the energy when you touch it, so it is normal to bite and cling to you to not let the energy escape its grasp.” Yalide patted the turtle’s shell lightly, and it let go, obediently lying on Yalide’s hand.


“As for drinking your blood,” Yalide continued, “when you first met Valarie, you heard her say that if you bathe in the blood of a red dragon, you will get an immortal body or something.”


“Yes.” Lin Xiang vaguely remembered saying, if that was the case, then Venus herself would be immortal, so how would others know that if they bathe in her blood, they would get immortality?


“In fact, dragon blood does have miraculous effects, only dragons of the level of ancient dragons have it. The immortality thing is too exaggerated, but if ordinary people drink the blood of ancient dragons, their physical fitness will be enhanced in all aspects. For example, if you can originally only lift a pound of heavy objects, you can take two or even ten pounds after drinking dragon blood. Bathing in dragon blood can improve the skin condition and enhance muscle strength. As for how much, it mainly varies from person to person.”


“Which means that it increases the strength several times more?”


A pound might not sound scary, but if it was a ton, how frightening it would be to be able to lift several tons more of things…


“It’s almost the same. In terms of speed, fighting ability will also be improved. Isn’t that the case with you?”


“Indeed, after becoming a half-dragon, my body is much stronger than before.”


“Then, although you are not an ancient dragon, you are a special existence, a half-dragon. You still have two great Dragon Gods living in you. How can your blood have no miraculous effects?”


“Oh!” After listening to Yalide’s words, he excitedly asked, “What effect does that have? Increasing power several times?”


“It’s by adding a little energy to make the wound heal faster or something.”


“It’s amazing… not! In that case, some medication or magic can do it!” Lin Xiang rolled his eyes at Yalide. He was so excited about it just now.


“Hey, if someone is seriously injured but there’s no medicine or healing magic, wouldn’t your blood come in handy? Although it has little effects, it is still better than ordinary people’s blood, right?”


What Yalide said made a lot of sense, and Lin Xiang was speechless.


He turned his head to the little turtle that was squinting at him. He noticed that its condition was indeed much better than before. The cracks on the turtle’s shell seemed to be repaired, but its squinting eyes that looked like contempt made Lin Xiang a little uncomfortable. Was that supposed to be the expression of a turtle that just bit his finger? Or did it think that he was stingy and despised him for not supplying more blood?


Putting that aside, the little turtle was actually quite adorable. Its size was about a little smaller than a bowl and it just covered the palm of Yalide’s hand. It also had grayish-green shell, which looked artistic. Its neck and head were smooth, unlike those turtles he had seen on television, which were rough and wrinkly.


“Then what do we do now? Return it to the ocean?”


“True animals in the human world have no magic power. If you returned it to the ocean, won’t it become a king? Besides, this guy doesn’t seem to be too weak. Why don’t you try making a contract with it and see if it will become human? The cause of Dusty’s humanization is still unknown, so it is necessary for us to study this issue. Don’t you humans say something, like dedicating life for the sake of science?”


“Why do I have a hunch that you want it to dedicate its life to you, instead of science, after humanizing it?”


“How is that possible?” Yalide waved her hand with a disagreeable, but shy look.


“If I was 99% skeptical just now, I’m currently 100% sure that you think so.”


It was easy to wonder if Yalide had a guilty conscience. If she did not do or think that way, then she would put on a fighter’s look. However, if what he said really did hit the target or if she really had done those, she would have that look.


“Then do you want to contract it now? Don’t you want to know if it will be humanized?” Yalide changed her expression and looked at Lin Xiang very seriously.


He really wanted to try it. After all, Dusty’s condition was very illogical, and he had never seen the news of the spirits being transformed into human by contract. As a nerd, he knew a lot about spirits, but he was clueless about humanized spirits, because bookstores did not sell books about them.


In the past, Lin Xiang heard Azart and the others talked about how some powerful spirits would imitate human beings and become human. It was the same for dragons… Then if he really did contract it, would it become human?


You can’t. What if it really did transform? You always have girls around you that it annoys me to watch. Just have a normal spirit for once.’ Freed expressed her thoughts, ‘Although this spirit is not my favorite type, it’s still a spirit anyway.


