The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Volume 12 Chapter 5 : Return Home


“Sorry, but Silent Water already has a master. We can still be friends though.”


Silent Water’s words were like spring rain, moisturizing Lin Xiang’s heart. At that moment, he really wanted to hug Silent Water and turn around a few times to express his joy at the moment.


“Squeak.” The little turtle that had raised its head up high had lowered its head, feeling unhappy about Silent Water’s rejection.


“Ah, I thought Silent Water would agree, after all, you looked like you were also very curious.” Yalide seemed to have thought of something, “Could it be that you feel sorry for this stinky brat, thinking that you must kiss to be able to make a contract? That’s why you refuse?”


“Aren’t contracts formed by kissing?” According to his nerdy memory, the contract spirits seemed to kiss each other.


“Who said that? Even a touch of the head can form a contract.”


Correct. Kissing is an expression of intimacy in all species. Maybe people used to want to express their friendly and intimate emotions when they contracted spirits, so they kissed the spirits. Over time, it has become a misunderstanding that kissing is the only contract condition.


“Why didn’t you say it then? I kissed Silent Water and the others…”


“That’s more fun, isn’t it? You’re the one taking the advantage anyway.”


“I never want to take advantage of this. What about the forced contract on spirits? Isn’t a contract formed after a kiss?”


“How is that possible? The contract requires both parties to accept each other. Otherwise, one party must have a strong heart, while the other has no heart to resist. That is to say, it is possible to contract them without the knowledge of the spirits. If there is an extreme rejection, then the contract is absolutely impossible, because the spirit of both parties will be damaged.”


Yalide’s words made Lin Xiang thought about Kaoru. She said that she had a contract with the spirit who broke into her house without knowledge. That was probably the case. The spirit had no magic power because of the human world. It lacked energy, and after seeing Kaoru’s younger sister, Choshi, it wanted to make a contract with her, but was blocked by Kaoru instead. Kaoru just wanted to save her sister and did not think too much. She did not reject that spirit, so they made a contract… That meant that the contract could be reversed. Which meant that not only could human beings form contracts with spirits, but spirits could also contract humans?


“There is also a type of contract, which is to devour the spiritual power of the spirits. That kind of contract is not good. The spirits of the contract were mostly stupid as they could only obey their master’s orders and had no sense of autonomy. The possibility of this kind of contract succeeding is also small. First of all, the spiritual power of the contracting party must be greater than that of the contracted party. You must know that the spiritual power of spirits is not ordinary, and generally speaking, human beings cannot surpass them.” Yalide was worthy of being a former demon world administrator. She really knew a lot of info, “The students summoned the spirits at school because of mutual response, so there will naturally be no problems. Now, Silent Water, do you want to contract it?”


“Hmm.” Silent Water shook her head.


“Really?” Yalide put the little turtle into the water basin and said to it, “It’s a pity, you can’t be humanized and you can’t be contracted. But, if you are obedient, you can recover and become stronger.”


Lin Xiang could understand what Yalide meant. There was a saying in a spirits book: Many spirits subconsciously want to be contracted. A strong master can make them stronger. Of course, if the master is weak, then the power of spirits will be dragged.


That was why Lin Xiang did not want Silent Water to have a contract with him in the first place. Fortunately, he did not drag Silent Water and the others behind. Otherwise, he would blame himself to death.


They were at a time where that little turtle needed magic power. If it had a master, it would be able to heal faster.


Because of that, the familiar spirits would return to their master’s spiritual space to rest after being injured, which would aid in a faster recovery.


The little turtle looked at him again with its slightly contemptuous eyes and closed them.


It was really irritating Lin Xiang. Originally, he wanted to touch it more to give it some magic power. However, its look showed that it did not want it, right?


“Master, this is Angie’s mailbox and mobile phone number. She asked Master to save it and send her a message.” Silent Water handed over her mobile phone.


Lin Xiang quickly finished saving and returned the phone to Silent Water.


“Master, Silent Water wants to go to Dusty and the others’ room to help them pack up and leave first. Lady Yalide too. See you later.”


“Oh~ Silent Water, don’t leave. My body is hot and restless. I need you to help me cool down.” Yalide lay on the bed and looked uncomfortable. She tossed and turned while pulling her collar open, revealing a snowy cleavage. There was an air of enchantment everywhere.


“I’ll cool you down with my fists.” Lin Xiang clasped his fists at Yalide while cracking his knuckles.


“Just kidding,” Yalide hurriedly sat up.


Silent Water pursed her lips and went out with a smile, while Yalide watched Lin Xiang pack up, with nothing to do.


“Won’t you help?!” Lin Xiang asked angrily.


“You actually want the Great Lady Yalide to help you pack your things? I seem to have heard a very funny joke. Nothing here is mine, so do your own business.”


That perverted dragon was so arrogant that Lin Xiang simply could not let her be so idle. He just wanted to ask her to put away the snack scraps and packaging bags in front of the computer. After all, she put them there, but he found that the computer desk was clean.