“What’s so good about normal spirits?” Yalide cut in, “Freed always doesn’t understand the beauty of girls’ bodies.”


You don’t understand the cuteness of spirits. They are pure incarnations, not as complicated as human minds.’


You two people, no, you two dragons are quarreling about this issue again. From outsiders’ point of view, it was Yalide who was arguing alone, but there were two voices in Lin Xiang’s head and in his ears. It was chaotic.


Should he make a contract? Dragon gods like Freed could stay in his body. The transformation was probably due to their presence during the contract, so that the spirits could get a lot of magic power at once and turn into human beings in an instant.


However, could he make a contract with that little turtle like that? It might not want to.


“What do you think? Do you want a contract?” Lin Xiang just stared at it, and it squinted and looked at him back with pride. After about a few seconds, it shook its head. What does this mean? It dislikes me?


It seems that it has also thought of finding itself a master, but thinks that you are not suitable.’ Freed stopped arguing with Yalide and explained.


“It just had a cramp in the head. Come on, brat, contract it. Maybe it can become a beauty.”


As if he understood what Yalide said, the little turtle shook its head again and again.


“I won’t force a spirit to make a contract with myself. If it doesn’t want to, then forget it. I don’t want another spirit either…”


“Oh, you, why waste such an opportunity? If it’s not a good spirit, I will not let you contract it. Think about it, its defense is so powerful, and the contract will greatly improve your overall strength.”


“Forget it, Yalide, even if it’s really human, it might be a man.”


“It’s female.”


“So you’ve planned this all along?”


“What do you mean? I’m always thinking for your sake.” Yalide said earnestly.


“Thinking for my sake anytime? How touching.”


“Of course,” Yalide did not seem to hear the irony in his words, “If you don’t want to, forget it. This guy can’t use its abilities for the time being, so just keep it as a pet, maybe one day, you will contract it.”


Knock knock. The door was knocked, and a quiet voice sounded outside the door, “Master, are you there?”


“Yes, come in.”


The door was opened, and Silent Water came in with her blue smartphone, “Angie just sent a message, asking for Master’s mailbox. Master didn’t wake up a few days ago and her company urged her to go back because they were worried of any further injuries, so she didn’t have time to exchange email addresses with Master.”


“Is that so?” Lin Xiang knew that Angie had a lot of things to ask him, something related to light and darkness…


“Squeak.” A shrill voice came from Yalide’s hand. To be precise, it was the little turtle.


It saw Silent Water and its squinted eyes were fully opened. Its active eyeballs looked at Silent Water eagerly.


Hey, wait, does it like Silent Water?


“It seems to be of water attribute, so is this the so-called same-sex attraction?” Yalide said.


“Excuse me, what’s wrong?” Silent Water tilted her head in confusion, and her hair fell vertically. Lin Xiang did not know any advanced words to describe girls, but he could only say that Silent Water was really beautiful.


“Silent Water, have you ever thought about having a contract with spirits?” Yalide said suddenly, which surprised Silent Water and Lin Xiang.


“Spirits make a contract with spirits? Can this be done?”


“What can be done is to establish a spiritual connection. Don’t you remember the feeling of having a contract at the beginning?”


Silent Water’s pink lips, closed eyes, long eyelashes, and a face that was so close at hand. The first image of their kiss immediately came to mind.


Lin Xiang instantly felt the heat on his face, and Silent Water’s face beside him also turned red.


“Forget it, whether you remember it or not, you both wanted to accept each other at that time, so you established a spiritual connection under that kind of thinking, which is the so-called contract. The spiritual connection between the spirits is also a kind of contract.”


Lin Xiang did not understand what Yalide just said. Probably, as long as Silent Water would accept that little turtle spiritually and kiss it, they would complete the contract?


Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water, and then at the little turtle. He was unsure why he did not want Silent Water to contract with it. He could not tell why. Maybe he did not want to see Silent Water kissing the little turtle?


Is this the smell of jealousy,’ Freed chuckled.


What?’ Lin Xiang ignored Freed and just looked at Silent Water to see what she was thinking.


Silent Water hesitated for a while, then reached out and touched the little turtle’s head.


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