Has there been a waiter here? This guy must have tricked some janitor into cleaning.


Secretly despising Yalide, Lin Xiang continued to pack his things. Fortunately, there were not too many, so it was not too difficult. It was just that his right hand was not very active, which made his progress a little slower.


He stuffed the last piece of clothing into the suitcase, and there was a gust of wind behind me. He turned his head and saw that Yalide was no longer on the bed, but returned to his body.


Sure enough, her complaining voice resounded in his mind, ‘Not having a real body is troublesome. I have to return to this stinky boy’s body to rest for a period of time.


‘Letting you carry out some activities outside is already good enough for you. Don’t ask for too much.’ Lin Xiang responded.


Hoho, it makes sense indeed. It’s good to be able to go out for a walk like this. I’ll sleep and come out to play when we return home.


Yalide did not cause trouble, so Lin Xiang did not object about her coming out. Her tricks to coax girls were really good, as long as she would not look at pictures online. Dusty and Fire Dance’s laughter basically would not stop with her presence. Lin Xiang was elated to see such a scene. Of course, the premise was that the fellow would not say strange things to Dusty and the others.


They were still young and were at a stage in life where they loved learning. Lin Xiang was afraid that they would be spoiled by Yalide and go in a bad direction.


Hey, I haven’t fallen asleep, yet you’re thinking badly about me. Believe it or not, I’ll go out and beat you up.’ Yalide scolded.




Saying goodbye to that summer sun-filled hotel and beach, the group got in the car and returned home.


Naoki also went back with them. He could choose to stay, but he did not. In his words, it was: “Everyone came together, how can we not go back together?”


It made Lin Xiang think that he was still loyal.


There were police cars patrolling the road from time to time, it must be due to the demon apostles. Lin Xiang was unsure how, but still could not believe that demon apostles would come to that world, yet they were undetected by the people from the Human World Defender Organization.


There were all kinds of bizarre deaths and terrorist attacks all over the world, which caused chaos within the people in the world.


The only way was to find the method that led the demon apostles to their world… However, that was not what Lin Xiang had to worry about. The defenders of the human world and the Saints would always find a solution. After all those years, they had been protecting the human world, weren’t they?


Back in the city, Nagisa and the others got off the vehicle one after another. Lin Xiang asked Kamiki’s driver to stop near the supermarket. It was noon, so they had to prepare lunch.


Lin Xiang asked Kamiki if she wanted to go to his house for lunch. She replied that she really wanted to, but she had to go home first. Then the car drove away.


After shopping at the supermarket, they reached home.


The house was not dirty, but there was a lot of dust on the floor. Yes, it was like no one has lived in the house for a long time.


“Remi?” Lin Xiang shouted. Logically speaking, Remi should be at home, but why did it seem like no one had been active there for a long time?


No one in the house answered. Did he go outside?


Reidy took off her shoes, walked inside, stopped in front of Remi’s room, opened the door, and then came the voices of her scolding, “Big Bro! What are you doing? Go clean up quickly!”


At the same time, Remi’s voice quickly agreed.


While they had lunch, Lin Xiang saw Remi, who had dark circles under his eyes and looked like he wanted to doze off.


“Remi, what have you been doing all these days?” Lin Xiang questioned.


Reidy gritted her teeth and answered for Remi, “What else is there to do? He was just staying in the room, playing with the computer, and never going out at all. There may have been takeout orders in the first two days, but in the next few days, he was simply eating instant noodles.”


Hearing that, the corners of Lin Xiang’s mouth twitched countless times. The one, who attracted a lot of attention in Spirit Country, the one who was the forbidden soldier that killed demons in expeditions, had become an otaku, who never go out. Was it really good? He harmed him.


Reidy continued talking about Remi, about how the Remi in the past was respectable, comparing his deeds to the present.


“Haha…” Remi smiled bitterly. He then thought of something, and said loudly, “By the way, Lin Xiang, after you and my lil’ sis left, a person, who said that he was giving a mission reward, came in the afternoon. When he confirmed that this is your home address, he gave me a small box. I opened it to find that it was a ring.”




“Yes, it’s in my room. I’ll show it to you now.” Remi said and left.


“He changed the topic. It’s your entire fault! After bringing my brother here, he has completely changed.” Reidy looked at Lin Xiang and snorted.


“I didn’t expect this either…”


“Find a time and send him back. My brother has great potential, so he can’t be abandoned like this. I also want to find a time to return home and have a look.”


“Silent Water misses my parents too.”


Dusty and Fire Dance did not speak. Fire Dance had no family, and Dusty’s family was unknown…


“Well, we’ll go to the Demon Realm later.”


“This is it.” After a while, Remi came back to the table with a delicate ring in his hand.


It was not clear what its material was, but it should be some kind of metal. There was a light blue transparent bead embed on it.


After Lin Xiang took it, he looked. It was no different from ordinary accessories. Was that the intermediate magic gear that he got from doing the mission in the demon world?


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